The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter 125

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Chapter 125  – The observer in the back (2)


The girl knelt beside the corpse that was almost like a small building. She flipped it around for quite some time but she did not seem to discover anything else, so she lifted the longbow by its string with her fingers, stood up and shook it in front of Brendel before placing it on the ground: “Do you want it?”

“How about you?”

Rauze naturally shook her head at the longbow which was taller than her. “It’s useless to me, I just want to see what it had—“

Brendel wanted to hit the ground.

[If you don’t need it stop messing with the body!]

He really wanted to destroy things with his bare hands so he could feel better, but the girl literally killed the Acolyte of Earth with one single blow for him so he had no rights to complain about it. He could only ask with the faintest of hope:

“That’s it?”

“What do you mean by ‘that’s it’?”

“You only discovered this longbow?”

“Of course not, there are quite a number of things on it, but they don’t fit my aesthetics so I didn’t want to touch them at all.”

[This is a reason?] Brendel grumbled, but he continued to ask the question he did not receive an answer to:

“You still haven’t told me what you added to the Golden Apple. If that’s a thank you gift, I think I have the right to know what it is, right?” He lifted up at the apple. He originally wanted to let Freya or Romaine eat it, but he found that it was fortunate that he did not do so. Only the Gods would know what was on it.

He carefully placed it slightly further away from him, in case he somehow touched that ‘interesting thing’ on it.

“It’s a secret.” She giggled again.

“Secret…” His mouth twitched a little.

Brendel still wanted to get an answer but Rauze suddenly frowned a little and looked to a certain direction. She put her index finger to her lips and made an action to get him to be quiet.

“Someone’s coming.” Her expressions turned solemn. “Mister Brendel, your adventures were really exciting and I like them very much. I came to see you personally this time because there’s a little trouble back in my clan. My friend and I need to return back there soon.” (TL: Friend’s name is Phoral.)

“Hold on.” Brendel suddenly caught on to a number of things. The girl seemed to have followed him for a long time, but he caught onto something that practically confirmed his suspicion: “Clan? You are……”

Rauze nodded with a smile.

An explosion set off in his mind. The only race that liked to call itself ‘clan’ was the Dragon race. Everyone in the continent disliked them, even the Madara undead. They were arrogant and did crazy things, while being unreasonable all the time and were infamous for their deeds.

He really did not expect to be involved with a little girl dragon for so long, but it was fortunate that she did not become unhappy through the process and ate him for lunch. In fact, it seemed she seemed like she had a favorable opinion of him. Now he somehow felt a little lucky with a dragon covering his back.

Was this good karma for rescuing the refugees?

“All right, Mister Brendel, those men are about to reach here. I don’t want these lowly stupid creatures to see me. Don’t worry, I’ll stay with you a little longer and not let them hurt you.” She stood up on her toes and petted his shoulders, like she was his older godsister. Her body started to fade away, becoming transparent and disappeared entirely.

[Hurt me? Why would Nalaethar and the Silver Elves need to do that?]

For the prideful Silver Elves to be called as lowly creatures by the dragon girl would likely cause their king to wake up from his grave and return to the world. At the same time, the dragons were the rare races who still held on the Golden Bloodlines. The dragons might not have large numbers because they conceived less compared to the other races, but any of their lineage had the ability to use the Element power from the time when they were born. It was the most recognizable sign of the Golden Bloodlines.

[Nalaethar is really slow…… Hmm, did I forget something?]

A faint thought of something important passed through his mind, but he was instantly distracted by Ekman’s body. Since a pair of unlucky hands already went through his body, then the items were probably set in stone. He first picked up the longbow in front of him and read the description from the system.

– Shale Longbow, Brass-rating (Magic).
– Piercing damage: 25-29, +4 agility, +2 strength
– Ability: Creates one Arrow of Petrification (1 week cooldown)

Brendel played with the longbow’s string. He was barely satisfied with the stats. Even though it was merely at a Brass-rating with normal stats, the ability to create an Arrow of Petrification was very useful, as this type of arrow could not be replicated by spells. The arrow was completely effective on any Iron-rank fighters and below, but that would be a waste to use it on them. It would be a serious threat to peak Silver-rank fighters at level 40, and even affect gold-rank fighters at lvl 41-50.

The arrow itself can be kept like any other generated Magic arrows, and would retain its effectiveness even after a long time. This was something players loved to hoard, and many archers prepared this ammunition in advance. It also did not need special bows in order for it to be used too.

The Shale Longbow was not a terrible weapon but it was underwhelming if it was dropped from a level 65 boss with a perfect kill score. He eagerly went went over to Ekman, even though Rauze was still at his side. Finding great equipment from a boss was still something that enticed him enough for him to ignore other problems.

