The Strategy to Become Good at Magic – Chapter 71

TL: Finally the plot is about to move (a little).

Chapter 71 – Recognition

The merfolks were unhappy with their current cooperation with Sue. They had always felt they were the ones who protected the weak and was on justice’s side. But her actions made them feel like they had became corrupted or bullies and felt guilty over it.

“Sue, I wish if there’s a next time we would think of a better way to get him to drink, and not use such……” The merfolk team leader activated the magic formation, and tried to helplessly negotiate: “You do know that your actions are too violent, perhaps he might not be enemies but allies?!”

“Think about it, maybe he’s the enemy and not an ally?!” Sue rebutted his words while she watched the magic formation activated: “I always like to consider things from a pessimistic point of view and cast my expectations to be at its lowest. At the same time, I’ll prepare for the worst outcome and guarantee minimal losses…… So even if he’s an ally, it would be wrong of me to do what I did. But I can just remove the poison and curse, then apologize. Even though the process is an arduous one, nobody really lost anything precious. If you just restrain him as per your idea, there would a great chance that he would sent information out about this strange place. The process is peaceful, but you might have attracted more enemies……”

“…… What you say isn’t wrong, but…..”

“There is no BUTT! Before the situation is made clear, the conclusion is always more important than the process.” Sue straightened her body: “Looks like the curse is done, I’ll bring him over.”

The magic formation faded away slowly, and Slane’s binding magic also waned.

The Mana Weakening and evil curses worked.

Sue took out her broom and flew straight over, grabbed his collar and raised him up.

The events happened so quickly that Slane could not respond and felt like he had experienced a surreal event. He had not even grasp the situation and had seemed to have become a victim. Until Sue threw him down with all the merfolks surrounding him with weapons, did he realize that the situation seemed to be bad for him.

“I had always thought that the merfolks are a peaceful race?!” Slane looked around him and finally stopped at the merfolk team leader: “May I ask, what exactly do you mean by your actions?”

“Erm……” The merfolk team leader was in awkward position. He had never acted as a villain before. What should he had done in this situation when he was in the wrong?!

When he wondered what to say, Fedrus had been alarmed by the magic formation and finished his meal quickly, wagging his tail to look at what the fuss was all about, and quickly noticed Slane who was surrounded by everyone……

“Ah!!!” Fedrus eyes went wide, and shouted in disbelief, as though he had seen a ghost.

Everyone turned their heads around, and Slane also looked at the commotions. A pair of sharp ears with a fluffy tail……. Even though he had been bullied by him for a few days, this was the first time he saw the wolf boy.

“…… You mean to tell me that you caught me so that you can help this wolf brat play pranks on me?!” Slane’s lips twitched repeatedly, unable to believe his ridiculous guess.

“…… You’re overthinking.” Sue’s lips also twitched. She was not that lame.

But the most shocking thing happened. Fedrus did not make fun of his plight but his big eyes started to tear up instead. Slane started to feel creep out by his passionate gaze, and wanted to say something before the little wolf boy rushed over straight into his arms with an excited tail, sobbing and rubbing his head against him: “Uncle Slane—”

The clinks and clanks could be heard as all the merfolks’ weapons dropped to the ground with everyone’s jaw dropping down.

[Oh my god……] Sue turned her head away with a horrified expression, and happened to witness the merfolk team leader who looked like he had amnesia.

The other merfolks who did not know Fedrus, could not understand why a wolf boy was crying and hugging a human bard. Slane was not stupid, and hearing the chibi’s voice made him realize a possibility. He tore him off and asked emotionally: “Fedrus?!”

“Yes.” The little prince took off his disguise and turned back into the cute charming little prince while he grabbed Slane’s sleeves with one hand, while wiping his tears away: “Uncle Slane, uncle Slane……”

He finally got to see his relative……

Slane was also immensely delighted to see his precious nephew. That damned little wolf brat that he cursed for the past few days?! No, no, that was an adorable boy, and not some feral child.

Sue was also mired in emotions too. She really did not expect an ally to appear, and who would have thought that the black-hearted queen actually sent his younger brother out to this god forsaken forest?!

