The Latest Game is too Amazing – Chapter 10 Part 2

TL: Darn. I lost part of my TL when I did this and needed to retype. Grumble grumble. Anyways, the remaining half is actually short, but I haven’t proofread for grammar/structure flow yet. I’ll do it tomorrow. Now I can finally work on that R18 series I was planning to do for so long.

ETA for next chapter: 2 weeks later.


The Adventurer Guild in the capital Malcott of Kingdom Castaal has high wages as a workplace and quite famous as well.

However, while the wages are high, it is well known that the contents and process of the work are also harsh.

Thirty percent of the kingdom’s population is gathered in the capital. There are many villagers and the poor around the capital who become adventurers, naturally picking up the necessary quests and became quite successful.

The excellent guild staff smoothly handles things and the operations proceed without a problem.

However, the supposedly excellent guild staff had a single problem child in their midst.

[Senpai, I have finished leading the adventurers to their destination!]

The newcomer Nina.

The girl who had chestnut hair in a short-cut style, has a cheerful appearance that matched her personality, and hold an irreplaceable quality of good impression to her surroundings.

But the girl had a deadly blundering side to her.

[Oh, you worked hard. Did you make sure to lead them without mistakes?]

The person who spoke with gratitude was in charge of teaching her was called Maurice.

Even though there was the uneasy feeling of her making a blunder, he was too busy and had to delegate Nina to lead the adventurers to the sewers.

[Yes, I made sure to lead eleven of them to the sewers!]

Eleven — Maurice’s face became stern upon hearing that report.

[You moron! What the hell are you doing!]


Maurice’s knuckles flew over, and Nina held her head down with stars in her eyes.

Maurice took the quest’s written request and thrust it to her.

[The quest stated ten names! Did someone slipped into the group—]

[Ehh, it can’t be!?]

She panickedly look at the papers to confirm Maurice’s words which were nothing but the truth.

[Before you led them did you make sure to call and confirm their names?]

[…… Ahh!]

[Haah…… For now, run over to confirm things. At least try not to screw up in the sewers.]

[Uuu…… I got it—]

[When you come back I’ll lecture you again.]

Nina who was frowning over the matter of entering the sewers, drooped down her disappointed shoulders.

In the underground sewers of the capital, low level monsters like wererats spawn there.

These creatures have a weak threat individually, and it’s quite rare for monsters to amass in numbers, there has to be adventurers who specifically enter the sewers.

That would be the new adventurers who were hired and a quest to let them test out against the wererats in the sewers.

Nina holds on to a lantern while she searches for the adventurers she brought earlier.

After checking near the entrance, the five adventurers she saw passed her checklist.

It seems that the eleventh adventurer is not there.

She summons up her determination and quickly proceeds inwards.

Even though she used a handkerchief as a mask, the rotting smell of a sewer was not lessened.

Her single set of footsteps rang out with an echo in the sewers and caused her to feel anxious, and her tears were combined with the foul smell.

She would pass by wererats from time to time as she entered deeper.

She continued for a while, but she could not see anyone.

In this dark and narrow space, her sense of time was becoming weaker. She started to consider if it was better to wait at the entrance at that moment.

She vaguely saw light in the front.

Finally she found other adventurers.

Her timid feelings began to improve at once, and she ran towards the light.

Even though it was unreasonable she wanted to complain.

As she approached the light, the figure of the person was becoming clearer

At the moment where she wanted to call out, her vision was seized by the sight in front of her.

There was a girl with shabby clothes and men who were hitting her.

Her thoughts froze.

(What was going on?)

It was clear that there were dangerous things happening here.

She needed to call people for help—.


There was an impact to the back of her neck, and she lost consciousness.


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  1. To bad he focuses on this boring amber sword story….. this really needs more chapters translated 😦

    Anyways it’s fun to read and we will see how Chaos rescues her and the misunderstanding continues… xD


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