The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess – Chapter 8

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Also, rape attempt in this chapter. It kind of surprised me but I shouldn’t be given the wolves in the book, hah…..




Chapter 8 – The prince, the bride, and the secret of the royal family.


Mianna was agonizing over the paper in her hands.

This letter from the first prince, Shuudel, was delivered to her and it had a perfectly fitting handwriting that was very like him.

At first, she thought that it was an invitation that was sent out to all the bride candidates, but Mianna frowned upon opening it and realized it was the prince’s own handwriting.

And then, upon reading the contents, her face became even more serious.

It was written like so:

[Tonight, I will tell you the secret of the royal family. I will pick you up after dinner. Please be prepared.]

Shuudel’s signature was carefully placed. No matter how she looked at it, the letter was strange. Rather than a letter, it was a trap to lure someone out.

[The royal family’s secret….. Why would he send this message to me?]

Could it possibly be her uncle, the prime minister, who did something needless…… For the sake of her, he requested the air of the first prince to do something while the latter read the situation wrongly.

For example, putting her into the intelligence department with his aid. Or perhaps wanting to have her knowledge of the bride candidates.

[Well, I can’t turn down the direct invitation of the prince. I’m also interested in the royal family’s secret…… Especially, the golden pupper’s secret, huh.]

Mianna was interested in the golden dog which appeared only before Sara.

For some reason, it felt questionable.

And speaking of questionable, it was that womanizing Reidrick. He seemed to be interested in Sara Griosta.

He had barged into the social exchange between Prince Shuudel and the bride candidates today and led her away. He then revealed to her about rearing a wolf.

But overhearing the definite details of their conversation was affected by Prince Shuudel’s voice from time to time, and she could not follow them from behind.

[The royal family’s wolf that only meets with Sara, where prince Reidrick is the owner, hmm. I have never heard of a golden wolf…… other than the legend itself—]

Did he rear a golden dog and passed it off a wolf related to the legendary tale?

That itself was a strange story.

If they wanted to use it as a symbol of the royal family, they would choose a dog that would appeal more to the public.

[In any case, I have to figure out what Prince Shuudel wants to get from me.]

She took out a perfumed letter —


『I’m delighted by your invitation. Well then, I will be waiting for you.』


She wrote back to Shuudel.


Prince Shuudel who received the reply kissed the letter gently. He put up a smile on his lips that Mianna did not know of. (TL: Another 変态绅士 prince.)

If she knew what the prince’s intention was, she would have fled the palace right away by a passageway that she had discovered a few days ago.

Even though it seemed like she knew the prince well, the truth was that the 16-year-old Mianna did not.



[Lady Mianna, over here please.] (Maid)

[Thank you.] (Mianna)


The people who came to pick her up was a maid that Mianna remembered, as well as the patrolling knights. She did not become vigilant and accepted to be led away.

She was sent to a nearby private room where the Prince Shuudel welcomed her. That was the first moment where she was surprised and became alert.

[Welcome, Lady Mianna. I enjoyed talking with you in the daytime.] (Shuudel)

The elegant prince with golden hair and bluish-purple eyes spoke with a smile while he took Mianna’s hand. Even though his charm was not at Reidrick’s level, it was enough for ladies to flush red if they met with the prince.

[Well now, come over here please.] (Shuudel)

[Erm……] (Mianna)

Mianna hesitated when she saw the maids and knights bow and leave.

[From here onwards, this will be a private place and the people who can enter here are limited.] (Shuudel)

[….. In that case, someone like me would be—] (Mianna)

[It would be fine if it’s you. I decided so.] (Shuudel)

In order to emphasize his words, he grasped Mianna’s hand firmly and invited her.

『It seems like he’s not interested in letting my hand go, hmm.』

Mianna looked at Shuudel’s hand with a fleeting glance. It was a hand that had prominently set bones, and his grip was strong. The prince had constantly practiced with his sword and was at the level that he could protect himself.

Mianna thought it would be difficult to shake him off.

Somehow the feeling was unpleasant.

Perhaps it would be good to escape from the place by saying that she was feeling sick.

But when she tried to open her mouth, she was shocked to find Prince Shuudel pulling her in and hugging her waist.

She tried to rebuke his impolite behavior, but before she could to do so, Shuudel moved his face close to her ears so that his lips touched her ear and spoke into it.

