The Wolf Prince and the Ice Princess – Chapter 3

TL: Hm, the next chapter appears to be even longer than normal. Yeah. As a reminder, This is a R18 series.

Chapter 3 – The Prince’s true form, the Face Beneath the Ice.


[I feel terrible. I’m going to go get some air.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick absentmindedly whispered to Kite who was gulping down food in the corner of the ballroom. It seemed like Prince Charming’s pride was hurt.

[Woah, you really look terrible! I can feel your face in a Gaaah— mode. Are you alright?] (Kite)

Kite drank his wine in a good mood while completely missing out on Reidrick’s particular manly heart.

[Do you want to drink wine in the stead of medicine?] (Kite)

[I’ll be well if I rest a little.] (Reidrick)

Reidrick informed Kite and entered the room which was a short distance from the night hall.

Any woman before him would be unable to resist his charm, waver and fall for him as a result of desiring him. Reidrick who was accustomed to that, received a piercing trauma by Sara’s rejection and felt a greater shock than he thought.

[Really, that was the worst woman. I can’t let that woman close to Shuu.]

He undressed himself with an irritated expression in the dark room. His coat, shirt, pants and even his underwear were all thrown onto the sofa and he eventually exposed his rugged body completely.

The toned muscles that had been forged by the daily training, were made on a body of a beautiful and manly line loved by the beautiful goddess, and added a wild taste to his slender and well- proportioned back on his tall noble self.

He basked his naked self in the moonlight, cast his eyes down and his body trembled.

Then, an astonishing thing happened to his body as he was covered in a certain dim glow, covered in golden light. His body was no longer there, and was replaced by a huge body with a coat of golden fur; a splendid wolf was standing there.

Even though he was a wolf, his figure was different from gray wolves.

He was covered with a full coat of golden fur and looked as though it was combed finely till it shone, and his golden eyes glimmered with a streak of intelligence that did not resemble a beast.

The golden wolf went out to the veranda, and proceeded to the royal garden and entered it.

He breathed in the night’s strange air which was slightly exposed to the women’s perfumes. The scents from the flowers, grass, trees and earth helped to gently heal his nose from the fragrances that assaulted him.

He leisurely walked in the garden and calmed his heart down.

He was a werewolf just like his ancestor, the same as the legendary emperor who could transform into a wolf.

However, only a few people know this.

In this era, transforming into a wolf, furthermore a huge wolf like the Golden Wolf Emperor, could quite likely shake the stable Endaria. There were many ambitious families in the kingdom who aimed to suck at this sweet nectar. These people would seek to elevate Reidrick to such a high position like bees gathering irresistibly to a flower.

Even though he had a bit of excessive pheromones, he had received a solid education and respected his elder brother as a king, and supported him on the military side wihout sparing anything.
As he felt sufficiently calmed down in his wolf form and about the return to the building, he sensed a single woman coming towards him from the ballroom.

Witnessing the appearance of a huge wolf, be it a fearsome beast or a demonic creature’s transformation, would be certain to cause a scream, surely.

Although Reidrick wanted to leave the place, when he sensed the person who came was the Ice Princess, his footsteps stopped.

『The expressionless Ice-like princess’s appearance huh. If a wolf appears in the garden, surely I would get to see a different kind face from the Ice Princess?』

Reidrick started to feel a mean-streak in him, and thought about threatening Sara a little.



Sara was tired of the evening party.

She who had been raised on the frontier was someone who differed from her appearance. She was considerably active and fond of riding on a horse and running through the forest instead of having a dance in the castle.

She had fled from the boisterous party and set foot to the garden alone, taking in the night air deeply into her chest.

At that time, the plants parted with a rustling sound and a golden beast appeared before her.

Reidrick glared at Sara without reservations.

『Come, let me hear your screams, let me see you speak. Is it snow that’s going to come out or an ice pillar?』

Which was it?

It was an innocent smile like a child that spread across Sara’s lips.

[Woooow~, what a lovely doggy! Come, come over here, look, I’m not scary at all—] (TL: まあああっ, わんちゃんでしょう!)

『…… Haaah? Doggy, you said? This woman, what the heck are you saying!?』

It was Reidrick, who froze on the spot.

Sara bent her waist and extended her right hand out to Reidrick’s direction and made a ‘chuu, chuu, chuu’ sound with her tongue.

[Come over here, come over here—]

Chuu, chuu, chuu~

She tilted her head while saying [it’s not scary] and called out gently to Reidrick.

She was beautiful from the very start, and when she smiled, her destructive powers were extraordinary.

Reidrick fell into a state of confusion.

[Doggy, d—oggy. Ufufu, you’re so big and fluffy, you’re sooo cute. Are you the royal family’s kid? As expected of a royal palace’s dog, your fur is so bushy and shiny, such a splendid doggy! Hey, cover over here, come here you good little puppy, chuu—]

Chuu, chuu, chuu~

『Wha, wha, good little puppy!? Such humiliation, such humiliation! …… I’m the proud golden wolf and not some puppy dog!』

Reidrick was so angry that he trembled…… Yet, he shook his tail subconsciously!

[God damn it, this impudent woman, treating this me like a dog—]

[Yes, yes, slowly come over here, that’s a nice pupper doggy dechuu—]

Chuu, chuu, chuu~

『Stop it with the damned baby talk! And I’m a wolf, I’m not a nice pupper doggy! What kind of mouth do you have to call me, the royal family’s wolf, with your tongue like that, this rude and shameless woman, who would do something like you say……』

Reidrick approached Sara subconsciously!

