The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 7 part 2

TL: I was playing overwatch the whole day yesterday… Mainly because I was trying to break the 2000 points barrier. I got 1997 points and it hovered around there for a while before I dropped to 1800s. Simply mortifying to be honest. I am now seeking for pros to carry me above 2000 points so that I can sate my OCD. (cough)

I’ll be heading off later to send my friend off at the airport.

Chapter isn’t QCed. Please report Engrish mistakes.


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The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 7 part 1

TL: Finally I’m back with this series. For the fans in this series who cannot remember, I split up the chapters if there is a misunderstanding that’s going to happen. Basically the protagonist will do something that is normal to him, but usually the “NPCs” in this world will have a misunderstanding of him, mostly with the idea that he did something really incredible and amazing.


For the schedule of all the series, it’s going to be a little sporadic. I just sent off a friend going back to her country, and there’s one more to send off on Saturday. After that, I’m going to start working on my art fundamentals for a while, starting next monday. Most likely I will spend my weekdays on drawing + QC my old chapters while I translate chapters on the weekend.

You can expect at the very least 2 more TAS and TGTBGAM chapters on this weekend. I’ll probably finish part 2 of this chapter tomorrow. Or I might go into a frenzy to catch up the chapters that I miss during the studies tomorrow. Depends.


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