I like reading. If I find something that’s really great, I want to share it with the world.


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  1. Hey Wolfie !

    I just read one of yours posts in animesuki (the one announcing The Amber Sword translation), and got curious of what are yours “top five WN” since Mushoku Tensei was mentioned – and it`s one of my favorites – can you list the others please ? Reading something of quality while we wait for another TAS chapter will be sweet =D

    Also what are your toughs on Overlord ?

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  2. Hi Wolfie, just a suggestion, if possible change the font type / colour to make it more darker. The font is a bit light coloured / greyish which makes reading more strenuous.

    My personal preference is Black background with White text like in the nanodesu sites but if you prefer the current format, then please do consider a darker font type. Perhaps check out onnichan’s site; the text is easy to read there.

    Thanks for considering and thank you for the TLs.


  3. hey wolf just curios but have you read the web novel tanaka the wizard it has very few chapters translated into English which is unfortunate in my “personal opinion” like you I like to read and do so a lot and again like you I like to share books and other readable material that I enjoy with others so just thought I would share one that I enjoy. although I am also torn about because I can’t find the rest of the chapters in English the first ten I can but it has a total of 68 chapters already out. Sorry I ranted a bit there it happens when I find reading material I like but can’t fully read because of translations lacking or other reasons kinda like the manga (beet the vandal buster) which seems to have been dropped on a dang cliff hanger. I would recommend this manga but then again not because it seems to be dropped and on a cliff hanger at that talk about dashed hope.


  4. I think you are awesome. You are the reason I started reading light novels. Mushoku Tensei. I severely respect you and people who translate like you.


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