[There’s something that can only be seen by the royal family members inside…… Lady Mianna. If you run away from this opportunity, there will be information that you can’t get.] (Shuudel)

[!] (Mianna)

It seemed like it was because of her uncle’s unnecessary introduction.

(It seems like I’m going to become the prince’s pawn. Very well, I’m not interested in the role of a bride candidate, but it seems fun to dig information about the royal family as a future intelligence officer for the kingdom.)

She whispered back to the prince’s ear which was very near her.

[Am I suitable person to know the secret?] (Mianna)

[…… Lady Mianna, I am buying your company for a fairly big price.] (Shuudel)

(I see, he’s closing in the distance rapidly because of that.)

[Prince Shuudel, you’re friends with me this time, then are you trying to become friends with Lady Sara too?] (Mianna)

Shuudel laughter slipped out.

[I don’t have the intention of bothering Lady Sara in the slightest. Please be at ease, lady-who-thinks-for-her-friends.]

(Well, since Sara is not harmed, I’ll jump on the bandwagon.)

[I understand. Then, I think I would like to participate in the invitation.] (Mianna)

[I’m glad….. Then, let us go there.] (Shuudel)

The door was pushed in, and Mianna’s feet stepped the place where the royal family had a secret.

Mianna looked at Shuudel’s purplish blue eyes, but she did not notice that he was looking at her like a wolf looking at a prey.



The walls of the house were decorated with plenty of pictures. Their locations were roughly at the height of one’s gaze. Big portraits were lined side by side, and she saw plenty of different people.

[These are the portraits of the past royal family members.] (Shuudel)

[Indeed. It looks like there are a lot of older frames.] (Mianna)

As a result of going in further, she saw the past royal family members.

Shuudel wrapped his arm around her waist and led her deeper and deeper into the large house.

While she felt uncomfortable, she thought she could not escape anymore.

Shuudel stopped in front of a different picture.

[Yes, this was the past emperor from quite a long time ago. So, you know him as well right? He’s the Golden Wolf Emperor. This is his portrait as a golden wolf.] (Shuudel)

[…… This is, the golden wolf……] (Mianna)

There was a figure of a fearless wolf with golden eyes and golden coat of fur.

[He really changed into the form of a wolf.]

[Yes. It was not just a legend, the emperor truly held incredible strength. And,] (Shuudel)

Shuudel pointed at a portrait that was covered with a cloth.

[That’s the human figure of the Golden Wolf Emperor.] (Shuudel)

The prince removed the cloth while speaking to Mianna.

[…… This is—!] (Mianna)

Mianna unexpectedly raised her voice and looked at Shuudel.

[The Golden Wolf Emperor.] (Shuudel)

[But this person is……] (Mianna)

Did he not look like prince Reidrick?

Golden hair, golden eyes, and a body filled with solid muscles that were covered with the royal family’s attire. The Golden Wolf Emperor looked like Reidrick.

[My uncle has splendidly returned to how our ancestor appeared to be.] (Shuudel)

[But to look entirely like him…… It can’t be.] (Mianna)

Mianna’s eyes moved back to the wolf portrait.

[The golden pupper from the royal family…… That appears only at night and only before Sara…… Eh? Come to think of it, his majesty’s younger brother disappears every night too……] (Mianna)

[This is the important secret that is only known to the royalty and to the selected few, my lady.] (Shuudel)

(Indeed. If he is so alike to the legendary emperor, and can even turn as a golden wolf.)

Mianna thought to herself.

Rather than Prince Reidrick, the outcries might be King Reidrick instead. The peaceful state of affairs might be thrown into confusion. People might advocate for that.

This was a secret that must never be leaked out. Mianna’s body trembled and trembled even more.

[I understand the special nature of this information. I will never leak this secret.] (Mianna)

[I thought you would understand, lady Mianna.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel placed her finger on her lips.

[Protect the secret, and then become part of the portraits on the wall.] (Shuudel)

[……. Huh?] (Mianna)

Mianna asked without an unadulterated face before she knew it.

[Erm, what did you say? I’m supposed to work for the royal family….. that should be the case, right?] (Mianna)

[Yes. As a member of the royal family. I would like you to do public relations with me by my side.] (Shuudel)

[…. Ehh, no, wait, ehhhhh, hyannn—] (Mianna)

Mianna withdrew her hand in a panic when Shuudel licked it.

