The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 13

TL: If there’s anyone who wants to TL from my TL, just be warned that I’m worse than the JP>EN translators out there. I am super bad on my jap grammar lol. All I see are meanings of the words and piecing them together with a guess. If you are ok with that then go ahead.



On that very same evening when Reidrick tried to win Sarah’s heart with his unreasonable proposal, he entered his bath as usual and polished his whole body clean to smell good everywhere, and he turned into a golden wolf in good spirits.

Perhaps it was due to his overflowing energy, his whole body was shining more than usual. His eyes and likewise were dazzling and shimmering.

He lifted up his nose in a crisp manner.

『Al~right, let’s go to my bride’s place! Yeah, Sara is already my bride, hahaha, my bride huh, I feel somewhat bashful! I will never leave her, yup. I guess I can get taken care of thoroughly as a golden wolf over there, it’s nice for me to get affection to my heart’s content.』

(TL: Unsure if TLed correctly lol, 『よーし、嫁のところに行くか! そうだ、もうサラは俺の嫁なのだからな、ははは、俺の嫁か、なんだか照れるな! もう一生離さないぞ。あれには毎日充分に金狼の世話をさせてやろう、存分に俺をかわいがるがいい』)

It was a wolf who forgot about the circumstances where he was engaged.

(TL: No idea what this means either, maybe it’s you shouldn’t see the bride or you shouldn’t go visit her as a wolf. 婚約中だということを都合よく忘れる狼)

And thus, he set off thinking like it was something important, but it was a pitiful wolf who went to Sara to show his belly while pleading 『please rub my belly pretty please』.

Reidrick who rejoiced all over his body to the end of his tail, saying『hahaha, my bride, my wife, my bride』and spun around where he was to show his delight, jumped out of his window with much vigor and headed to Sara’s room.

『I should prepare Sara’s room in the royal palace soon. I’m sure Sara would want to be near me. It can’t be helped since she really likes me! Ahh, Sara, you cute thing, you’re so affectionate to me~』

Although it was only Soru that she was interested in.

And also, she was only affectionate to Soru.

He jumped onto Sara’s balcony with much energy and knocked with his paws, ‘taptaptaptap!’, knocking on the window.

[Why, Soru, welcome.] (Sara)

Reidrick who received Sara’s hug as usual, shook his tail furiously to the left and right as if it was going to tear right off. It was already at a professional’s level of swinging, and one could see the afterimages of the tail.

Honestly, Reidrick, you should become a more useful kind of professional.

『Ahh, Sara, Sara, you’re adorable, you smell so wonderful, mywifemywifemywifemywife—』

He was an aroused and delighted wolf by being scratched around the neck.

It was a level of being so lovestruck that he nearly wanted to pee out of excitement.

[Hey, Soru, it seems like I’ll become your mother.] (Sara)

『Mywifemywifemy……. Eh?』

For a moment, his ability to think had dropped, and the golden wolf’s tail stopped as he did not understand what Sara was saying.

Sara, with a hehehe, laughed.

[You know, I’m going to be married to Prince Reidrick. And so, I’ll always be with Soru. Reidrick will be the father, and I will be the mother of you, Soru.] (Sara)

Rubrubrubrub, she rubbed his cheeks.

[Let’s be happy forever and ever, okay, my adorable Soru.] (Sara)
『…… I’m the father and Sara is the mother and I am the son……. No, no, that’s wrong! Sara, there’s something that you have mistaken, I’m your husband!』

[Here, Soru, here’s a tasty, tasty treat, aaah~] (Sara)

The usual sweets were put out, and the conditioned Reidrick sat down sharply and opened his mouth.

[There— Such a good boy. Is it tasty?] (Sara)

Wooo! He answered her in this manner. No, no, hold on, Reidrick argued back with his inner heart.

[I’m happy. I was really worried about you being all alone.] (Sara)

Sara stroked the wolf gently.

[You really are a good boy. I really like Soru, you know? Hehe, you’re so cute when you have that blank-looking face. You’re behaving so well that I wonder how much you understand me. Hey, Soru, I love you~]

Reidrick who was being smiled at by Sara was tormented by guilt.

『…… Sara, did you really decide your marriage just for me? ….. It’s true that you’re not interested in an aristocrat’s social status, wealth, or the royal family. The only advantage you have by marrying with me is to be together with the wolf you call as Soru….. You have no selfish desires, and you acted just for the happiness of a wolf……』

Reidrick who rushed to act for his own selfish interest was filled with the feeling to run away, and quietly curl himself up with his tail.

