The Amber Sword -Volume 2 chapter 45

TL: So I spent a lot of time looking at PC stuff this week due to some mistakes I made in buying things back then…

Long winded stuff about PC things. Skip to read the Amber Sword.




I have a skylake CPU i5 6600k, which I got during February, coupled with a DDR3 board because I want to save some cash since I still have 12 GB DDR3 ram left from my old pc. I’m getting a rig that I want to OC so that I can use it for multimedia purposes that include video editing.

Now here’s the interesting thing. Skylake recommended voltage for the ram is 1.2v-1.35v (ddr4 runs at 1.2v~), while DDR3 ram typically runs from 1.5-1.65v, and the official word is that intel doesn’t support that much voltage and heck, it might even hurt the CPU health.

After reading a lot on it, some overclocker users are saying that all is not lost, because VCCIO and VCCSA (no, I don’t know what these terms mean.) are the main things to look at when it comes to an intel CPU memory controller. In any case, I’m below the recommended voltage for these two sections (<1.2v) and I should theoretically be fine.

If you guys are getting new hardware for your upgrade PC, get a DDR4 board instead of a DDR3 board because that’s going to last you for years ahead. At 12 gb ram, I’m probably going to get another old ddr3 ram stick so that I can be ‘safe’ for 3 years for gaming and image editing. For anyone who’s interested, high speed ram is useful in multimedia, heavy video work, while games benefit from some FPS boosts. There’s really no point in sticking to DDR3 ram just to save $50~, especially if you don’t have 16 gb ram already (and your DDR3 ram is >= 2800 mhz, then you can reconsider again).

I also plan to wait out for the GTX 1070. Right now the so called nvidia’s “Founders’s edition = reference card actually” is sold at a higher premium. It’s really annoying to see nvidia coming up with ridiculous rehashes and ‘cool terms’ like they mean something. This Founder’s edition practice right now is not a new thing, however. I.E, EVGA’s SC 980 ti card is the nvidia’s reference card slapped with their EVGA cooler, while their own designed card is cheaper with better performance and has lower temp.

That is why nvidia said they are selling their 1070 gtx FE cards at $449, while the MSRP for their partners is at $379 (once they get their own designs done, supposedly). Right now, the partners are slapping a cooler on these reference cards and selling them. I’m using a 1080p 27 inch VA monitor, somewhat okay for drawing images as colors are a little brighter and desaturated, but I’m going to look at dell’s 27 inch monitors at 1440p if they release 1070 GTX at $379.

Some notes about VR gaming. VR demands 7 times more drawing power compared to 1080p gaming, and even a GTX 1080 will have problems running that. I’m going to be patient and wait 2 more generation cycles before getting a VR rig =X.

At 1440p gaming for a 144hz monitor, you are probably going to just hit 100 fps at ultra settings even if you have 1080 GTX. Things like G-Sync and Freesync comes at a premium that’s too expensive for me, and I would rather get a work-based system rather than a gaming system.









Chapter 45 – The Boulder Mercenary’s pendant

The name of the parchment was called Lancel’s scroll. The crowd of people in the room started to show their surprise with low murmurs, and it spread out like a ripple. Brendel realized that many of them were interested in the scroll as well.

However, even though they whispered amongst themselves, they did not attempt to bid for it. The ones who were willing to vie for it were nobles with considerable background, sitting in the special box, and all of them waited for someone to make the first move.

“Such scrolls are made from the fairies in the Crystal Tundra. There is only a limited amount made every year to allow noble families to create more lower ranked Elementalists. Despite that, these underground auctions allowed a considerable amount of such scrolls to be sold to others.” Roen explained

“Why don’t the fairies create more of them?” Romaine asked.

“Creating such scrolls requires a lot of Elemental mana from their Elemental Pool, and it is a burden even for these fairies who are on par with a high ranking Elementalist. Ciel said

“Furthermore, forcibly opening one’s own Elemental Pool might work for ordinary people, their success as an Elementalist is limited and would not be stronger than the average Elementalist. Such scrolls does not mean it will be good even there is a lot of it.”  He continued to explain.

Batum, Amandina and Romaine were engrossed in the explanation.

“I didn’t expect to see this in Bruglas.” Brendel said.

Roen’s nose was as potent as a dog’s, and he sniffed out interest from Brendel’s words, as well as the implication that Brendel had been to bigger underground auctions and not limited to just Bruglas.

“My lord, are you interested in that?”

“A little.”

“Should I get my man to bid for it?”

Brendel thought for a while and nodded. The scroll was at five thousand Tor coins, and each incremental bidding had to be at least five percent. The cripple signaled to his man, and a board was quickly raised into the air.

Five thousand.