[Wha, sto, wait, just wait a moment,] (Mianna)

[Become my bride and give birth to my child, Mianna. I will love you my whole life.] (Shuudel) (TL: All the time using Boku too.)

Mianna fell into a panic when she looked at Shuudel’s eyes that were filled with desire while he smiled.

(Who the heck is this? What happened to the earnest and diligent-looking prince? Suddenly licking someone’s hand and talking about giving birth to his child like some kind of sleep-talk, what the heck is this?)

[You’re, someone impersonating the prince right!?] (Mianna)

Shuudel blew out his breath with a laughing snort.

[What are you talking about? I’m the real article, prince Shuudel. I have decided that you are my future queen.] (Shuudel)

[I won’t! I won’t do it! I, would never—] (Mianna)

[Well, why did you come here? You can’t run away now because I don’t have the freedom to allow you to refuse.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel tightly hugged Mianna who tried to escape.

[Are you scared? How cute—] (Shuudel)

[Wait, you have made a mistake! I’m the right person to be a female intelligence officer, and I don’t have the qualifications to be a queen, and in the first place why is it me!?] (Mianna)

[Hmm— you wish to know? Well, I’ll tell you then, okay?] (Shuudel)

Shuudel hugged her waist in order to have her face him while he rubbed against Mianna’s head.

[You were really cute in your maid dress.] (Shuudel)

[Eeek!?] (Mianna)

Mianna let out a voice that was not ladylike.

[I thought you were cute trying to pretend to be a maid with a prim and proper expression. Do you know I was always looking at you all the time….. When I realized I was doing that, I became fond of you.] (Shuudel)

[Wait, I was properly disguised,] (Mianna)

[Haha, you disguised yourself, hmm, but I knowww it clearly. Because, you have a pair of sparkling silver eyes.] (Shuudel)

He dropped a little kiss on her eyelids.

[A small and pointed nose.] (Shuudel)

A tiny kiss on the tip of her nose.

[And cute pink lips that looked like fruits that I want to eat.] (Shuudel)

A soft kiss on her lips.

[And I want to nibble this adorable ear.] (Shuudel)

A nibbling kiss on her ear.

[You understand it clearly now, don’t you think, Mianna?] (Shuudel)

[Eeeeeek, not my ear, stop~~~] (Mianna)

Mianna complained with tears in her eyes when Shuudel met his lips to her ear while licking it.

[Oh? Does your ear feel good?] (Shuudel)

[No, stop ittt, I said stop, aahn~] (Mianna)

Shuudel’s lips slipped down to her neck.

[Thanks to you I began thinking about you all day long. So, in order to take responsibility, why don’t you become mine?]

Shuudel buried his head in her chest and began sucking hard on her white skin and left a mark on it.

[S-stop, stop doing strange things—] (Mianna)

Mianna struggled violently to escape from Shuudel’s grasp and escaped from that place. Her legs got entangled and she fell.

Shuudel looked at her back from behind while smile as if to say ‘well, well.’

[Mianna, did you hurt yourself on the floor?] (Shuudel)

[Kyaaaa, get away from me, don’t come near me.] (Mianna)

[Here, you’re a good girl, it’s not scary.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel lifted Mianna up with amazing agility and lightly carried her into the center of the room, approached the sofa, and laid her down.

[Well then Mianna, become mine now, okay?] (Shuudel)

[N-no, stop! Help me, uncle, help me, uncle!!] (Mianna)

Mianna screamed desperately while holding down Shuudel’s arms which were trying to take off her dress. However, she could not match a man’s strength and in the blink of an eye, two white bulges are revealed.

[Ohh, Mianna, you’re so pretty and cute—] (Shuudel)

[Nooo, nooo–] (Mianna)

Her two hands were pinned down by Shuudel, and the shame of letting her bulges that were unseen by any male made her face turn red.

[Come, Mianna, kiss me. Stick out your tongue.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel skillfully held down her hands with his left hand while his right hand raised her head, and he robbed her lips.

[Nooooooooo-!] (Mianna)

Mianna who was forcibly kissed finally cried out in earnest.

[Hiiickk, I don’t want this, waaaah, your highness is an idiot~~~ I hate you!] (Mianna)

[M-Mianna,] (Shuudel)

Shuudel’s face for some reason turned red when he saw her crying.

