The Amber Sword – Glossary

Glossary (Unorganized.)


Before everything started.

Mother Marsha created the world, and dropped her tear in the darkness. This was the described as the first light that illuminated the world.

This was also when the laws of the world started, and the eternal struggle between Chaos and Order.

The Twilight Dragon was born during this time…

Birth of Chaos

And it (gender?) wanted to bring the world into Chaos.

The ancient king(s?) stood their ground in different lands that Marsha left behind and began their long struggle against the Chaos.

The Era of Darkness

The youthful knights along with the venerated soldiers (who later became great renowned ancestors?) stood out from the protection from the kings, defeated the Twilight Dragon, also known as “The Final Cataclysm”, and marked the…

Era of Chaos.

Some of the venerated soldiers’ (ancestors) Golden Bloodlines had The Great Fool, The Dragon of Darkness’s blood in them. The Golden Bloodlines probably meant some saiyan powers or they got blessed by something, *laughs*.

The Great Fool, The Dragon of Darkness, and the Miirna race set out to dominate the world and started eliminating other citizens with the Golden Bloodlines.

The races with the Golden Bloodlines formed a Holy Alliance and started to resist them.

The four sages, King of Fire, Gatel, *Censored Name*, The High Priest Enzian, Saint Eireann got the recognition of the ancient kings and took out four Godly Artifacts in order to defeat the Dragon of Darkness.

The four treasures –

*Censored*, *Censored*, The Divine Symbol – Oranthor, The holy Spear – Ascalon

They successfully defeated The Twilight Dragon (And ended up sealing the Golden Bloodline because the Twilight Dragon was linked to it.)

The Dragon ended up saying something “From the darkness shall the non-mortal arise, and the blessed humans, will fade within the flames”.

Part of the Twilight Dragon’s factions remained and self-named themselves to various lulz strange names to prepare for the dragon’s revival.

Formation of Madara with tons of undead/thieves/etc.

War of the black rose (protagonist arrives).

Characters, kingdoms, era glossary names.

Sophie/Brendel – Sophie is the protagonist. He takes over Brendel’s body after the real Brendel died.
Romaine – Merchant lass who lives in Bucce, opposite of Brendel’s house.
Freya – Bucce’s militia squad leader. Has a ponytail. Future war goddess.
Little Fenix – Young kid who’s pretty good with a sword.
Mackie – One of the militia. Can somewhat bandage.
Irene – One of the militia. Best sword user in the militia along with Freya.
Captain Marden – Some old veteran captain of Bucce’s formal army.
Incirsta – nickname ‘Black Lord’, belongs to the Madara Faction.
Tarkus – Right hand of Incirsta.

Gatel – King of Fire

Bruglas – Capital of Aouine. I think.
Aouine – A Kingdom. Our protagonist wants to protect this kingdom.
Madara – An undead kingdom with undead.
Grinoires – Some mountainous region or something.
Fortress Riedon – Some fortress in Grinoires
Bucce – The village in the mountainous region. I think it’s considered to be within the Grinoires
Kirrlutz – Some region. Seems to be a cold place. Probably in the north.
Mirrna – Some demonic race that worshipped the Twilight Dragon as servants.

Black Magic – Dark shaman, shadow, unnatural spells attack attack the mind and body, affective by negative emotions from the enemy.
Element – No idea.

November War – Some war that took place in the past.
War of the Black Rose – The current war that the protagonist is partaking in.
Chaotic Era – Very far into the past.

Ring of the Wind Empress – A ring that protagonist found that could shoot wind bullets or cast a strong whirlwind.

That dreaded MC character stats that I cannot remember what assigned name I gave. (What is grappling technique, barf.)

Strength 1.1, Agility 2.0 , Physique 1.0 Intelligence 1.1, Will 1.3, Perception 1.0

Overall power rating 3.5, Element (Sealed)

Brendel, Male Human, Level 1 (Strength type body: Physical, Close combat; Talent: Unyielding)

XP: 4 (Commoner level 1 ———, Civilian Soldier level 2, 6/10)

Health (Weakened, dying): 10% (Bandaged status, 1 HP will be recovered every day)

Skills (Empty slot skill 1 XP)

Commoner [Basic knowledge (Level 1), Geography Knowledge (Level 0), Local knowledge (Level 1)]

Civilian Soldier [Military Swordsplay (Level 1), Grappling techniques (Level 1), Tactical Theory (Level 0), Military Organization (Level 0)]

1.0 stats in strength (1 EN?) – supposedly 50 KG or something. I think I wrote about this somewhere… That Ring of the Wind Empress probably shoots 1000 KG worth of wind bullet strength since it has 20 EN.

PS: The history part was done with detective work from me, but since I have not read too far ahead, I cannot confirm the accuracy of certain stuff. It’s generally correct though.


5 thoughts on “The Amber Sword – Glossary

  1. Thank you for your work. I don’t undstand how the skill improve and how he can take new one.
    I mean when he say status i saw that there was a skill empy but a part for that I don’t undstand the 10ap mentioned (if i am not wrong).
    It is a point sistem to acquire and improve skill?
    And more important does that mean that if he take another class and want to use militia swordman he had to start to raise it from zero wasting point? Or it is that the more he use the sword the more he can raise the skill and can be moved in a more suitable class?
    (if he is in a point system i am guessing that a lot of the skill he started will stay at 0 level for eternity).Hopefully he can learn skill to level 0 without having to spend point and with the possibility of changing the class to bypass the level of the class


  2. If you had played Final Fantasy before, there’s a particular game in the series that allows characters to switch Jobs/professions. The AP they gained can be put into the jobs, which seems to be similar here.

    Now, from how I understand it, he gains XP from defeating monsters, so he can level up all his professions without fearing there’s a limitation there, and with each level up from the professions, he gains 10 AP (or something, author was never really clear in this sort of thing from the chapters). Other than putting in AP into the skill set, there is also the option to grind (like swing the sword 1000 times, and you still rank up). I think I read that his sword skills go up quickly when he faced highly skilled fighters or something.

    About gaining new professions, he probably needs to clear conditions or be taught. He got the skill emergency first aid when Freya taught him, so he probably just needs “XXX is teaching you the profession, YYY. Click yes to learn.”

    The thing I don’t know is whether the stats are combined. If he gets lvl 30 in Civilian Soldier, and lvl 30 from Swordsman, will the stats be additive or whichever stats gains are highest or if he selects the profession and the stats apply accordingly.


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