But with the initial bidder’s attempt, the price quickly increased and from the boards going up. In the blink of an eye, it went up to eight thousand Tor coins. The announcer saw one round of bidding before he looked at Roen’s man again. The cripple looked at Brendel with questioning eyes, and the latter nodded, followed by a hand gesture..

Roen’s man raised his board again—

Eight thousand and five hundred.

Amandina’s expression changed slightly.

Romaine did not say anything while Batum’s expression was one of amusement.

The nobles in the boxed area quickly responded, and the increment was five hundred as well.

The impatience amongst them showed, as each announcement sharply rose by a thousand, steadily rising upwards……

[Ten thousand.]

[Eleven thousand.]

[Twelve thousand.]

[Fifteen thousand—]

It was like the final thunder booming in a lightning storm. Everyone in the crowd felt the air tightening, and they thought this bid was the final one.

Roen clicked his tongue and looked back again.

Brendel frowned.

[Sixteen thousand coins for two thousand TP. It’s starting to be a question whether the price is worth it.]

But he only hesitated for a while and quickly tapped his own hand, and the board was raised once again.

[Sixteen thousand.]

The crowd’s murmurs started again as they understood that it was going to be the final bidding war.

The assistant to the announcer whispered in surprise.

[Is the cripple mad? We didn’t tell him to do this, if this continues the nobles will be unhappy—]

The announcer turned to his young assistant slightly and then pucked his lips to show a direction: “He’s bidding for someone else.”

At this point, Amandina and Batum were looking at Brendel with a curious look. They did not understand why a knight needed the scroll, and wondered if he wanted to become an elementalist.

But what was missing from Ciel’s explanation, was how talented people could save time by using this scroll. Brendel did not explain this fact to them.

Ciel was silent because he understood what the scroll meant to Brendel.

The nobles’ voices in the box were momentarily silenced. They wondered who the mysterious bidder was, but the opposing bidder once again raised the bid—

[Eighteen thousand.]

The number came from the fourth boxed area from the left once again, and Roen whispered to Brendel.

[Lord Donnall. His family has several mansions near Bruglas, and he has a few of his own properties here as well. He’s a parliament member in Bruglas, and his father and grandfather also took on this position too.]

Brendel nodded.

[There are many nobles here, but someone of his rank vying for this scroll… He’s more likely to be a mouthpiece for someone bigger—]

Just when he thought that they were the only ones fighting for the scroll, new bidders who did not bid from the start suddenly came up from their new numbers, surprising Brendel as the final bidding point was at forty two thousand Tor coins.

[Even thirty thousand Tor coins would have been barely within my reach, but a number past forty thousand will definitely hurt my plan ahead. I can ultimately get the TP needed later on—]

Brendel stealthily gritted his teeth and gave up on this bid.

Amandina and Roen did not think it was strange that he stopped, and mistook it for a whim to bid for this item.

After this initial war, the auction progressed smoothly with Brendel successfully bidding for several merchandise, ranging from several thousand to ten thousand Tor coins.

Since nothing happened out of the ordinary, the crowd in the auction started to feel a little bored. Roen was able to find things to do as he explained to everyone the history of the presented items, even detailing where it came from, giving them the region as well as which noble family sold this.

Batum, Amandina and Romaine were intrigued by the description, while Brendel and Ciel discussed about the origins of each items.

They mentioned Tamar once, and felt it was a pity that he did not come due to his work, otherwise he would have most likely liked several of the items available in the auction.

The second highlight in the auction finally happened. It was a pendant, but to describe it accurately, it was a thick string that held several small rocks together. Any ordinary person might have missed it, but Brendel nearly jumped up when he saw the pendant.

[The Boulder Mercenary’s pendant. If this is combined with ‘The Rock Nest’ made from a Rank 17 alchemist, it can reduce the materials required for making gargoyles which was created from ‘The rock Nest’ at least fifteen percent, meaning productivity is raised.]

He explained the usage to the others, and Amandina and Batum were especially interested in it, as they recognized the pendant’s use for a region.

In the continent Vaunte, wars typically required three types of resources.

The first were humans, the second was raw Amberite, the third was typical resources like food and water. The fourth resource was ‘Nest’.

Amberite was a composite rock that was mined from Somir’s mine. This crystal-like quality with the color of amber possessed mana in it, and Amandina’s Magicite was designed to draw the energy out, and the basis for all magic intelligent machinery; the blood of ‘production’.

Other materials like food, metal, wood, and rocks are commonly found materials even in Earth.

‘Nest’ was the origin where monsters come from and was utilized by humans.

[To speak of ‘Nest’, it’s necessary to speak of Vaunte’s origin to explain it. How does ‘Chaos’ exist, and how does ‘Laws’ work?] Brendel began to explain.