[What is this gap. You’re so forceful normally but you’re crying so openly like a little kid……. What is this, you’re just too adorable.] (Shuudel)

[Idiottt, hate you, I really hate you!] (Mianna)

[Scolding me while crying? Wow, this girl is….. No good, I need to make her mine as quickly as possible.] (Shuudel)

[Waaaahh~] (Mianna)

[Oh, you’re so cute! I’m sorry, okay? I’m really sorry. It’s my fault, please don’t cry anymore?] (Shuudel)

[Idiottt, idiot princeee-] (Mianna)

[Yes, yes, I’m an idiot, a really huge fool, so I’m really sorry okay?] (Shuudel)

He carried Mianna over his knees and caused her chest to shake in the process, and he started to humor her.

[Sorry Mianna, please don’t be scared anymore. I won’t do anything. Because I won’t do it anymore, become my bride okay?] (Shuudel)

[No.] (Mianna)

[Why, please don’t say no, look, I won’t do anything scary and become really gentle. So please?] (Shuudel)

[I hate you—] (Mianna)

[Please don’t hate me. Erm, ah, that’s right, I’ll give you anything that you want okay? May I please you instead? A dress? A jewel?] (Shuudel)

[No, I don’t want it.] (Mianna)

Mianna desperately pulled her dress over her chest and glared at Shuudel.

[I absolutely won’t forgive you for this terrible thing that you did! I will tell the queen about this!] (Mianna

[Gahh, please don’t do that! Not that! I’ll get punished—] (Shuudel)

[You need to get punished for doing this much!] (Mianna)

[That’s why I said I’m sorry right? It’s because Mianna is so cute…… Wahh, I’m sorry! Please don’t show such a scary face…… Ahh, that’s right, I’ll give you something good—] (Shuudel)

Shuudel’s hands grabbed onto the writhing Mianna as he spoke.

[Once you become the queen, you will know all the details inside and outside of the kingdom, the nobles relationship with each other, and therefore, you will have your specialized intelligence department, that’s good right! One that belongs directly to the queen!] (Shuudel)

Mianna’s movements suddenly stopped.

[It’s not just Endaria, there would be spies that lurk to other kingdoms and the information will be sent to you. When the information comes from a female’s point of view, there would be a new angle that comes out of it right?] (Shuudel)


[As expected from now onwards it’s information warfare! As assistant to the king, you would be able to give advice once you understand our borders. That’s good right! …… Please?] (Shuudel)

[Well then, we should start training new staff members? Would you like to have female staff too? Please?] (Shuudel)

[…… k ……..]

MIanna gave the tiniest nod.

[I’ll write the directive tonight and have the king’s permission by tomorrow okay?] (Shuudel)

Shuudel had already become a bad adult by trying to deceive a girl with toys. (TL: The moment he planned the attack on Mianna he already became a bad adult, insert tsukkomi.)

[Well then, let’s have a detailed meeting tomorrow, yup. It’s Mianna’s intelligence unit, so they must be properly trained to become a fighting force, yes?] (Shuudel)

Mianna nodded with a red face. She was considerably delighted.

[Mianna is such a good girl.] (Shuudel)

Shuudel kissed her on the cheeks.

Well, that was how it was.

Little by little, the first prince’s bride was decided.


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  1. Shuudel: There’s something that can only be seen by the royal family members inside…

    Mianna: It seems like I’m going to become the prince’s pawn… as a future intelligence officer for the kingdom.

    Err, I swear Miss Spy missed a signal there. Knowing Shuudel’s black-bellied nature, he meant either you become a family member or you die, right?

    He doesn’t wanna kill her so…marriage it is?

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  2. I feel like there is some genetic trait here that is just making these beautiful scary men appear everywhere in that family. Shuudel, for shame! Tricking a child, I mean, lady into a room alone and then taking off her clothes and stealing her innocence.


  3. Shuudel may have ruined Reidricks reputation. What a black belly. He used his brother’s information to tempt his probable partner.Maybe Mianna is just trying to escape in one piece? Or is she really that greedy for her own investigative unit?


  4. Finallyy! Thank you so much for the chapter! But oh, now the prince just approached Mianna, and I wonder why the males in this family fall in love super easy! hahaha! BTW, the way the prince used to trick her to accept his so-called proposal was kinda evil! Oopsss!


  5. Now I would never, ever, promote rape of any kind, but… hot damn! Who knew that our prince was a class 1, level 1, closet pervert. Even more so then Reidrick…I certainly wasn’t expecting that!
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