Since I have graduated from an art student to starving artist, my time is limited to producing a portfolio, with less time for translation. In order for me to spend more time on translating, I have to worry less about paying bills and buying artbooks. Please indicate which series you want me to translate, otherwise I’m going to split the money into both series.

The Amber Sword chapter: 50 USD

The Strategy to Become Good at Magic chapter: 20 USD

The chapters’ sponsoring are tied to time required to translate one chapter and not the word count.

Translating webnovels that I like is a hobby, so I have to remind everyone that you are not paying me to translate the series but support what I do. This allows me to create fanarts and perhaps even a manga version of the webnovels some day in the future.

In the event there’s an overabundance of donations, chapter releases are capped at one chapter per day for TAS and TSTBGAM.



11 thoughts on “Donations

  1. Just asking…if 50 dollar are 2-3 chapter can you make so that 25 are 1 chapter of a series more other found that you count for the same series? We are poor


    1. Doh. Welp, I’m kind of swamped at the moment with RL issues as well, so even if I received tips I won’t be able to handle the sponsored chapters… But thanks for the thought, I’ll remove the button for now.


      1. Yea, but I really want to donate to you. I really love the story you’re translating and the effort you’re putting in on it.


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