The Wolf Prince and Ice Princess Chapter 6

TL: Chapter 7 will be a NSFW chapter. Reidrick is about to suffer another humiliation again.


Chapter 6 – She’s mine!

[I’ll make Sara into mine.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick declared after breakfast, and everyone in the royal family stopped their hands in that instant.

Kachari~ there was a sound of a teacup being placed back onto the saucer.

After he had turned into a wolf and got fawned on upon by Sara, he felt himself floating up on cloud nine and realized her presence was becoming much bigger than he realized.

When Shuudel’s selection was over, she would leave the palace. When he thought of that, he felt his knees moving restlessly, and there was an impulse to tuck his tail tightly in between his legs.

In addition, he had swung his tail too much, and the muscles around his butt were hurting. Even the muscles around his groin were hurting, and he did not want to tell anyone about it.

In any case, he could not predict what will happen to his mental condition if she was to disappear before him.

Perhaps the destructive impulses of a beast would awaken, and he feared he would become a monster that destroyed the beautiful lands of Endaria. It would be a story where his powers would awaken and rival the legendary Golden Wolf Emperor.

The worried Reidrick finally became serious. From then onwards, he was determined to obtain Sara with all his might.

No one in the royal family knew that he went to Sara every night in a wolf form, so they were all perplexed over his serious gaze.

After a brief silence, his older brother with an older age difference opened his mouth.

[…… Err, it’s not good to confine her, yup.] (King)

Hey king, don’t speak unnecessarily. (Narrator)

[Confinement…… That would be the final way.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick was planning for it.

[Idiot don’t say that! I won’t forgive it even if you’re joking!] (Queen)

The queen tried to salvage the situation.

[That’s why, Shuu, don’t lay your hands on Sara, okay.] (Reidrick)

[I’m not sure what happened, but it seems like you’re serious, esteemed uncle. I understand, I’ll remove her from the brides’ selection.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel had heard his uncle Reidrick quite well.

[W-well, I was the one who requested to marry esteemed sister Sara, first…… right……?] (Elric)

Elric’s voice faltered and became smaller when his uncle’s strict gaze went over to him. Reidrick was, my goodness, giving a dreadful smile to his nephew.

[Hey Elric, you know I did say, I’m going to make Sara Griosta mine, right?] (Reidrick)

It was a gentle, gentle voice, but it was terrifying.

[…… Yes, esteemed uncle! I understood it well; esteemed uncle is going to marry esteemed sister Sara!] (Elric)

Elric was a good kid who could read the atmosphere. He then left his chair and trotted over to his mother and whispered in her ear.

[I’m sorry, mother. I leaked out a little bit] (Elric) (TL: Lol, this poor shota.)

Reidrick had caused a six years old child to leak under his pressure.

The pitiful child exited the place, and an emergency meeting was started.

[Have you approached Sara and confessed properly?] (Queen)

The queen asked, and Reidrick shook his head.

[No, I have not said anything. She’s a woman with definite wariness to men, and she would escape if I closed the distance between us poorly. Furthermore, she’s uninterested in being with me or anyone in the royal family, so I need to be careful in proceeding with things.] (Reidrick)

I will never let her escape, said Reidrick with a brilliant smile. The king and queen thought it was extraordinarily scary with his excessively refreshing words.

[I see. I won’t speak out towards things involving a man and woman, but if you possibly trample on Sara’s dignity or do something similar, I will not stay quiet. Remember this well.] (Queen)

It was a pressure that felt even more than what Reidrick showed earlier, and the king thought his wife was scary.

However, Reidrick did not shrink back from the queen’s serious gaze. He took on her eyes directly and declared.

[I swear will never force Sara or injure her. If I do something like that, I will never forgive myself.] (Reidrick)

[Do you swear upon the Golden Wolf’s pride?] (Queen)

[I swear my life, upon the Golden Wolf’s pride.] (Reidrick)

The queen abruptly smiled when she saw Reidrick’s brooding golden eyes that seemed to glitter mysteriously.

[I understand. In that case, I will support you with my full power. For the happiness of my cute younger brother-in-law. Sara is really important to you, hmmm.] (Queen)

[…… She’s important.] (Reidrick)

The Reidrick that answered at that moment had a tender smile, and completely became like a sweet boy who fell in love for the first time, and the king and queen exchanged glances while they smiled somewhat embarrassingly at this strange feeling.

『He has completely fallen head over heels, huh.』(King & Queen)

[Ahh, it seems like esteemed uncle has gotten ahead of me! Even though I’m supposed to be searching for a bride—] (Shuudel)

The ever calm Shuudel sighed while looking up at the ceiling.