『To do such nice things with your kindness, I……』

[Oh, what’s wrong? You suddenly became quiet. Have you gotten sleepy?]

『Sorry, Sara, I’m sorry. I was thinking only about myself….. I, I will definitely make you happy! I’ll treat you more important than anyone else with the purpose of making you smile. I’ll you think of being glad about marrying me, and I swear it on the pride of the golden wolf! Therefore, please forgive me for being like this……』

Reidrick cried with a [Wuuuun] and licked Sara’s face.

[Well, you’re such a cute, spoiled boy! Come over here. Let’s sleep together.] (Sara)

Sara who did not Reidrick’s feelings at all knocked on the bed with a patting noise, and Reidrick quickly jumped onto it.

Next to him, laid Sara without any wariness. With that beautiful and defenseless figure, Reidrick felt increasingly guilty. He endured his obscene lust for her while continuing to feel conflicted in his heart.

[Can we sleep together tonight? Good night, Soru.] (Sara)

Sara closed her eyes with a satisfied face as she hugged the fluffy wolf without knowing the storm that was brewing in that man’s chest.

Long eyelashes, with a small nose, slightly reddish cheeks, soft and full lips. They were parts that he wanted to kiss anywhere.

How cute you can you be, Reidrick had such a feverish thought tightening up his chest.
『Good night, Sara…… Hm?』

While lying next to Sara, Reidrick twisted his neck and looked at his front paws while Sara hugged Reidrick.

『…… A married couple sharing the same bed…… So it’s something like this, huh.』

Sara is already sleeping.

It was a sweet scent that could not be described, coming from Sara’s body.

『Indeed, if I think about it carefully, Sara and I are a married couple already, there’s no problem sleeping on the same bed, and there’s no problem with our relationship. The problem is…… the problem is, I’m a wolf!』

Reidrick held his head with his paws.
『Noooooo, why did I come to Sara’s room in the form of a wolf this evening!? I’m wrong, I’m supposed to make Sara mine, even though I have a pledge with her, why am I a wolf!』

Because you came in the form of a wolf.

No, no, his habits were horrible.

He could feel Sara’s body temperature, breathe in her scent, feel her softness with his whole body, and Reidrick’s body was fully prepared.

It was a state where he could be launched and fired at any time.

『I’m…… I’m, a stupid wolf. A foolish dog. Why…….』

Reidrick, in order not to stimulate his lower half, quietly slipped out of the bed and went out the balcony window. He gently closed the doors with his soft paws so that he would not disturb his loved one’s sleep.

He jumped out from the balcony and ran to the forest as fast as his legs could carry him, and panted while returning to his human self.

[Damnnnn it! This thing tonight,]

He grabbed his thing with his right hand and pointed it upwards, as if to say that he would shoot it into the sky.

[I’ll thrust it in deeply, deeply into Sara’s warm and soft and wet place, uuu, then I’ll thrust it in like this and like that and twist it in relentlessly, urgh, then I’ll shoot it in Sara with my hot seeds so that she will become pregnant with my child, groarr, I’ll do plenty of rubbing till she moans in delight and cry with pleasure by thrustingthrustinthrustingcomingcomingoutahhhhh, Saraaa~!!!]

The wolf had an orgasm, in the moonlit forest.

[It was supposed……. to be……]

Reidrick looked at the scattered evidence that was still hot with vacant thoughts.

[Sara…… I wanted to put it in……]

Reidrick’s right hand, was again in perfect form tonight, regrettable.


(TL: My dignity is in shreds from translating this section.)




The next day’s afternoon.

Sara and Mianna moved out.

They left the place where they were staying at as bride candidates and transferred their rooms to the royal palace.

Due to Shuudel and Reidrick’s frantic desires, the preparation was fast.

[I’m glad to go with Sara! It’s reassuring.] (Mianna)

Mianna said that she felt constantly in danger after being locked on by the first prince, Shuudel.

[Honestly, I really want to be in the same room as Sara…… I really can’t forgive these two men.] (Mianna)

Mianna sighed.

[Oh, why is that?] (Sara)

[Because, with the engagement, it would be permitted to have body contact.] (Mianna)

[Body contact?] (Sara)

(TL: 「お手付き?」 When I looked up the meaning, it’s something like those feudal lords having a relationship with someone of lower ranks like a servant. I’m not sure whether I tled wrongly, but hopefully, this appears closer to what it is.)

Mianna’s face turned red and turned away, mumbling [The union of two bodies].

[Ah…..] (Sara)

Sara’s face was also red.