23 thoughts on “The Amber Sword -Volume 2 chapter 45

  1. Umm… sorry to burst your bubble but…

    With Skylake, you can underclock/undervolt your old RAM just fine. Just use looser timings on memory and you should be ok. There’s also DDR3L, which was common on Haswell laptops and server gear, but it’s basically just a hair cheaper than DDR4, so underclocking/undervolting your RAM would be the cheapest and safest option (underclock/undervolting will do no damage to your compy, however you’ll need to run verification tests in order to make sure everything is stable)

    Also, not underclocking is fine too – when Intel talks about “increased damage to chip”, they’re referring to the deployments of embedded and industry computers, which are expected to last 10 years a pop. For a normal gaming rig, overclocking your CPU would wear out your chip FAR faster than what’s going on with your memory controller.

    As for gaming and image editing, faster RAM is NOT the way to go – it’s far more expensive for no performance benefit. The Latency of the RAM is more important (which is where DDR4’s paradox comes in – MUCH higher latency for somewhat increased Clock speeds), but if you do the tests, you’ll find that you won’t really be impacted much by the speed of ram… or the Amount as long as you’re above 8 Gigs (for image editing, Adobe fails to really deal with more than 8 gigs efficiently. 16 is the go-to standard amount, and I recommend you have at least that much though, for future expansion, so getting an extra stick is good there)

    But when adding/mixing ram you should also factor in stability and clocks, as you want to have all of the sticks basically at the same speed and latencies (otherwise you get RAM errors far more easily).

    A much more efficient use of your money is to put it towards an SSD, like a dedicated one for a scratch disk. You’ll find that your RAM isn’t the bottleneck – it’s actually your storage when you save/load/edit/commit changes.

    Going further, the Founder’s Edition thing is just plain stupid, but it’s been a problem for Nvidia’s board partners for a while. Basically the “base model” card would be directly competing with their aftermarket designs and come out ahead, plus it costs way more than some of the other designs to manufacture, so Nvidia is selling things at a premium. Don’t worry, aftermarket/non”founders” cards will launch at the lower price at the same time as the Founder’s Edition.

    GTX 1070 designs are done. We’ve seen the physical cards already.

    On to VR – It does not actually draw 7 times more power. In fact, I’m finding that modern VR titles have less defined graphics, and are actually a step back from the super-realistic textures people were talking about, and it.. performs just fine. The current industry trend is also supporting this, with more stylized art styles showing up and a general shift away from the hyper-real game development. Remember: VR can’t work unless it hits a mass audience, so many dev studios are intentionally making their VR games more easy to run on a standard rig that people have today.

    And your 1440p 144hz monitor – It’s user preference, but I really don’t think it’s worth it. IPS is the word of the day if you’re doing image editing, as it’s the best color panel, and they are FAR more pretty. However, at higher refresh rates you’ll get blurring and ghosting in fast moving games, plus the input latency is far higher too. Most 144hz panels are TN which are absolutely abominable for color (basically the worst!).

    Freesync will require you to go AMD and has no price premium. Gsync has 100-200 dollar price premium.

    If you’re looking to spend that much money on monitors, may I suggest a curved 21:9 IPS widescreen monitor? They are frankly really good for image editing, video editing, gaming, and productivity.


    1. Some of your information is wrong.

      Image editing doesn’t really benefit much from ram speed, that is true, but Adobe media encoder does benefit from higher ram speed, and going from 1600 mhz to 2400 mhz nets a 10% increase in speed, and if you take 3000 mhz, I remember reading it somewhere that the increase is 15-20%. So I’m to make some videos in the future, that’s going to save me a lot of time in a year. According to sites, having a 4.5 ghz oc CPU with 1600 mhz, is the rough equivalent of a stock CPU on 2400 mhz when it comes to such usage. As for latency, I didn’t look too much into it.

      Odd games like fallout 4 and starcraft 2 also benefits from higher ram speed, and the former is greatly affected by it. Another minor benefit that comes from it, is the minimum FPS gain from high speed rams.

      16 gb rams cost like 60-70 usd on amazon, so I see no reason to get that 5-20% real world performance upgrade with that amount of money, but I’m going to stick with my setup for at least 3-4 years before I can upgrade again.

      As for curved IPS monitors 21:9 … really? I’m skeptical about the usage for 3d maya usage, and drawing on it with photoshop kind of makes me wonder how accurate it would be (you do know I’m an art student right?). There are IPS 144hz monitors out there and I briefly considered them, but either freesync or g sync monitors cost way more than the GPU itself, and way more than what I’m willing to spend on a normal 27 inch 1440 p IPS monitor.


      1. AME is Video production, which you didn’t mention. Video production is one of the places I would agree RAM speed matters.

        But even then you should be looking at CACHE not RAM. Video production is another beast entirely, and programs like Adobe Premier have been thoroughly tested and shown to be highly inefficient with processing. If you want to talk Video production, I’ll have to send you to a few youtube vids that explore and explain things very well.

