The Wolf Prince And Ice Princess – Chapter 4

TL: R18 scene in this chapter. Humiliation and wounded dignity included. Possibly painful to read for guys. You have been warned.



Chapter 4 – A wolf? A dog?

The next day’s afternoon, the king and queen, their eldest son Shuudel, His Highness Reidrick and younger brother of the king, plus one additional volunteer (Kite, who was also on good terms with the crown prince Shuudel), started a discussion on the topic of the bride’s candidate in the royal palace.

It was Shuudel’s mother, the queen who was responsible for starting the discussion of “let’s talk about this frankly without holding back—” while having tea.

[Well then,] (Queen)

She said as she gave a charming smile, and looked at everyone’s cup of tea one by one. She was married at the age of 15, gave birth to Shuudel at 16, and was still considered young and beautiful.

(TL: I can’t really tell the difference between the causative/passive voice Japanese grammar because I suck at it. Original text said 16でシューデルを産んだ(産まされた、とも言う)- Which probably means the king caused her to get preggers and give birth? Not sure if it suggests a shotgun marriage.)

[Reidrick, did you meet anyone?] (Queen)

Reidrick who was supposed to a bystander, choked greatly when the queen unexpectedly directed the topic at him. He avoided getting spilled by the hot tea from the teacup by twisting his body while coughing.

[Woah, that was a huge reaction. Reid, are you alright?] (Kite)

Kite who was helpful one way or another, took the cup and patted the suffering Reidrick’s back audibly. This overly helpful behavior which constantly happened with Reidrick, caused gossips between young women with the topic [Is there really nothing strange going on between these two?].

[I’m fine, cough, gasp, not really, so…… Sister-in-law!!! Are we not gathered here to talk about Shuudel?]

She was ascertaining the gossips between Reidrick and Kite at the tea party.

Her appearance was calm and she was not regretting her actions in the least. She was looking at Reidrick with a [I’m worried about your situation, you know?] gentle face.

She covered her mouth with a look of [Oh my, I find it hard to speak about the details with my lips…..]—, as she put this particular rumor to rest in her mind with amusement.

[Well, you are clearly strange from this morning? As your sister-in-law, I’m worried about you—] (Queen)

Hohoho, she laughed.

[It seems that you’re worrying about something by yourself. Now, now, please come and talk to this sister-in-law—] (Queen)

[No, I don’t have anything in particular to talk about.]

Reidrick rejected it while he looked away.

[…… Come on? Who did you fall in love at first sight at the evening party? If you don’t tell us early, it might end up with a struggle with Shuudel? I don’t particularly want to see my younger brother-in-law fighting with my son over this matter.] (Queen)

She cast down her eyes while her hand held a fan and covered over her lips.

Even though Reidrick knows about her sister-in-law’s personality, he was spurred on by his kind heart and was tricked, resembling like a cat that was being played with a toy.

[Sister-in-law! I’m not, that isn’t—] (Reidrick)

The younger brother-in-law was flustered with his words, and the queen mercilessly cornered him.

[So~~~, Who. Is. It?] (Queen)

She shook her fan repeatedly and cast a meaningful eye to her younger brother-in-law.

[As I said before…… Ahhh, seriously—] (Reidrick)

Reidrick was scratching his hair and sighed while sinking all the way down into the sofa. It was no use putting on an act.

It was quite the wonder as to how he managed to look sexy when he sat down in his slovenly pose, and peeked out through his messy hair with his golden eyes.

[Reidrick, it’s useless even if you discharge sex appeal to manipulate me. I’m deeply in love with my husband.] (Queen)

[I know you love me, my cute Rosselli—] (King)

The king also sent a gaze full of sex appeal to his wife who was laughing with a hohoho~ behind her fan.

Perhaps, the royal family had too much pheromones. It would not be strange if the third prince is unable to leave from the first princess no matter how old he was. (TL: I have no idea what いつ歳の離れた第三王子か第一王女ができてもおかしくないな。 means exactly.)

[I say, today’s Reid is like a frustrated wolf acting all ferocious-like. I wonder how many knights he sunk during the morning’s training. The leader was furious because he overdid things.] (Kite)

Kite was thinking about something when he looked at the sight before him. The natural airhead puppy knight did not regard the royal king and queen as opponents, and merely reported that fact while tossing a baked sweet into his mouth.

