The latest game is too amazing.

最新のゲームは凄すぎだろ 3

Raws –


Please note that I will be translating the WN version. Ch 1 is an exception.

Synopsis: This is a fantasy novel where a young man believes he is playing the first VRMMORPG [Another World], and completely does not realize he has gone on trips to a parallel world instead. With the name of Chaos, he goes around creating repeated misunderstandings about himself in the parallel world.

CH 1 (LN version)
Ch 2 (Webnovel version)
Ch 3 (WN version)

21 thoughts on “The latest game is too amazing.

  1. Waiting for the new chapter~
    Can i know the progress or status? If not maybe the speed of the translation (like once a week, once two week, or once a month and so so)


  2. Generally i think it never a good idea really to mix the web novel with the light novel due to the changes in the light novel from the web novel most stories i have seen the light novels have some drastic changes compared to the web novel more so later on into the story


    1. It’s kind of a yes, but I seriously underestimated my school’s workload. I hope to spend one full day to catch up on my backlog of my series’ chapters but I can’t promise anything…


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