The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 7 part 1

TL: Finally I’m back with this series. For the fans in this series who cannot remember, I split up the chapters if there is a misunderstanding that’s going to happen. Basically the protagonist will do something that is normal to him, but usually the “NPCs” in this world will have a misunderstanding of him, mostly with the idea that he did something really incredible and amazing.


For the schedule of all the series, it’s going to be a little sporadic. I just sent off a friend going back to her country, and there’s one more to send off on Saturday. After that, I’m going to start working on my art fundamentals for a while, starting next monday. Most likely I will spend my weekdays on drawing + QC my old chapters while I translate chapters on the weekend.

You can expect at the very least 2 more TAS and TGTBGAM chapters on this weekend. I’ll probably finish part 2 of this chapter tomorrow. Or I might go into a frenzy to catch up the chapters that I miss during the studies tomorrow. Depends.


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The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 4 part 1

TL: I know there are fans of this series, so I’m splitting the chapter into two parts so you guys can get it quicker. Typically the format of this series happen in this way. Chaos (the protagonist) go around creating misunderstandings, while the people in this parallel world react in various ways.

So for part 1, it will be about Chaos, part 2 will be the people’s reactions. Future updates of this series will continue this way until the series stop handling the format in this manner.

For now, please enjoy and I’m sorry that it took so long to update this series. Part 2 should come tomorrow.

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The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 3

TL: So here’s something interesting in WN ch3, this battle within the chapter was cut out in the LN version; it was only briefly mentioned in the LN. This kind of means that the QC will be dubious since I can’t compare accuracy. And late Merry Christmas, everyone. I will be finishing up two art assignments hopefully by today, then I will start on TSTBGAM next. Amber Sword will come a bit later (like 2 days later).

Updates will be distributed evenly each week.

Saturday: TSTGBAM
Tuesday: TAS
Thursday: TSTGBAM

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The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 2 (webnovel)

TL: URGH, *coughs blood out*. Reading Japanese is somewhat okay, but translating it? My JP grammar isn’t up to par =X.

Edit: So I’ve gathered enough opinions and considered the poll for a while and I’m going to stick with the webnovel until I get the second volume of the light novel and see if my mind changes about a hybrid version.


Chapter 2 – Adventurer’s guild

Approximately one week passed in real time. I did nothing else but looked at the map and traveled north, and finally reached the capital’s district.

It was painful to do nothing but just travel for one whole week after logging into the game………

I wondered if the traveling time in the MMORPG should be lessened a little.

It was fortunate that I did not feel tired from running, and I ran the whole way (And I ran faster than my usual self). There were a few times that I got attacked by monsters but I did not lose interest in the game. Even so this world was way too big.


I finally reach this district that was surrounded by incredible walls after spending several days like that.

The districts in other games are filled up with approximately 100 people or so even if they are as vast as the one here, but the magnitude of people was completely different in ‘Another World’.

At the very least when I consider the scope, there has to be at least 3-4000 people here in this district alone.

In order to display a lifelike city, the area is filled with many NPCs, and the AI NPCs are taking complex actions to run businesses and live their daily livelihood. I feel like I need to bow my head down in respect to the game developers.

This district —— is mostly comprised of Meldor’s weapon shops and armor shops. I plan to stop by them for a short while to level up and arrange my equipment later on.

I need to change my shirt and my crappy staff to something stronger.

The first thing that I did is to head to the adventurer’s guild. This game is no different from the others where one would exchange money from the monsters that he defeated.

Due to that, there are quests to hunt special monsters, or harvest specific items and various other requests to get a reward. It should definitely be possible to sell the monsters’ drops.

In addition to accepting quests directly from people, one is able to accept them from the adventurer’s guild too. It is more efficient to earn money from the adventurer’s guild because quests were plentiful there.

………. So written in the Strategy Guide in Wiki.

The adventurer’s guild is beside the inn. When I enter the guild I see a few muscular men inside. There are three male receptionists writing on papers on top of the desk. There is no female presence at all, and certainly appears to be a sordid place.

“What should I do to receive a quest?”

I ask one of the male receptionist who was working. He takes a glance at me and retrieves a piece of paper and points with his finger.

“First you need to register with the adventurer’s guild. Write your details here.”

But when I look at the paper I am unable to read it. It is most likely a language unique in the game, and perhaps considered as a peculiar highlight in this game’s world.

A mania might try to immediately figure what it means, but I am unable to do something like that.

But I should try to fill in my name and age since it’s the sake for my registration.

“Are you perhaps unable to read?”

The man who spoke was shaking his head. I personally thought that the majority of the players would not be able to read the alphabets here.

“Then tell me your name and age, as well as your skills —- The skills that you can use. Be it a sword or bow, anything that you are good in will be fine. Do you have a usable skill?”

Do I need to fill in my profession? As a magician I should answer that I can use magic and that should be fine right?

“My name is Chaos. Age is 16. My specialty is magic.”

“Hoh~ Magic huh~”

He looked at me as if he was appraising something. Did I say something wrong?

“Well that’s fine.The guild will issue you an identity card tomorrow. Please be careful not to lose it as they will be a penalty. When you apply for a quest you can ask from me or the other guys in the guild. You can’t read the quests that are pasted on the board right? Do you have any other questions?”

The process was quickly over with an anti-climax.

Hmm, the first thing that I want is money. It is fine to apply for quests, but since I’m here I wonder if I can sell the monster drops. There is a certain drop rate from the monsters’ corpses that are defeated. When I take the items, they are automatically taken away and stacked in my inventory.

For example the wolves that I encountered a while ago ——- Their hides that were supposed to be skinned, I didn’t need to do that with a knife and skin them one by one.