[Good puppy, good puppy, here, smell me, let’s be friends okay]

Before he knew it, Reidrick’s eyes was on Sara’s small right fist. He alternated his eyes between her fist and face. Sara’s face was a beautiful smile accompanied with a sweet, sweet voice.

[I’m not scary at all, cute doggy. Go ahead and smell me.]

[I— I— don’t order meeeeee! And what’s happening to my tailll!?] (TL: するなああああっ)

His tail was wagging vigorously.

『W-why? I’m, I’m doing something like smelling her……』

He sniffed her thoroughly.

He was sniffing her eagerly and taking in her sweet scent.

And he was even licking her fist!

Sara was delighted to see the cute gigantic dog opening his heart to her.

[That’s a good puppy. Then, be friends with me.]

Sara’s hand stretched out Reidrick’s neck and stroke his beautiful dense coat with a maffumaffu. (TL: マッフマッフ)

Sara’s face and body went closer to Reidrick. Her scent tickled his nose.

[Ufufu, you’re really a splendid doggy—]

Reidrick who was being scratched around his neck with in a maffumaffu fashion, who ecstatically let his body take over in an instant, tried desperately to gather his reasoning. Sara’s hands tickled his wolfish heart, and under that fantastic skill, his head inclined to follow it.

『Stop it! I must stop this thing! I’m the proud golden wolf of the royal family, with women surrounding me…… Aah, why, why is this feeling so damned good!』

Reidrick’s tail was wagging furiously with his tongue loosely hanging out from his mouth.

[Cute cute d—oggy! I feel glad for the first time coming to the palace after meeting you. You know what, I’m staying in the building over there for a while. I want to see you again, if it’s possible I want to meet with you everyday. Hey, do you understand?]

Reidrick who was being hugged by Sara, nodded with a nod of his head against Sara’s head.

[You’re such a cute well-trained doggy! I’m sure everyone calls you cute everyday. I’m glad.]

『No….. It’s the first time I’ve been called cute…… Ever since my birth?』

[Good puppy, I’ll get you something delicious. Say, do you mind waiting here for a while? I’ll be back quickly. Okay?]

Sara leaves the wolf as she said that.

Reidrick felt a part of him had left his body and felt lonely; his inner heart was howling.

[I’ll be back very soon!]

Sara grabbed the hems of her dressed and ran lightly towards the hall.

[What, what is with that display! I can’t even see her feet properly. What a ridiculous tomboy, a lady running with all her might…… No, I’m not waiting, I’m not waiting at all. That woman, that witch, that Ice Witch! Making me feel so good around my neck, it simply cannot be a human technique. I’m not going to be deceived….. Quick, I should leave this place, right now….. Before that woman returns….. Ahhh, why is it, what exactly am I doing!] (TL: あんなに気持ち)

He was doing the 『wait』 command.

Before long, Sara returned to the garden. She smiled happily when she saw Reidrick sitting there obediently. Seeing that smile made him feel warm and sweet feelings gushing out from his chest, and caused him to lose his mind.

[Sorry for the wait, doggy. I brought some delicious snacks.]

Sara’s hands were empty.

Reidrick was tilting his head wondering how she brought the snacks.

Sara, out of all things, thrust her hands into her chest, and brought sweets out from there. (TL: I’m banging my table from laughter)

[Ufufu, in order not to be exposed I carried them there.]

『No wait, you, putting there in the first place is a problem!!!』

When Sara presented the baked sweets, he saw two white full bulges from the dress, and before he could even think properly, he gave a [Wafun] noise.

[Arara, you can’t wait any longer? That’s fine, go ahead and eat them.]

Reidrick sniffed the baked sweets with his excellent nose.

Sara’s scent was pushing away the food’s pleasant smell. Extremely so.

[Here, aaaaa—hn]

She brought the sweets covered in her scent towards Reidrick’s mouth. His head was spinning.

『Aaah please, I can’t take this anymore, this is unbearable……』

Reidrick gulped down the sweets.

Gulping down the sweets with Sara’s scent seemed to continue to burn in his stomach.

[Is it delicious~?]

She asked gently with her head tilted.

『…… You, have plenty……. of problems…….』

[There’s one more—]


[Here, aaaaa—hn-]

In the end he gulped it down.

Sara’s scent had caused him to reach his limits.

He thrust his head to the two bulges where the sweets had been and started licking softly.

[Kyaa, doggy, stop! Were they that delicious? I’m sorry, I could only put in two—]

『True, these full bulges are holding up the dress at its limits, so you can’t fit more sweets into it. But, except, that’s not the problem at all!』

He was about to push down this woman.

While he had this thought, Sara was being tickled and laughing from Reidrick’s licking.

That evening later. Reidrick was soaking himself in cold water while his body burned with after-regret.

[W-why, is that woman, that, that……. Sara…… is so soft and so pleasant to smell at……]

He was licking and licking until Sara said [Grrr! You bad doggy, tsk!!!]. His tongue still felt Sara’s softness when he thought about it…… and became hard.

And he plunged himself into the water again.

[No, no! Doing that humiliating thing to me, treating me like a dog, and scratching gently around my neck…… That woman smiling happily at me, towards the beast me, smiling gently at me like the wind……]

Her gentle voice, with delighted words of ‘cute, cute’, while stroking his wolf form; that beautiful princess with an innocent smile.

Was that Sara’s real self?

And he was the only one who knew about it?

[Sara, Sara…… What exactly should I……]

When he thought about her face, he felt sharp pain in his heart.

He did not know what was happening to him, and worried about by his lonesome self, Endaria’s number one lady-killer.

It had came to Prince Charming. The thing that would happened to the ladies around him.

It visited the 29 years old him.

His first love.


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