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I created a new website


It now has an additional feature that allows you to read previous/next chapter by category.

Series that are moving

The Amber Sword
The Strategy to Become Good at Magic
The Latest Game is Too Amazing

Series that is staying here until further notice

The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess


The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 13

TL: If there’s anyone who wants to TL from my TL, just be warned that I’m worse than the JP>EN translators out there. I am super bad on my jap grammar lol. All I see are meanings of the words and piecing them together with a guess. If you are ok with that then go ahead.


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The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess Chapter 12

TL: Oh boy. Not translating for 2 whole months made me forget if the name of the borders was ever mentioned. If Irukia isn’t the name of the borders and I named it something else, please inform me and I’ll make changes.

I’m also busy with art these few months, if anyone wants to pick up this story and TL faster, you can mail me or leave a comment, otherwise updates will be uncertain.

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