The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter 126

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TL: I think I’m actually not going to purchase ME:Andromeda. The score for the game is seriously bad, 3.9 metacritic user ratings for the PC version? Must be a huge disappointment for the serious fans. Probably get persona 5 instead.



Chapter 126 – With great power comes great responsibilities (1)

“Mister Brendel, do you need some help with your injuries?” As one would expect from the experienced cunning fox, Makarov smiled and asked in a well meaning way after overcoming his shock, as though he was not the cause of Brendel’s troubles: “We did not expect to meet you again after we got separated from the ambush.”

[You fucking bastard— You led the enemies to us and you dare to take zero responsibility for your shit? Are you really treating me like a naive kid?]

However, Brendel did not display his fury and even smiled back, patting the lifeless head of the Acolyte of Earth: “Nope. This enemy is not strong enough to cause me any trouble. It’s a pity that you fled so quickly last night, I couldn’t even react fast enough to lend you aid as allies. I sincerely apologize for that.”

Both of them exchanged barbs with each other. Their skills at spouting bullshit seemed like a stalemate, but Makarov was on his guard because he was not certain whether Brendel knew the whole truth or because he was angry at his actions at the night of the ambush. Brendel appeared like he had many facets to him in contrast to his youthful appearance, and Makarov felt it was difficult to deal with him in such a short notice.

Even to the point where he had to ignore Brendel’s sarcastic remarks.

Ultimately he was not there to argue with the youth. He frowned and looked at the area behind Brendel’s back. He hesitated for a while before he asked:

“Mister Brendel, did you see anyone else passing by here?”

“Perhaps you mean to find a young man?” Brendel asked innocently while suppressing his laughter.

“Yes, we are indeed looking for a young man!” Makarov answered as the people behind him also appeared anxious.

“Well if my guess isn’t wrong, that would be mister Eke you’re looking for?” Brendel asked.

Their expressions immediately turned serious.

“You know him?” Makarov took a step forward and his words left him before he could stopped himself. He realized he had overreacted and coughed once, before he returned to where he was. He looked at the Buga and the old man beside him. Buga was holding on his greatsword’s hilt with one hand and looked warily at the youth with a darkened expression, while the old man looked at him with a thoughtful face.

Makarov was certain that Brendel understood part of the situation by now, although he did not think that the latter knew of their identities, as the entire Grey Wolves Mercenaries and Eke were completely deceived by him.

“Mister Brendel, Eke is the son of my close friend. I promised him that I would take care of Eke, but I accidentally got separated from him. Please tell me where you saw him.” Makarov coughed again and asked.

[You got separated with not only Eke but the entire Grey Wolves Mercenaries right? You don’t even looked concerned with their well being, you piece of shit.]

“Close friend? The subordinate of Duke Rhun, Makarov, calling his lord with that title? Would your duke agree to that?”

The moment Brendel mentioned Duke Rhun, the followers behind Makarov immediately drew out their weapons, while he looked at them in amusement.

“Young man, who exactly are you.” Makarov finally cast off his friendly tone and questioned him in a demanding tone. He immediately wondered if Brendel was on Conrad’s side, but when he looked at the Acolyte of Earth, that did not seem likely.

[A third faction? Even though the possibility is there, who would be interested in this affair? It does feel more likely that it’s not a faction within the kingdom. Then from the outside? Madara or Kirrlutz?]

Brendel did not know what Makarov was thinking, but he waited for the old man to make his move. If he was standing beside Buga and Makarov, then his status would be high enough for him to do so. That was not Duke Rhun, and he would not make a mistake in recognizing that famous person and would not be fooled even if Duke Rhun was to disguise himself.

The old finally spoke, but the question he asked surprised everyone.

“Young man, is that the Fairy’s Apple beside your feet?” The old man had spend all the time identifying it and asked.


Brendel yelled in his mind and realized he did not keep the fruit in his bag. That mistake was partially caused by Rauze’s remarks on adding something to the Golden Apple, and also because he did not expect anyone else coming other than his allies.