[Do your best Shuudel, you will find your fated one.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick grinned.

[I think it’s probably the wolf’s blood which draws them? There’s no helping it when we meet our fated person. I know it with my whole body.] (Reidrick)

A wild wolf would meet its mate and stay as a pair for its whole life, and werewolves would have the fixation to stay with their mate if they meet them, and pour in affection without being able to help it.

For Reidrick, Sara was his first and last other half, and in addition, she showed love to him even he was in the form of a wolf for the first time. If he lost this important woman, he would go crazy and destroy everything, then break down and possibly lose his life.

[I see. Esteemed uncle’s words strangely have that persuasive power. Perhaps I should work hard to capture that fated woman and stay honest to my thoughts.] (Shuudel)

[What? Shuudel, do you have a lady in mind?] (King)

The king who had been frightened by the morning events, once again asked uneasily as Shuudel showed his smile.

[Hah……. please wait to enjoy it—] (Shuudel)

Oh, Shuudel, you too!? (Narrator)

It looked like everyone in Endaria’s royal family had some kind of quirk, just like how Mianna had judged them.



On that day, Shuudel’s social exchange was once again held in the garden with Shuudel and the bride candidates participating. There was an increase of the ladies getting along with each other even though they were candidates. They picked up snacks and sweets as though it was a picnic, and it was an atmosphere with boisterous laughter.

Sara, Mianna, and the other girls enjoyed chatting with each other.

Mianna’s excellent communication skills were steadily expanding her personal connections. Sara who was famed as the 『Ice Princess』 had limited her male suitors, but in truth, because of her bold education at the borders and her refreshing disposition, led younger ladies who knew about her to call her 『sister Sara』 due to their admiration.

Indeed, she had a sharp beauty and dignified figure, yet she did not have a relentless personality. She was someone with tremendous charisma in the young ladies’ eyes because she spoke nervously and answered questions with a smile.

[Well, you must be good at riding a horse right?] (Lady #1)

[I can shoot an arrow while straddling a horse, and control the horse with just my lower body. Is that shameful?] (Sara)

[No, no! Rather, I want to see that imposing figure just once…….] (Lady #2)

[I’m sure you will be as gallant as the Goddess of War.] (Lady #3)

[I’m sure that wouldn’t be the case, when I fell a monster, I’m sure it would be a terrifying face, like this—] (Sara)

[Hohohoho, you’re jesting, sister Sara!] (Lady #4)

[Really, lady Sara is a such a beautiful but funny person, I really like you!] (Lady #5)

The ladies had huge smiles on their faces when they saw Sara’s 『terrifying face』.

Reidrick and Shuudel were gazing at the ladies from a little distance.

[Esteemed uncle, the purpose of this social exchange is deviating, it seems—] (Shuudel)

[Sara……. she’s supposed to be mine and yet….. Sara] (Reidrick)

The lonely Reidrick was grumbling with dubious words.

[Esteemed uncle isn’t listening—] (Shuudel)

The first prince was a little lonely because his company was not there.

[Here, don’t lose your nerves, esteemed uncle! Do your best to approach her.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel smacked his uncle’s back.

[Ah, ahh, that’s right.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick moved towards the ladies as he gained confidence.

Sara’s expression stiffened when she noticed him approaching.

[Ladies, please forgive me for my rudeness.] (Reidrick)

[Why, Sir Reidrick, greetings.] (Ladies)

The ladies blushed with the appearance of the charming prince.

Reidrick shrewdly greeted them with his usual smile, nonchalantly slipping into the circle of ladies.

He took her hand and whispered into Sara’s ears.

[Lady Sara, may I speak to you concerning something for a while?] (Reidrick)

[About the royal palace’s dog?] (Sara)

Sara looked at Reidrick’s surprised face.

[……. That golden?] (Reidrick)

[Yes, that golden.] (Sara)

Sara nodded to him and turned to the ladies.

[I apologize, I’ll need to excuse myself temporarily.] (Sara)

[Well, sister Sara, let’s talk again.] (Ladies)

[Yes, of course, I look forward to it.] (Sara)

The ladies watched Reidrick lead Sara out of the circle with some resentment. They saw Sara off with some disappointment.

[Could it be that prince Reidrick have his eyes on sister Sara?] (Lady #1)

[I think lady Sara hates things like that though.] (Lady #2)

[Even if it’s prince Reidrick, I won’t forgive him if he does anything to sister Sara!] (Lady #3)

[Yes, me too!] (Lady #4)

Somehow during this time, there were many pairs of frightening eyes on Reidrick who had grim prospects.