“Where can I sell the hides of the forest wolves that I had defeated?”

“Ahh, you can sell them here. Let me see them.”

I took 50 fur hides from my inventory out.

There were taken from the forest wolves that I had encountered in groups along my way here.

The receptionist appeared to be shocked. Are there too many fur hides?

Latest game pic 2

But his expression returns back to normal, and takes the hides onto his hand and studies them carefully.

“These are some quality hides, hmm. With this level of quality and quantity, I’ll give you ten silver—- no, 15 silver coins. You’re actually pretty good.”

The male receptionist grinned.

“You just came to this district right? The lodging fees are cheaper even for those who recently joined the guild. The money you received is more than enough for you to get a good room. Right, for the next question, do you want to take up a quest?”

“Please give me one.”

“Then how about taking down the killer bees at the river bank? When you travel to the river in the east side you can quickly see them gathering there. Also, there are some medicinal herbs that grow there at the very end of the river bank. Ah, take this sample and look at it so you know what it looks like. If the quality of the herbs you gathered is good, the rewards will go up.”


I leave the sample behind in the guild, and go to the weapon and armor stores first before doing the quest. I buy a magician’s staff and a mantle and equip them.

I chose a staff which raised [Intelligence] and a mantle that increased [physique].

There are many varieties that increased different stats or mixed stats in the store when I looked at them for the first time, but I was careful in choosing them.

Now then, I’ll quickly set off to do the quest.



*Viewpoint change*

Meldor’s adventurer’s guild. Carlo was battling against the papers as usual. He was an adventurer who retired five years ago, and had picked up the job as a receptionist in the adventurer’s guild with his achievements, but he did not have much affinity with paperwork.

He was facing the tedious paperwork today once again.

Right at that time —– A strange youth visited the guild.

A youth with black hair appeared. He was dressed like any other youths but Carlo had lived in the capital for a long time and had no impression of him at all. He was most likely a young man who came from the nearby village in hopes of becoming an adventurer.

But he was dressed too lightly and Carlo was bothered by it. The nearby village required at least two days to reach the capital, and he should have at least have some luggage with him. Did he take a merchant’s caravan by chance and came here —- He thought and tried to answer his own question.

As expected, the youth was a newcomer who wanted to be an adventurer.

But when the paper and pen was passed over to him, he did not write on it.

It looked like he was unable to read. The literacy rate in this kingdom was not very high. It was one of the receptionist job to write on someone’s behalf, and so Carlo began his usual task of writing for them. He asked for the youth’s name, age and skills.

It was important to ask for an accurate report for skills. The adventurers would reference and assess these things when they formed a party.

Well, there were many newcomers who pretended to have different skills. When that happened they were going to learn a painful lesson.

And that’s when the youth said this. ——— My speciality is magic.

Carlo looked at the youth again. He did not have a sword or bow, and he did not look particularly strong, so there was a possibility that he could use it. But to use magic, one would have to know how to read books about magic and it was a given to improve their knowledge that way. It was impossible to not know how to write or read.

He considered that the youth was from some other country, but it did not explain his light equipment. No matter how he looked at him, the impression was mismatched.

He should let this slide first—– Then he started to explain to the youth about the criminal list and guild’s blacklist and the investigation’s procedures. (暫く泳がせてみるか――あとで犯罪者リストやギルドのブラックリストを調べようと考えつつ、彼に説明していく。 Unsure if this TL is correct.)

When he finished explaining, the youth asked if he could sell the forest wolves’ hides here.

Beyond the subjugation of the magical creatures and their proof of victory, there were also weapons, armor, herbs and various other things that were requested along from the quest. The adventurer’s guild would buy these things as a result.

It was not impossible for an amateur to be able to defeat a single forest wolf. However, forest wolves hunt in a pack. One cannot make light of that.

Yet the youth took out 50 hides, a number that was significantly beyond his expectations, and they did not appear to be old. These were probably recently skinned.

He couldn’t have fought 50 of them right—

He stole them or something—- No, this was still an impossible number.

There was never a time where such a large number of hides were taken from the wolves that reside deep within the forest. Just where exactly did he get these hides?

As his questions sprang up, the youth’s distrustful eyes looked at him, and he started to appraise the hide carefully.

Each of the fur hides were carefully skinned—- And it was rare to see such careful workmanship. The quality was comparable to a specialist who worked in this field, and one might even say that a master huntsman was the one who skinned them.

At the very least, when he was still an active adventurer, he did not have the confidence to do something like this.

There were adventurers who had the ability to subjugate the monsters, but were horrible at removing their hides. And if the creatures were hurt too much in the process, there were cases where the adventurer guild did not buy the damaged hides.

A merchant would spend a great deal of money to buy them with this level of quality.

Perhaps if this youth did this all on his own —- He would be an extraordinary rookie. No, he would completely surpass the level of a newcomer.

Even though there were many things that he did not understand, he involuntarily admired the youth. He ought to have an appropriate judgment for this transaction. And thus the guild receptionist Carlo chose to be fair in his appraisal.

After he passed the silver coins to the youth —– Chaos requested for a quest.

Carlo considered carefully. It was undeserving of him to receive a quest for a newcomer. If that was the case he would test his strength out with a quest that was a little harder.

Killer bees were fierce insect type magical creatures the size of a human’s infants. Their quick movements and their lunging stings easily hurt newcomers, and it was a magical creature where a newcomer would find their limits. If Chaos had real capabilities, then he would have no problems finishing it.

Even though there were many suspicious points remaining, his heart danced a little when he remembered the time when was an adventurer, and had great expectations for the rookie.