[…… They just lack training—] (Reidrick)

[Liar. I don’t know why but it’s not good to vent your anger. You’re no longer a kid you know—] (Kite)

[…… Being admonished by you feels strangely insulting.] (Reidrick)

[Haha, that’s because I’m going to be a dad soon! I’m an adult!] (Kite)

Kite’s ears stood up proudly.

[I’m sorry to say this, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this matter—] (Reidrick)

Reidrick stared at the ceiling as he mumbled, and all the other adults watched over him with warm eyes while they thought about his actions at the same time.

『『『He’s lovesick.』』』(The adults)

The 29 years old’s first love leaked out miserably.

[I have just spoken to everyone just a little during yesterday’s party, but I don’t have anyone I’m really interested in……] (Shuudel)

Shuudel said with a calm tone.

[If I have to choose someone, there are two ladies I’m interested in. Mianna Elsette, and Sara Griosta.] (Shuudel)

Perhaps he was caught unprepared, Reidrick’s body stiffened in an instant when he heard the name Sara.

『『『The one he’s interested in is Lady Sara huh.』』』(The adults)

[Lady Mianna has quite the quirky personality. She’s that, hmm, prime minister’s niece and she’s quite cherished by him. Lady Sara is rumored to have a name of『Ice Princess』. Why are you interested in the two?] (King)

[That’s because they are clearly uninterested in me—]

Shuudel gave a small smile at the king’s question.

[Are they uninterested in me or the future queen’s position? They most likely came to came here to maintain their prestige. Well, even though they have piqued my interest, putting marriage aside, I want to mingle with them more and make sure they are suitable as bride candidates.]

[Excuse me. Wow, Uncle!] (Young boy)

The doors to the room were opened and a small boy came in and rushed to Reidrick in delight. He was the second prince Elric who was 6 years old.

[Hey, Elric! Have you finished your studies?] (Reidrick)

Reidrick also got up from the sofa. He received Elric who jumped into his arms and toss the latter into air high up. The muscular Reidrick did not feel Elric was heavy and tossed him up in the air like a ball.

Elric squealed repeatedly and only breathed in the air when he finally touched the ground again. The queen offered him lukewarm tea and he drank it thirstily.

[Uncle, please teach me how to use a sword! I want to become strong too!] (Elric)

[Do you like the sword more than studying?] (Reidrick)

[Yes, I want to become stronger and become like Uncle. Then, I can help my support my elder brother as the younger prince.] (Elric)

His eyes were shining.

[[[And also become sexy and popular too!]]] (Adults)

[Not that—!] (Reidrick)

Reidrick had a sullen face when he heard the adults said that all at the same time.

[Ahh, Elric. Did you know I also studied earnestly while training in the sword? Knowledge is necessary to support the king. Even though it is important to polish sword techniques, you have to receive education as much as you possibly can. That is the obligation as a royal member.] (Reidrick)

[Yes!] (Elric

A young Elric looked up and nodded to his cool and strong Uncle, who was also popular amongst the ladies.

[Also, the condition to be popular with the ladies.] (King)

[That can be forgotten. Stop that. I reject it. Well now, should we go to the afternoon meeting with the bride candidates—]

Reidrick interrupted the king’s words as that kind of education should not be accepted.

[Indeed. Elric, you can do it well even though there are lots of beautiful older sisters right?] (Queen)

[Of course, mother. Is it enough for me to hold hands like what uncle does?] (Elric)

[Elric! Your mother will never hear the end of things from your uncle if you do that, so don’t remember that. It’s enough to smile as a six years old kid.]

The queen hurriedly said as Reidrick’s eyes glinted a little.



That evening.

Reidrick was angry.

The weather was good, so the party was held in the pleasant garden.

He participated in the exchange party as a judge and exchanged pleasantries with the aristocrats’ daughters, while his eyes tracked Sara’s appearance.

She was wearing a fluffy pink dress and was looking at the party from a short distance away, with an expressionless face as usual.

Her soft bulge from her chest that he tasted enough yesterday seemed to peek at Reidrick and invited him.

Of course, there was no such thing happening.

