The Strategy to Become Good at Magic – Chapter 85

TL: This chapter is really long again. I don’t think I can TL the JP part 2 today, probably tomorrow. TAS’s regular update will be on next wednesday.

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The Strategy to Become Good at Magic – Chapter 84

TL: Holy heck, this chapter is even longer than the last one.

Anyways, I am rearranging my hard drives’ data to catalogue them. I don’t think I will be releasing TSTBGAM until next week. TAS’s chapter will still come tomorrow though.

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The Strategy to Become Good at Magic – Chapter 83

TL: So what happened for the past week? Cough. My mouse broke down and I went shopping for a new one. I had a pretty shitty mouse that I used for overwatch, and so I got a cheap gaming mouse for 10 dollars to game at it…… In case you were wondering if there’s any manga like progression where I git gud at gaming, nope. Anyways, I had a lot of fun (will never game like that again) and I’ll be translating for a full day as an apology for going MIA.

This chapter is much longer than the normal chapter (about 3.5 times longer). I kind of need to see how long the next few chapters are. If it’s the usual length, I will probably put in 3 more.

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