Mianna grasped her hands and spoke.

[Ahhh, what should I do, Sara! I’ve been listening to such talk, but I really don’t know the details. It’s even Shuudel’s first time for kissing, and yet, that darn Shuudel keeps doing embarrassing things to play me, and he gradually, even touching that improper place….. I really, can’t help but feel afraid.] (Mianna)

[What, Prince Shuudel did that! Even though he looks so earnest–] (Sara)

Sara said in shock.

He was the very picture of someone earnest. She perceived him as a future splendid king, and she now felt perplexed.

[I’m surprised…… I thought he would at most kiss the back of your hand when he proposed.] (Sara)

[That man, he’s only good on the surfaceee…….] (Mianna)

Mianna who thought she got secret information, but in truth got the pervert who was wearing a mask, spoke with tearful eyes.

[Yes, I’m older than you, Mianna, but I think I probably know less about men and women than you do. Kissing…… Hmm, I think I received it for the first time when I was being proposed to….. But, is Prince Reidrick someone like that? Now that I think about it I’m worried……] (Sara)

Sara cast her eyes down with a somewhat pale face.

[They say you can leave it to the men but……] (Sara)

[If we leave it to them, what kind of faces would we see……] (Mianna)

They were really quite the pitiable future brides.




And thus on that evening.

Alas, with Reidrick’s instructions, Sara was polished throughout the body, and she wore a graceful but thin and unreliable sleeping nightgown was chosen by him.

[With this, we humbly excuse ourselves. Please use the bath any time you wish, as we will tidy it up.] (Maids)

With that said, the maids moved off.

[Bath? ……!] (Sara)

After understanding the meaning, Sara’s became bright red.

[No, if I’m not mistaken, I do understand that the people in the royal palace, do something like that…….] (Sara)

Sara was so embarrassed that she felt like running away.

[I wonder if there’s a place to go to, like Mianna’s? It wouldn’t feel extremely good or bad, but I’ll be at least somewhat comforted.] (Sara)

Sara sat down on a large bed placed in a bigger room that was bigger than the usual.

[I wonder if Soru will come tonight. Ahh, I want to see him, he’s the support of my heart.]

There was a rapping knock on the door, and Sara who turned around with a jump, had Reidrick appear in front of her eyes.

[Sara, did I keep you waiting?] (Reidrick)

He had a face full of smiles.

He seemed absurdly delighted.

Sara cast her eyes away as she knew what it meant.

[No……] (Sara)

His hands held hers firmly.

[The Sara right now in this form is beautiful, it’s as if you’re a fairy born from the moonlight…… Incredibly fascinating.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick sat next to Sara, and the bed shook.

[Sara, I have finally made you mine….. I can’t hold it in anymore.] (Reidrick)

[Ah,] (Sara)

Reidrick pushed her down onto the bed as she hugged Sara.

[Sara……] (Reidrick)

The girl saw a man’s glittering golden eyes covering her.

She could not escape.

That man reached for Sara’s body with his hands……


『If you don’t submit I’ll kill you.』(Sara recalling memories)
『I’ll kill you.』
『I’ll kill you.』


[Noooooooo!!!] (Sara)

Sara released a painful scream.

[Stop it, don’t kill meeee!] (Sara)

[? Sara,] (Reidrick)

[Nooo, don’t come near me.] (Sara)

Sara pushed the shocked Reidrick off her and rolled down from the bed.

[Don’t touch me, it’s scary,] (Sara)

[Sara, what’s wrong? It’s me—] (Reidrick)

[Help me, help me, mother, father, scary, it’s scary.] (Sara)

Sara’s small body curled itself up into a ball, and she seemed to talk incoherently as she muttered to herself and shivered.

[Help me……. don’t kill me……..] (Sara)

Reidrick was shocked when she saw tears gathering up in Sara’s eyes.

[Sara…… About me…….] (Reidrick)

Am I being hated?

Do you hate me this much?

Reidrick was completely rejected by the woman she loved, and he was unable to say anything from the shock.


『You’re a monster!』(Reidrick recalling memories)


He thought he could hear the voice of the woman who abused him.

[It’s scary…..] (Sara)

To Sara who could do nothing but shiver, Reidrick stepped back slowly to exit the room.

[Help me…… Soru.] (Sara)

As she begged that name earnestly to save her, the Reidrick jumped out through the door with a snap, turned into a wolf quickly and dashed into the room.




The author notes: A serious development! And how will Sara’s trauma commence? The only person who could cure Sara is the fluffy fluffy Soru, work hard Soru!


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