Update progress


1 TAS + 1 TSTBGAM on weekends until further notice.


Long read:

I kind of fell sick since Monday (still coughing and out of breath) and that seriously hurt my progress in quite a number of assignments. There will be 1 chapter of TAS and TSTBGAM on Sat and Sun.

Also, just as I suspected, my group project is up and the deadline for it is 1 month. This particular one is important because I need to stick with my team members closely to ensure that we don’t look different from each other.

So for the near future, I’ll be cutting back on TAS and TSTBGAM until the project is done (any donated chapters will also have to wait). Fortunately, we’re not really at a cliffhanger and I’ll do another mass release 2-3 months later when my term break comes up.


6 thoughts on “Update progress

  1. Thank you for letting us know. Hope everything goes good for you
    Please let us know when your “cutting back” is done haha


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