        But even then, repeated tests shown that Latency affects the performance more than Clock Speed. RAM speed does effect things, but things like Timings, and Cache size are still more important.

        Moving on to FO4 and SC2 – It’s not just the RAM, and very rarely is it the ram limiting the performance. I’d, once again, look into things like NVME SSDs and proper Vram utilization on Video cards first.

        FO4… kinda sucks at proper Vram usage, like … Skyrim at Launch. A proper ENB quickhack will fix it (or a later patch/mod will). But until then, basically because the Vram is heavily gimped, it’s relying on RAM at the moment. With current games and DirectX12 games coming in, having RAM speed dependency will continue to be extremely rare cases that usually come about when the game is not optimized well at all.

        Adding an extra 4 GB stick is a good idea, I was just telling you the problems with mixing and matching ram. As long as you aren’t doing mission critical stuff (like myself and my lab simulations for scientific papers I have to publish) the slightly increased chance of instability should be fine. And really 16GB of ram is more for the ability to multitask when gaming. (Using chrome in the background while gaming, or letting a video render while gaming)

        Anyway, while curved IPS monitors may not be exactly perfect for you, flat panel ones may work. IDK, I know my video production and music production friends/clients love them, and swear by them, but I’m sure for actual art that requires accurate judgement of sight lines and curves the curve itself may be detrimental to you. But the aspect ratio… it’s basically like digital post it notes. Like you don’t know that you need it until you use it. Once I used a 21:9 monitor, all other aspect ratios felt… inefficient. Multimonitor setups (like the one I have at home with 7 monitors) become ugly. Triple monitor surround becomes cumbersome and excessive. Sort of like a 16:10 monitor versus a 16:9 one, and so on.

        Either way, it’s not important.

        A monitor is something to invest in, IMHO, At the very least, get an IPS monitor. If you’re an art student, that’s the only choice.

        VA panels… are the second best color reproduction panels already (technically speaking). They’re only second to IPS. If you feel your monitor is bad at colors, going IPS is the only choice.

        There really is no point in getting a 120 or 144 hz monitor unless you’re playing things like CS:GO or Dota/LOL competitively, or already had one. If you are currently using a 60hz panel, going up to a higher refresh rate one is just throwing money away for a bit more E-peen. Use it to get a 10-bit color panel instead, or one that has been AdobeRGB calibrated. Cheap 120/144hz panels are TN panels. And they are terrible.

        Remember: windowed fullscreen and Windows Apps only run at 60hz! The only thing that 120/144hz monitors enhance is high-framerate games, and then mostly just motion animation and input latency.

        If you take anything away from my comments, please don’t get a non IPS or VA panel. Even if it’s a steal.


        1. Yup, IPS is indeed the best kind of screens for color reproduction. Lately terminology has become quite complicated and there are PLS and AHVA (which is really a IPS equivalent and not a VA panel at all) monitors.

          Currently the 1070 GTX is just about right for 1440p 60 fps, so I’m definitely going to look at similar spec IPS monitors for work purposes and light gaming.

          One thing about AdobeRGB tuned monitors (which I’m pretty sure is for photographs and designer works), I can’t get that. I’m creating digital art and not photo-editing, and the majority of the consumer monitors out there are using sRGB monitors, so it’s a no for me. Furthermore, I even heard you need a workstation card like quadro to display such colors accurately. And I’m not even sure if any game uses 10bit color schemes…?

          As for SSD, I already have two old ones on my desktop and I’m not really keen on getting a NVMe SSD. I can only accept 100$ and below upgrades on ram and HD.

          About RAM latency vs clock speed, I think I read about the overclockers stating tuning the high speed rams would make latency a moot point, it’s just better to have high speed rams and tune it because the performance is better. As for mixing and matching, well, if things are not working, I’ll just take out that 4gb ram. Or I’ll just get a corsair 16 gb ram at 2400 mhz for $65 from amazon. Kind of depends. I’ll look into it when my term break comes.

          Thanks for your tips about the ram and monitor, it’s always good to check my facts again.


  2. Thanks for the translation!

    I cant help you much with your pc problem. I think a lower voltage makes the equipament run slower but Im a noob in the area so there is chance that Im wrong. Good Luck ^^


  3. Eh? He is not able to get the sroll. That is somewhat lame. Especially when it was used as some sort of cliffhanger in the previous chapter.

    And Brendel knows a lot.

    Will Brendel bid for it and get it? It would be just awful if he doesn’t get it again.


  4. “scrolls are made from the fairies”, “made from a Rank 17 alchemist”, should be “made by”. Made from implies that the fairies and alchemists were used to create the items. For instance there is a difference between “made by germans” and “made from germans”.

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