At the same time, he finally recognized who the old man was when he spoke.

That was the head of the court wizards, the old minister who aided King Ansen the seventh, Fleetwood Deverra Gemmer.

[This person is the princess and prince’s teacher. So he’s involved in all of this. To think Makarov has this hidden card. No wonder he’s confident enough to leave Eke in town. He even fooled me into thinking his forces were stretched thin. Conrad must have sent part of his men to the town as well, and if Fleetwood is there…… I see. The Grey Wolves Mercenaries was a bait all along. Makarov wanted to make sure that all of Conrad’s men are accounted for. Then—]

Brendel’s mind worked furiously as he looked suspiciously at the men in front of him and his hand subconsciously touched his sword’s hilt.

Even though he understood the motives of the nobles’ need for such merciless behavior in times where Madara was at their doorstep, but they had never acknowledged their feelings. Sanford, Scarlett and even Redi, had given up great sacrifices in order to work for Makarov, but were regarded as nothing more than mere pawns.

When they did not need these pawns anymore, they simply sent them out to die and destroyed their dreams, not even allowing them to resist. The worst thing was how they did not realize this point at all.

Brendel took a deep breath and gritted his teeth. He was determined to teach these vermins a lesson. It was not because he was honorable, but because he could no longer tolerate his situation. He wanted them to pay for their actions.

“Grandmaster Fleetwood, right?”

Brendel took the Golden Apple and shook it in front of them.

His actions made Makarov and Buga’s expression change. They finally realized what Fleetwood meant by the Fairy’s Apple. That was the fruit of the Golden Tree. With that item, they had the ability to change everything. The dying king’s body, or even the prince’s feeble personality and luck, with the Golden Apple, everything would change.

Was this the chance that the Gods gave Aouine?

Everyone in front of Brendel thought of that.

Regardless of whether it was the two-faced Makarov or Fleetwood who had seen countless events, had their breaths quickened.

“Young man, the thing in your hands is important to us. May I know if you’re willing to sell it to us? We will fulfill your demands, regardless of whether it is money or power.”

Brendel felt two hands placed onto his shoulders, and a small voice in his ears: “Do you want to sell it? I permit you to do that, mister Brendel.”

Brendel merely gave a big smile while looking at them like they were rotting pigswill. “You want it?”

“Yes,” Makarov continued from Fleetwood with incredible charisma: “Mister Brendel, that item in your hand is incredibly important to us, to the point where it can change the fate of many people. Please believe me when we say that we’re not buying this for ourselves. We are also willing to pay and abide for a fair transaction. As long as you quote a price, we will do our best to fulfill it. Money, power, girls, or even boys, anything that you desire— we will grant it.”

Brendel chortled coldly: “Such bold claims, mister Makarov. What do you have to guarantee anything to say, or even let me trust you? Just because the royal family is behind you? You ask me what I want? Very well, I do want to ask you two questions—”

The three men in front of Brendel looked at each other in confusion. They did not understand his request, but if that was all, this chance could not be squandered, so Makarov nodded: “Go ahead and ask.”

“The first question. I’m really curious and I don’t understand your plan quite a bit. If you had Grandmaster Fleetwood, why do you need mister Buga and yourself to risk your lives, and even throw away the Grey Wolves Mercenaries here.”

Makarov and Buga did not expect this question at all and looked blankly at him, but it was Fleetwood who answered: “Young man, these fights are not what they seem at all on the surface. I don’t know how much you know exactly, but we don’t want to the world to know that the royal family has interfered in this matter—”

He did not wish to reveal this information to a stranger, but Brendel had already recognized him, and the item in his hand was too important, so he lowered his status and explained for him.

“I see.” Brendel nodded.

“Then the second question. The fact that you came here, is it because you wanted to gather back the Grey Wolves Mercenaries?” Brendel lowered his head with a smile, hiding away his sinister eyes: “You see, I accepted your men into my group……”

Makarov and Fleetwood looked at each other before he shook his head: “No, you’re thinking too much Mr Brendel. We have no intention to come back for them at all. It was because Mister Eke insisted to find his companions and his betrothed.”