He knew of Sara’s sweet voice, her cute smiling face, and her fingers that touched him gently.

[Lady Sara, good evening.] (Reidrick)

However, an indifferent gaze was placed on him from the boulders in the garden’s corners, in return to his slightly shy voice,

[Good evening.] (Sara)

It was a reply with the lowest acceptable manner, and it was as if she was completely unapproachable.

She was like an expressionless doll with glass-like eyes. It was dyed with a beautiful purple, but it did not hold any love like last night.

That was to be expected; she poured her love for the palace’s huge, adorable puppy, and was completely uninterested in prince Reidrick.

However, Reidrick received a great shock.

Yesterday’s night she looked at him with such a warm gaze.

Now, he was like a piece of rock.

No, from her cold gaze, he was even lower than a rock.

(Me, the prince, being treated worse than a piece of rock!)
(This betrayal!)
(This level of insult!)
(…… Is there any woman who’s as wicked and nasty as her that I ever encountered before? No, none!!!)

Mianna had talked Sara about prince Reidrick many time sbefore, and she held the worst impression of him. His sex appeal also had no influence on her who was not good with men.

Therefore, she wanted nothing to do with him.

Her stance was the same as last night. She did not really betray Reidrick.

Indeed, Reidrick who was in love had a loss in judgment here.

[Lady Sara!] (Reidrick)

The usual Reidrick who treated girls tactfully had disappeared. Driven by strong emotions, he wrapped the pale hand in front of him with his own large hand.

Sara opened her eyes in shock when she saw her hand suddenly grabbed.

[Why do you……. To me to such an extent……] (Reidrick)

(Do you hate me?)

Reidrick’s words were not heard.

[…… What?] (Sara)

Sara was feeling inconvenienced by his actions.

He was a man who had completely no relationship to her, but was approaching her closely with a brooding face.

She was certainly beautiful. There were incidents where men taken by her beauty made advances to her but were rebuffed. The reputation of the『Ice Princess』who never showed a smile, her cold gaze was supposed to turn anyone away.

Sara looked up at Reidrick again.

Golden hair, golden eyes. He was tall, and his muscles were toned.

Was it anger, frustration, and sorrow that came to his entire face?

…… Why was he grabbing her hand with that expression? She could not understand it at all.

[Please release me.] (Sara)

Sara said calmly.

[Please release your hand on me. Even if you are the king’s younger brother, this is too impolite.] (Sara)

(Ah, I see. Because the『Ice princess』is not going crazy over you like the other women, you’re getting angry, huh. This man is completely nauseating!)

Sara thought of that while glaring at him below freezing point, trying to shake off his hand. At that moment—

[Uncle—] (Elric)

A lovely voice rang out. Elric was rushing over in a trot.

[Wow, you’re such a beautiful lady!] (Elric)

Elric’s cheeks were red when he saw his uncle’s hands holding the lady’s hand. Reidrick unintentionally released Sara’s hand when he saw his innocent nephew.

[I am pleased to meet you for the first time. I am Elric, the second prince of Enderia. May I ask this beautiful esteemed older sister her name?] (Elric)

At the boy’s introduction and his slightly tilted head that came after cutely, Sara unexpectedly smiled and curtseyed.

[Certainly. My name is Sara Griosta. I am pleased to meet you.] (Sara)

[Lady Sara. Erm, as the seal of our acquaintance, may I shake your hand? Even though a man is supposed to kiss a lady’s hand in this situation, I am still a kid, so I think it’s better to shake hands.] (Elric)

[Well, I do think it’s an appropriate manner.] (Sara)

[I’m glad! Erm, this might be impolite but may I ask a question?] (Elric)

Sara shook Elric’s little hand as he spoke.

[Is Lady Sara going to be married to my older brother?] (Elric)

Sara gave a troubled smile.

[I’m afraid that isn’t going to happen.] (Sara)

[Yay! Then, then, please marry me, Lady Sara!] (Elric)

Reidrick uttered a strange [Guhaa] sound.

[Eh, erm, huh……] (Sara)

(I’m being proposed to from the second prince…..?)

Mianna who was watching secretly behind the tree’s shadow, was holding her stomach and laughing. Nobody noticed her watching the trio falling into a strange relationship.