The merfolks were dreadfully embarrassed and they were not as thick-skinned as Sue.

“Uhh, haha…… It was a misunderstanding……”

Slane glared at them.

[This bunch of bastards are really cruel. They would have tortured me till my death if it’s not for my precious little nephew who came out…… Don’t think I can’t see the Magical Beasts surrounding me too, they are definitely not just for show……]

He soon discovered that Sue was clapping her hands to erase the evidence around him.

“Alright everyone, you guys are dismissed. It’s late so you should all go back to sleep…… Blackie-bro, thanks for your time, I’ll treat you to a meal once I’m free.”

“Groar—-” The black panther growled at Sue once, and nodded its head before it turned around with a swish of its tail to lead his underlings off the scene.

Sue turned around: “The floor is cold, so don’t keep sitting down. Let’s talk about things over supper?!”

“……” Slane’s facial muscles spasmed a few times: “Don’t you have something else you want to say?!”

“Like what?!” Sue asked sincerely.

“Like how I ended up like this…..” Slane was still hinting to her to give him an explanation.

“Everything was done for the safety of the prince. If there happened to be a sacrifice, it really couldn’t be helped…… But I believe the queen and prince would be moved from your sacrifice and never forget about you.” Sue gave a faked sigh. “Fine! I’ll give you a twenty percent discount on the antidote!”


31 thoughts on “The Strategy to Become Good at Magic – Chapter 71

    1. What is she being so cheap for ? its not like she can carry that money if she returns to the real world and she can make more in the game.. at this point the author is just dragging on the story, all the pieces are set already, carry the f**k ON!


      1. guys…you know this isn´t a game, but another world she´s stuck in?
        Why should she give the precious resources she collected with her hearts blood, for free to some noble who definetly has the money, compared to her, that came with no funds to this world.
        It´s not liek she will stay in the forets forever, after all she got the answer that she probably won´t be able to get back at the moment.

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      2. In this story: Sue is being realistic. Merchants need to get a profit to gain and sustain the losses. Sue just can’t throw and give those items for the sake of benevolence. Remember her settings. She is a foreigner in that world and she finds her ways to live and return back to her real world.

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        1. Only jikuu mahou yes, normally you go to another world through forces far from your reach: Summons linked to Gods, High ranking magic with lots of mana involved and maybe sacrifices of lives, dimensional cracks caused by random events (chaos theory) that are in fact far less likely the cause of Sue’s travel plans rather than gods .


      3. Saving the Prince of a country isn´t making them we her?
        in normal fantasy stories she would get HALF THE KINGDOM, for some usless princess, while SHE actually saved the MOST precious prince.
        You say teh Uncle should be picky about giving her some gold? Who is he? SCAR?


        1. That’s from ur POV and happy ending novels lol She makes a fine escapegoat for the noble mastermind, if she stands out by receiving any kind of reward, all it would take is a little “play” to make her public enemy #1. Why is it easy? Shes too suspicious, any and all events can be linked to her but we know its all coincidences (like how the tiger found the boy in the woods) but dont worry its a happy novel so thats not gonna happen, she will become queen of the world and then somehow still rip people off their gold…for fun. yeah shes cheap.


  1. poor merfolk and slane~
    sue don’t forget to take a money too even though slane is fedrus uncle!! hahaha

    “That damned little wolf brat that he cursed for the past few days?! No, no, that was an adorable boy, and not some feral child.” when slane think this i laughing so hard!!! hahaha lol
    thanks for the chapter XD

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  2. While everyone is stuck on the Butt… I’ll go for the fork. The queen sent his brother… … … Yep, that’s about right, ain’t it… Yeah, no… It’s not Freddy Mercury we’re talking about here!! or any of the others: Brian May, Roger Taylor, John Deacon, Mike Grose, Spike Edney, Barry Mitchell, Doug Bogie


  3. Thanks for translating this series, I’m enjoying it a lot, just wanted to let you know that the link for chapter 42 on the TOC page links to The Amber Sword instead of TSTBGAM.


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