Reidrick invited Sara to a bench some distance away from the social exchange.

[My lady, please come over here.] (Reidrick)

A white handkerchief was carefully spread out quickly by him.

While the perplexed Sara sat down, Reidrick sat next to on the bench that had just a little space away from her. He smiled at her who had a stiff expression because of her guarded mentality towards men.

[My lady, it’s just a talk. I won’t do anything, please don’t make such a frightening face.] (Reidrick)

Sara was unable to believe in Reidrick who had been judged to be a bad person.

『…… If he does something strange, even if he’s the king’s younger brother I won’t care about it. I’ll punch him on the cheeks and knock him down, then kick him in the crotch. It’s probably acceptable to do that if he does a misconduct against the prince’s bride candidate.』(Sara)

Reidrick felt his crotch go ‘hyun’ for some reason when he looked at Sara’s deep purple eyes which did not show any mercy.

『S-strange. Even though I’m with my Sara, what’s this danger that I’m feeling from my spine?』(Reidrick)

Reidrick was a wolf with excellent instincts.

(TL: Nicovideo describes ヒュン as something similar to riding a roller coaster and feeling that falling feel. So, in this case, our 変態紳士 Reidrick, is feeling it in his 股間. タマヒュン desu.)

[So, it’s about that golden floofer.] (Sara) (TL: Raws, Golden wan-chan. Is floofer appropriate? lol.)

[That’s right!] (Reidrick)

[…… Yes?] (Sara)

As Reidrick drew nearer with a serious tone, Sara instinctively pulled back her body.

[That’s not a dog, but a wolf!] (Reidrick)

Reidrick said it as though that was the most important thing.

[That is the royal family’s prideful golden wolf, and certainly not a dog. Please, don’t be mistaken in that regard.] (Reidrick)

[Oh…… Well, so that’s how it is. I have been very rude. It’s very much different from the wolves that I know of; it has long golden fur with a big splendid body, and I thought it must have been some type of special dog.] (Sara)

The honest Sara, apologized.

[As expected of the royal family, and I extend my heartfelt apologies for thinking they reared a beautiful dog.] (Sara)

[…… Is that wolf truly so beautiful?] (Reidrick)

[Yes, one would know magnificent he is with one look; he’s an adorable, obedient and smart child.] (Sara)

Sara facial expressions softened when she talked about her favorite dog…… no, her favorite wolf.

[You like that wolf…..? No, isn’t a wolf scary?] (Reidrick)

[Why, that kid isn’t scary at all. He’s really friendly and has such fluffy and nice-smelling fur; I truly do like him very much. I wish I can bring him back and do everything together and spend a lifetime with him, if I am free to make this decision…..?] (Sara)

“Could you not give him to me?” Sara said as though she was being rude, and looked at Reidrick’s face.

[…… Erm……] (Reidrick)

He turned his head away and covered his face. When she looked at him, she found his ears to be completely red.

Sara became flustered.

『What should I do, I must have said something impudent and made him angry? What if I displeased him and Soru is prohibited from seeing me…… Ahh, I failed here.』(Sara)

Beside the trembling Sara, there was also a trembling Reidrick


『Sara, are you proposing to me? You’re so audacious! I’m shameful to allow a woman propose to me, I got it, I’ll cherish you all my life, my, Sara—』(Reidrick)

[Erm—] (Sara)

[What is it my Lady Sara~~~!] (Reidrick)

The wolf was rampaging in his delusions with praises by having convenient scenarios in his mind, took away his hand from his crimson face, and stared at Sara with passionate, thoughtful eyes. Sara who directly received the gaze filled with sweetness, immediately blushed with her expressionless face.

[Ah, erm, that……] (Sara)

To Sara who was fidgeting and casting her eyes away to the side, Reidrick was staring at her soft and full cheeks that were like irresistible fruits, and thought of tracing his fingers against her lips.

[Lady Sara? Please go ahead and speak freely.]

The idiot wolf was seriously considering to embrace her shoulders and sniff her hair, and even thinking it would be okay to do so, but it was fortunate that Sara’s lips opened before he acted and moved forward.

[Is your highness the wolf’s owner?] (Sara)

[Huh?] (Reidrick)

[May I know the name of that child?] (Sara)

[No, wait,] (Reidrick

[I had conveniently called him Soru, but may I know his real name? Please tell me.] (Sara)

The name was Reidrick.