Thus, Reidrick was incredibly furious when the party ended.

[You didn’t smile at all towards me, yet you showed such a face to Elric, why did that woman! Getting married to Elric? Seducing such a young child, that witch, evil woman, unforgivable woman!] (Reidrick)

(Damn it, why is the noble me acting like a huge idiot who can’t help himself and act so angry and irritated.)

Sara was certainly right to say to say […… Huh?] at this troublesome man.

He took off his clothes and threw it angrily, turned into a golden wolf and jumped off the balcony.




Well, Sara who did not know Reidrick’s agony, slowly entered a bath and washed away her fatigue. She wore a night gown and dismissed the maids waiting on her.

She went out to the second floor’s balcony and met the evening’s wind.

[I would like to finish this quickly and return home from this farce. It’s time to go back to the forest of monsters once and cut down their numbers. It’s absolutely necessary to do that, and I feel sorry I can’t help out in trimming down their numbers when I’m here.]

Sara who was the aristocrat’s daughter at the borders, was a warrior good at the bow and an important battle force of Illkia.

[I guess yesterday’s puppy wouldn’t be coming. I feel sort of tired. I really want to meet that puppy and get healed.]

She leaned against the balcony’s handrail and looked at the garden.

Thereupon, with her good eyesight, she caught something sparkling as it reflected the moonlight.

[It’s that puppy! That puppy came again! Well, that is such a clever child!]

Sara leaned forward from the balcony and called out to the golden wolf who was not a puppy.

[Puppy! Puppy! Over here! Come here!]

She waved her hands and clicked her tongue.

The wolf who had sharp ears noticed Sara’s voice, and he stared at Sara’s balcony and thought for a while. He suddenly ran out and did a giant leap that a dog would not be able to do and landed on Sara’s balcony.




Reidrick no longer knew what he was doing, and before he realized, he had left the royal palace. He slowly reached the garden and took a stroll.

Somewhere nearby was the building of that outrageous woman. She was not a suitable queen and must never get married with Shuudel. He had to protect Elric from that woman’s demonic hands.

(This is why I’m guarding this place. It’s not because I want to meet that woman and came here for that reason.)
(I’m the proud golden wolf.)

The reflection of a woman’s figure had appeared in Reidric’s golden eyes. He was staring.

His body responded with a hot pulse as his heartbeat skipped once in his heart.

[Sara…… What exactly is she doing tonight?]

That woman is calling out to him.

Puppy, puppy~

That sweet voice echoed in the garden.

It was not something very loud, but it pierced through his ears.

She was also clicking her tongue and waving at him.

『This stupid woman! I’m the proud golden wolf, stop calling me with your tongue clicks! Stop screwing around with me!』

He seemed to freeze in that spot, but he eventually ran out in a dash.

He jumped to the second floor’s balcony. slipped past Sara’s legs and jumped onto the bed.

『Fine, I’ll be under you.』

He looked at Sara as he laid on the bed.

『Woman. You’re different from earlier. You insulted me earlier. Now you made several rude behaviors towards me…..』

[Woooow, puppy, you’re such a sweet kid!]

Sara came to the bed with a full smile, and he was completely flustered.

『Hey wait, woman, why are you, wearing such a thin clothing, hey—!』

She trust her hands at Reidrick’s neck in response to his useless argument, and started to stroke him all over.

[Ahh, I’m healed. This is really such a cute puppy!]

Reidrick was in agony from the pleasure he felt around the giant strokes around his neck.

Her hands eventually reached his defenseless stomach.


[Gaaaahhhh, t,there, hnnnnnnnnnnnnng!]

The right amount of force scratched his stomach, and he felt all his strength leaving his body.

『T-t-this, is, unbearable…….』

[Wow, I feel so good from stroking the puppy’s stomach. This is really the best!]

Once Sara said that she buried her face into Reidrick’s stomach!

She repeatedly rubbed against the shaken Reidrick.

『Wha, h-hey, sto, you! How dare you bury your face into a man’s stomach, such insolence! Ahhhh, I can’t, if you do something like that I can’tttt!』

[Ahaha, it’s such a pleasant smell. Puppy has such a nice scent……]

The golden wolf who took a shower had a pleasant smell on him. Sara sniffed him absentmindedly.

