The amber sword

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63 thoughts on “The amber sword

  1. Only read up to chapter 8 so far, but can already see that it is much better than these trashy xianxia novels the other translators are very fond of translating these days. Keep it up!


    1. I skimmed ahead about 100+ chapters and see a few girls who like the MC, but romance is very unlikely to happen as it’s very plot-heavy. It’s all about MC rushing ahead of historic events to gain an advantage. Lots of actions, certainly.


  2. I’ve been curious for awhile now, so mind giving us a who’s who on the cover? I keep thinking the brown-haired girl is Romaine but I’m not sure.


      1. I see. Yeah the hair color was really confusing. All of their other traits are obvious but, since Freya didn’t have brown hair, I kept wondering if the ponytail girl was someone who was suppose to come later.


  3. Read up to the latest chapter (25) and I’ve been enjoying it a lot. Great work with the translation and definitely looking forward to future chapters!

    Really hoping for none of the usual cliched plotlines (MC goes murdering 1 guy then the guy’s father > clan > sect > main sect > empire > state > country) and harem rubbish (no offense to fans, just personal preference)


  4. Hi wolfie. Just check the raws and it seems the novel is already finished or just a hiatus?just wanted to ask since i cant find information. And the Latest chapter doesnt seem an ending to me. Thanks.


      1. Ok. Btw. Thank you for your translation and introducing this awesome series. It really is different from other cn webnovel being translated so far.


  5. it’s really good story.
    got fall in love to the amber sword. you’r really good with word when translating this story.

    thanx for the chapter


  6. This is actually super easy to read! Most translations I’ve read are bit difficult to read even if they are in English, as most translators don’t try making their translations better other than a direct translation.

    Not to mention the story is really entertaining!

    Thanks so much for the translation!


  7. It hurts the eyes to read grey text on a white background. I started reading the amber sword yesterday, and god, I must focus 3x more to read LN here.


  8. could you please update the list above when you have time. I helps when you reference events in past chapters so we can go find them easily. ( so it will feel less like several weeks between events that only take hours)

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  9. Can you update your list please it only goes to ch 6 but theirs up to 30 already…no idea where the rest of the chaps are…thanx for the chaps


  10. Hello
    First, Thanks pour your work 🙂
    Second, i am french et i want to translate your version of amber sword. It is ok with you?
    Of course i will reference your site in my source.

    I will start to post my work in june, if you are ok.

    Thanks again pour your work, i love amber sword. 🙂


  11. hey any chance you can put up some kind of PDF file of everything? I wouldnt mind donating to download such quality translating work.

    still awesome work and hope you get well and continue doing this no matter what any idiot/troll may say.


    1. It’s really unlikely that I’ll provide a downloadable version, and I’ll frown upon anyone who’s going to make a downloadable version other than their own personal copy that they save.

      This is because the series isn’t a free webnovel.

      When I first started this, I was thinking, I’ll promote a ‘how to support the original author on qidian with screenshots and stuff’, but school was seriously more hardcore than I thought, and I had to let it slide for now.

      My original mindset was, pay for whatever chapter you are reading at on qidian+my website to support the author. If you are serious about supporting the author, then I feel that most people shouldn’t be bothered to take a few seconds to copy/paste onto wordpad or something whenever I release a chapter.

      Anyways, I hope you understand where I’m coming from and why I don’t want to do a downloadable version.


  12. Argghhj i just cant get off mc name in my head remind me of those sissy in my neighbor …. what is mc name in chinese word not pinyin?


  13. “instead of just transliterating the JP version”
    So many people don’t understand that literal translation are just awkward to read…
    And I don’t even talk about the translations deliberately leaving words in Japanese (Eto, Ah, Un, desu etc), which apart from the usual tolerable san/kun, make the story way more cringy to read.


  14. I am surprised to see there’s already English ver. of this novel. As a Chinese internet novel reader, the Amber Sword is one of my favorite novel. So glad to see many of the foreigner lovers of this novel. A tiny suggestion to Wolfie, Maybe you can translate the new Prologue of the novel as I think it is really cool as an opening of the World Enward(恩沃德) to new readers.


  15. you really need to have links at the end of the chapter between each chapter to make for easy reading from the beginning so you’re not bouncing between other stories. Especially in a story this good that you’ll want to reread from the begining at some point


  16. Wow, even before starting to read this story I’d like to thank you for the translation!😊👍
    It’s always nice how there come to be so many translated series as of late, and this one seems good too! XD

    I like Mushoku Tensei, it’s first days on Ln/Wn and I hope I can like this series in the future too!



  17. So you are transcreating instead of the usual transliterating, huh. Well, to be honest, almost all games on pc are transcreated for optimum quality, which is the best method in my opinion. Transcreating is often used by professional translators, and seeing you who do it for free is really noble. For that, we thank you very much.


  18. Why are you not updating the links?
    Please do that or/and create nav links at the bottom of the chapters so I don’t have to go through multiple pages of another project to get to the next chapter, please.


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