He felt a little awkward when he spoke about his betrothed. It was shameful that he allowed the only son of Duke Rhun to get engaged with someone under his watch. But he shook his head and continued his answer:

“The Grey Wolves Mercenaries are a thing of the past. It doesn’t exist any longer, and for the men that you accepted, I thank you.”

[As expected.] Brendel was grinding his teeth.

He heard a clanking sound on the ground, and everyone turned to the source of the sound. They found a red-haired girl covered in blood and holding on to her wound on her cheat, standing blankly there. The spear in her hand had dropped onto the ground.

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What do you want? Hmm? Girl? Boy? – Proximo


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  1. ME:Andromeda is not worth it…at all. They messed up big time and that’s the reason most members of the old team left Bioware long ago. Now they have some youtuber (insert some kind of insult) as a designer who spouts (insert another insult) about wage gap and white male oppression and that it’s necessary to have a transgender main character in game so…RIP. And also thanks for the chapter :D.

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    1. Seriously? Damn. I could really feel the Tumblr presence increasing in bioware with DA:I but I thought it was just them pandering. A shame really, Dragon Age is one of my favourite fantasy RPG series’.


  2. I’m surprised that they didn’t notice that he never said he’d give them the fruit if they answered the questions.

    I wonder if Eke heard all that, and how he’ll react to everyone he’s ever known or loved being used by both his biological and surrogate fathers as bait in a trap practically guaranteed to kill them.


  3. Yeah that apple was a ticking time bomb with the worst aspect being the who gave it to Brendel… (definitely don’t want to mess with them in their real form…) and whatever tinkering they did to it…

    The dragon is not something to piss off… But neither is the kingdom… What is the saying between a Rock and a hard place? Seems apt to describe this situation.



    Also, why would dragonmai- girl be willing to just sell it so easily. Something is up and the cliff gives no answers!


      1. For Honor is awful truly awful in some parts but pretty damn good in others. Combat is good but could have been far better. Chivalry and like two other games on pc… I think, if I recall right are pretty damn good for melee weapon style combat or aka medieval style combat. For Honor is like what this one guy wrote a very intense rock paper scissors or the more proper correct title roshambo/Jon Ken Pon. MP is bad more or less cause 4on4 is small when 6 or 7 would have been a better size


    1. It’s kind of a yes and no thing. Basically ME 2 had a 8.8 user score, then got a 5.6 on ME 3. Now that andromeda got 4.2 (improved from 3.9), it basically means that BW fans generally believe that the series didn’t improved and does not live up to expectations.

      Also, I don’t really go to metacritic for reviews. It’s just a way for me to gauge public sentiments.


      1. The game ain’t bad… BUT OH MY FUCKING HECK! By satan’s tits do people look like shit! Cut scenes are so bad it’s cringy. Animations are still not fixed up yet either. They fucked up huge by downgrading to a subpar shitty engine that goes by “frostbite” *gag* instead of sticking with unreal instead. Game has potential to look good but demands more then ME 2/3 but for less. ME 2/3 look way better on my pc then ME:A.
        I recommend that you get it and play the game… when it’s no more then 40$ tops as it ain’t worth more then that.


  5. i completly agree with your choice to get persona 5, instead of ME:A. albeit the userscores are a bit skewed because the devs did their best to bash on their userbase the last couple of weeks, in addition to the bad news that came out bit by bit. (about animations and such)

    what i want to say is, if the devs would have been more cooperative and if the bad news were released all at once, the userscore would not be so bad. but the game would still be pretty medicore, with not very good writing and lots of bugs or faults. however it would not be a 3.9 but maybe about a 6 or 7.

    either way persona 5 is way more promising.


  6. Hey Silentwolfie any chance we can get a night button or something, sorry if I am seeming greedy but readying 3-5 chapters at a time with pure white back ground and black text hurts the eye something fierce.


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