He carefully placed the Golden Apple on the ground. He did not feel like putting back into his bag until he figured what the apple had on it. Then he went over and checked Ekman’s body.

– Star of Flames, Brass-rating (Magic)
– Expands Fire Element Mana Pool by 50%, increase Fire Element by 10.

Brendel giggled three times when he saw this necklace.

He was a Planeswalker in this world and it was important to expand his Fire Element Mana Pool. This suddenly led him to consider finding and equipping equipment from the Elementalist’s profession. He could find brooches and earrings, and expanding his Mana pool several times would be an easy task. Even if he had shitty innate talent, he could be a qualified user with great artifacts.

[Cheating with items in order to compensate for the lack of talent. Ha, ha, ha.]

Brendel chucked away the necklace before he suddenly heard a snap behind him. When he turned around, he saw a group of men walking out from the bushes. Brendel’s eyes went wide when he saw them, and realized what that important thought was.

If Eke appeared, was it not possible that the bastards Makarov and Buga were nearby? Naturally there were more than the two of them. Seven or eight men accompanied them, but they did not like they were from the Grey Wolves Mercenaries.

Brendel concentrated on his eyes on the old man behind Makarov and Buga, frowning as he felt like he had seen him before from somewhere.

But compared to Brendel’s surprise, Makarov and Buga were utterly shocked. They obviously recognized him, but Brendel looked like a hero depicted from some legendary fable. He was holding on to a short sword, with bloody wounds all over his fit body which were exposed to the air. The monstrous Acolyte of Earth, Ekman, was cut up with deep gashing wounds and laid dead with blood spewed everywhere. It was even dragged a sizable distance on the ground.

It did not seem wrong to say that the youth took the monster down all by himself after an incredible grueling fight.

Buga and Makarov fought against Ekman a few nights ago, and even at that time the level 50 Boss was equivalent to a level 65 normal monster, which already exceeded a Gold-rank fighter, and were completely outmatched. The worst thing was how Buga and Ekman had the same Element type, making it easy for everyone to see the difference between their strength. Once he realized that he was outmatched, Buga and Makarov made the decision to leave the Grey Wolves Mercenaries and left them to fend for themselves.

The two of them took a step back when they saw that corpse.

[This young man……] Makarov thought to himself.

“It’s you!” But it was Buga who spoke first.

“I was wonder who could it be.” Brendel answered lazily as he looked at them. He was laughing inside his mind. To think that karma happened so quickly.

[It looks like you have yourself to blame for your bad luck. What a fucking joke. If I don’t get my revenge, I won’t live up to my name as the Super Veteran, and should just retire somewhere to live life peacefully.]

His reply came with a pair of folded arms without any inflections to his voice. Buga’s sudden call out was followed by a long silence—


17 thoughts on “The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter 125

  1. Go Brendel! Make them leave everything, even their pants, to pay you back! You deserve it! XD
    Thanks for the translation! See you again in April ^^


  2. Is it Makarov’s fault? Brendel joined them know when they were reluctant to accept. And the chase after that was not by Makarov. Makarov only withdrawn from the fight. The one who guide the enemy toward them was Redi.

    Brendel even leave them to die first after knowing the circumstance. The reason he got surrounded because he stuck completing quests to get items. He could’ve broke out if he didn’t care about the loot


    1. Makarov led the enemy to believe Brendel was Eke on purpose, or at least he didn’t clear up this point to his men. He then abandoned all his men because the Tree Shepherds were more powerful than he thought. Scumbag, really. I think half of Brendel’s anger comes from Makarov’s betrayal to his men.

      Brendel’s plans were supposed to be quite sound. Even if the Mercenaries of Lopes died there he could just resummon them, but the Silver Elves didn’t follow his orders (so did Amandina) to clear up the Lizardmen and protect the rest of the mercenaries.

      Then again who would have thought Eke was going to appear and pull off that crazy shit.

      While it’s true that he could have gotten out early, I think that it’s a lot of good that he and his men fought such a desperate battle, cause there are more ahead.


  3. Hello, and thank you for translating.
    I just want to say that I have just read the prologue and noticed that you added a lot of cursing.
    Profanity does not make a story well written. It loses its shock value and detracts from the story if used too often. I came to check if even in the recent releases there was gratutitous cursing, and apparently there is. Personally, I find it childish and annoying to have profanity littered through every other paragraph.
    This is just how I feel, and I’m still going to read this story as long as I find it interesting.
    Thank you for listening to my criticism, I hope it was constructive.


  4. Thanks for the chapter! So Brendel isn’t going to be min maxing his holy knight? That’s fine, since he’s a Planeswalker :))


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