He’s not the owner but the person himself.

But those words could not be said.

He pretended to be an innocent puppy, and did *this* kind of things and did *that* kind of things. If the secret was revealed, there was no mistaking it; she would hate him.

[Ahh— I’m the owner hmm, or his guardian hmm……. That wolf is free to do as he is pleased, you’re making a mistake that he’s being kept as a pet. That’s why, he has no name hmm…… Indeed, he doesn’t have one.] (Reidrick)

But Sara’s facial color changed when she heard his response.

[A wolf is a social creature that treats an animal pack very importantly. You, actually neglect him and call it freedom?] (Sara)

[I didn’t neglect him! He has taken sufficient food and his body is washed daily.] (Reidrick)

[But, you didn’t even give him a name!] (Sara)

Sara stood up, and her fists were shaking.

[No one stroked that child right? Or called out to him and told him he’s a good boy?] (Sara)

Reidrick slowly stood up.

[No one, no one at all, hugged that child right? If that’s the case I…..] (Sara)

[Sara, that’s a wolf. Everyone’s afraid of the giant wolf and doesn’t approach him. He’s something fearful and there’s no one odd enough to call him adorable or the likes.] (Reidrick)

Indeed, my mother threw me away too, Sara.

[That is why that child has this kind of behavior! Nobody is affectionate to him and he doesn’t have any confidence and got hurt…… Especially when he’s such a good boy! This is awful!] (Sara)

Sara punched Reidrick’s chest in her anger. In the midst of his pain, he felt his breath stolen away involuntarily.

[You’re awful! I won’t forgive you! If you’re the owner, then you should be more affection to…..] (Sara)

Sara was astonished when Reidrick hugged her abruptly.

What was this man doing when she really got angry.

She was driven by the fear of men as she recalled her trauma.

[No, stop this, get away from me—] (Sara)

[Sara…… Only Sara—] (Reidrick)

Sara who was in a panic, was able to breathe in a strong relaxing scent from his chest, and when she noticed it, she stopped her struggle.

And that she felt tears coming from the man who covered her face with his head.

[You smiled and stroked me without fear, and embraced me lovingly…… Only you, Sara.] (Reidrick)

[Your Highness?] (Sara)

[The name Soru that you gave…… I like it very much.] (Reidrick)

Unfortunately, Reidrick’s confession to Sara was not conveyed.

[Your Highness, you like Soru and treat him affectionately too?] (Sara)

[Huh?] (Reidrick)

[Well, I can smell him on your body really well. Do you hug him too?]

(TL: I’m pretty sure wolves and dogs don’t exactly like hugging, but please do it to men wolves. They LOVE it very much.)

『…… No, wait.
This is my scent though.
Or I should say, you’re supposed to be a lady so don’t go ahead and sniff me! 』(Reidrick)

As Reidrick thought of that, he saw Sara’s gentle smile that he loved very much, and stayed rooted to the very spot.

『O, oh, Sara is smiling within my arms!
What kind of miracle is this! 』(Reidrick)

[That’s good, I’m relieved. Let us dote on Soru more and heal that child’s wounded heart. That’s a duty of an owner.] (Sara)


[R, right you are, hmm, okay! Then please love Soru with everything you have—] (Reidrick)

[I got it, since I received the permission from the owner then I will do it without any reservations!]

Sara said clearly with a smile, and Reidrick became delighted. He would have pushed down Sara and lick her all over with howls if he was in the form of Soru, but he was unable to do it as a human.

Reidrick pushed down his overflowing dog’s heart…… no, his wolf heart, and carried Sara up into the air in delight and spun her round and round at the very spot.

[Eeeek, what are you doing!?]

[Hahaha, Sara, Sara!]

[Stop~~~ This~~~~!]

Sara who was thoroughly spun about by the idiot wolf, was finally released and became unsteady on her feet as she tried standing up.

[Your highness! When it comes to you……] (Sara)

Reidrick hugged the breathless Sara strongly and said.

[Thank you, Sara. Thank you for being so kind.] (Reidrick)

[Your Highness, it’s painful,] (Sara)

[Sara……] (Reidrick)

He was a ladykiller on the outside, and a man who had a bad conduct. His Highness Reidrick was supposed to be the lowest and the worst person.

Yet, why.

[Thank you, Sara.] (Reidrick)

Where had she seen this gentle eyes before?
He had the same wet eyes as the golden wolf, eyes that were filled with love.

[Sara……] (Reidrick)

She was filled with Reidrick’s scent, and was perplexed over the fierce ringing throb in her chest.


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