『Stop sniffing me, hey, stop sniffing my stomach!!!』

[Ahh, I’m healed…..]

『Ahhhhh I told you to stop it……. What’s this feeling….. Ahhhh……』

The two were lost in their own world.

Sara who enjoyed the stroking, cuddled the giant wolf who was completely exhausted from the pleasure.

[I love the cute widdle puppy!]

『I…… am…… not…… puppy…..』

[I wonder what’s your name? You don’t have a collar…… Hmm, I have no idea at all.]

Sara scratched Reidrick’s ears gently.

[Wafuun~] Reidrick’s voice leaked out subconsciously.

[Hey, is it okay if I name you? Let me think, hmm, Soru, or something like that. How about it? Is it lovely?]

Sara gently called out Soru.

Reidrick, answered with a woof.


『Damn it I answered that! I-I, what have I…… No, my name’s Reidrick, the king’s younger brother, Enderia’s brave knight! The proud wolf with the Golden Wolf Emperor’s bloodline—』

[Cute Soru!]


His tail was vigrously wagging in delight too!

It seemed like the name Soru was decided.


He was stunned at his own reactions he did not realize subconsciously, and thus, became careless.

[Hey, Soru—]

Sara said while lifting up Reidrick’s hind leg.

[Ah, a boy.]


[That’s an adorable attachement, yup.]


『Whawhawhawhawha, what do, y—, to a, man’s, to that location!』

Reidrick went crazy.

『F-furthermore, calling it, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!』


Reidrick’s pride was completely shaken.


Reidrick hung his head in defeat.

『……. I’m going back……』

Reidrick sluggishly got up on the bed and went to the balcony.

[Oh, you’re going back already huh. Thank you for coming tonight. Come back again, okay?]

Sara chased after him and kissed Reidrick’s forehead.

His tail stood up vertically and his fur stood on end.

He stared at Sara’s face.

『…… Kiss….. I got kissed! Sara, kissed me!』

[Bye, bye, Soru. See you again.]

Reidrick’s heart was in confusion and did not understand what was happening.

Before he knew it, he licked Sara’s lips and caused a gleeful [Kyaa], and he jumped down from the balcony and dashed back to his own room at full speed.

[I got kissed! Sara kissed me!]



He returned to his own room in a human figure, and simply laid down in his bed naked.

He was happy over the kiss.


He remembered it.

『Adorable~』She said.

[Calling it adorable, she did. I have never heard of such humiliating words till now.]

He was grabbing his thing which was completely excited from Sara’s actions.

[No, this is absolutely not an adorable size! I have been told that it was『magnificent』or 『huge』or『amazing』, and that shouldn’t be lies…… probably……]

He described it in order to protect his shaken dignity.

It was indeed splendid.

[That’s an adorable attachement, yup.] (Sara)

Her face came up again. Pink lips. Pale skin.

Reidrick imagined himself pushing his thing into her imaginary lips.

『If it’s so adorable, try putting this inside your mouth!』

『Here, take it deep in. If you think it’s cute, then don’t block it with your teeth and suck it when it’s deep inside your throat.』

『Sara, it’s no good if you cry. Firmly hold it in and lick it well. That’s right, try and constrict my thing well!』

Sara in his delusions desparately tried to take his thing and hold it in.

Tears spilled from her eyes as her cheeks were flushed red, exciting his sadistic heart with her expressions.

『Nooo, I’m sorry, please forgive me, Reidrick, please—』

[No, I won’t forgive you. You’re mine, take it and drink it. Sara, Sara, ahhh, coming!]

Reidrick’s body arched backwards.

He was breathing wildly and erratically on his bed.

[…….. What am I doing……]

He looked at his filthy hands stained with white stick stuff as he groaned loudly.

[Grrrrrooooh, I’m the lowest! I’m the lowest shittiest dog!]

That night, the howls of a wolf could be heard within the royal palace.

Reidrick, 29 years old, an age for a man at the height of his puberty.




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    Second translation question: いつ歳の離れた第三王子か第一王女ができてもおかしくないな。 Refers to the fact that they are so obviously in love that it wouldn’t be surprising if they made a 3rd prince or a first princess any day now.

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