The Latest Game is too Amazing – Chapter 10 part 1

TL: A reader suggested the capital’s name to change Maukuto to Malcott. This is the unedited version and I haven’t checked for mistakes yet. I got a little too tied up in doing something else. I’ll fix errors later.

Chapter 10 part 1 – Underground sewers

The Royal captital, Malcott—-

The Casstal Kingdom’s capital lives up to its name as it was much bigger in size compared to Meldor.

I wonder what kind of people are living in the castle town that spreads out radially, which is located right in the center of the capital and deemed as a symbol of the kingdom.

As expected, I don’t think there was a million people in the streets, but the path was overflowing with lively people, and I was getting slightly dizzy from the crowded place.

I wonder how much time was needed to create such a huge city. I don’t really know any details about the programs, but it must have taken much time, and I can’t imagine how to go about it.

[I don’t get tired of players even after more than a decade. I can seriously still create another world—]

I remember such a strong statement from the game’s producer from an interview.

He did not lie at all. His company certainly developed a different world in the game.

Isn’t this game amazing when it’s the first VR game in the world?

It’s because the developers in the game are amazing that the game is amazing.

The truth is many MMORPGs have a short lifespan.

It was extremely rare to have long selling games that continued their service for decades.

Some games that have no popularity end their service within a year.

Under the label of ‘developing games’ in magazines, some of them would fade out of the scene due to the development budget dwindling down.

If I think about it, creating such a world — They must have spent a great amount of money to create Another World and aim to be a MMORPG that would last for a long time.

Even if this VR game had no title, it would still become popular anyways.

In fact, the fame of it on the internet is excellent.

[It’s as if I tripped into a real different world], [The degree of freedom is too high, and I’m troubled because there are so many things to do and not enough time.], [The developers are too serious (≧www≦)], [I feel like I have gone out and not returned to reality.], with countless good reactions like that.

That was why the reputation was high for the start of this service.

The closed beta which imposed a current number restriction would be over in a week’s time.

I don’t think it will be extended unless there is a big bug.

After that it will shift into an open beta with no restrictions of the number of people and once the test is over, the official service will start.

Although the official launch date has not been announced yet, perhaps it won’t be too far away.

Putting that aside.

The castle town of Malcott has many narrow streets and it was a certain thing to become lost.

Thanks to the Map Window, I can still know where I am, but if I don’t have that I will lose my whereabouts and be swallowed up by the amount of people.

As I wandered around the with the feelings of sightseeing, I roughly understood how the town is divided. The nobles lived in luxurious mansions near the castle, with another section that has normal looking houses like those in Meldor, as well as another area where the poor seemed to live. There were men in there who seemed to have bad intentions and women who looked like they were prostitutes. (TL: You know…… I’m actually kind of sure that the protagonist is only 15-16. How did he get an adult game www.)

The area where the mansions were built was covered up with walls and guards were placed at the entrance. While I was able to see the inside from the entrance, I could not enter without permission.

Naturally it would not be easy to enter the castle from this area.

Well for some RPGs, there is no friendly king who invites anyone inside to the castle.

If I think about it it’s kind of rare, wait, more like there’s no possibility to it.

Most likely there are quests that needed to be done before one can enter.

I’ll leave that aside for now.

I should quickly accomplish what I came here to do.

First stop is the Item Store.

The highest level of mana and health potions, as well as elixirs were not sold, but other potions are on sale.

I nearly exhausted my supply of health potions on the way here, but fortunately this place sells middle-level Mana and Health Potions

Each one costs one silver coin, and the money I currently have was two gold coins and fifteen silver coins.

It was quite painful to buy twenty of them.

Can I still set up my equipment?

— I am naive.

I moved to the weapon store and the armor store to take a look, and discovered that the selection is better than Meldor, but there were many of them that were too expensive and I couldn’t afford the good items.

I think there is no choice but to stay at the capital and earn money for a while.

I only bought a pair of copper bracelets and leather boots to increase my defense stats, and head to the Adventurer Guild to apply for a quest.

The entrance to the Adventurer Guild had a row of young men and women, adding up to about ten people or so.

They are probably queuing up for the reception.

Perhaps this was the only place in the kingdom where it’s overflowing with adventurers.

There’s no helping it, I suppose I have to queue up at the end of the line.

By the way, the Japanese people are surprised at foreigners who recognized them as people who like orderly behavior to the extent of liking to queue up.

(そういえば日本人は外国人から驚愕するほど統率が取れた行列好きの人種と認識されている。 TL: Sometimes I feel Jap authors like missing punctuation. I’m not sure how to translate this because I don’t know ほど統率が取れた means. Anyone wants to help out)

During the times where a riot or disaster happens, maintaining order and queuing up to receive or distribute goods was something that the world commends on.

Even in MMORPGs, Japanese people also respects order.

For example, if there are quests where there are a limited number of monsters. (TL: Really?)

If queues are made, the quests are effectively dealt with and also prevent interruptions from other players.

Players who interrupt the order are exposed on the internet and treated as a mannerless player and subsequently dealt with as such.

There doesn’t seem to be a sight like this in overseas MMORPGs, and comments like [it’s strange to see Japanese people queuing up in the game], [Are you sure they are not bots?].

Perhaps the overseas people adhered to a first come, first served mentality and would vie for an early queue.

As such, preserving this order become our national character. こうした所にまで秩序を保とうとするのはもはやお国柄としかいいようがない。(TL: I’m not too sure about this line too. Reader T.Y has kindly provided some explanation to this sentence, please go ahead and read the comments section.)

In any case, it does look odd for the guild members queuing up wearing swords and armors.

Also, if I think from the monsters’ point of view, it is disgusting to have the adventurers queuing up the moment to kill them when they appeared.

[It’s about time, right. There are eleven here hmm. Well then, please come with me.]

I think the voice came from a female receptionist.

I wonder if the queue is finally about to move.

The receptionist is leading the adventurers away from the Adventurer Guild.

…… We’re leaving this area?

Maybe because it’s too crowded so the adventurers will be received in another place?

With that, the female lady leads us to the suburbs and enters a stone building. I see, so we’re going to receive our quests here?

In the building, there is a staircase leading down to the basement surrounded with iron bars.

I don’t see any other guild employees.

The lady takes out a key, opens an iron gate, and lead us inside.

[Then please gather back again in two hours.]

Huh, isn’t this a place where the Adventurer Guild receives us?

Could it be that this queue was for something else and not for adventurers to queue up!?

This is bad, what I should do now?

When I think on what to do, the door closes with a ‘kachang’ and the lady left quickly.

……. I can’t do anything about it anymore.

Should I wait for two hours?

But I’m also counted in the queue, and the quest might fail if I don’t do it.

When I check the Event Window  I saw a new quest has been added.

I think I have no choice but to do it.

…… Next time I’ll make sure to check what queue I’m in for.


18 thoughts on “The Latest Game is too Amazing – Chapter 10 part 1

  1. Thank you for the update~!
    about phrase “統率が取れる”, it means “disciplined”, while in negative sentence, 統率が取れない means undisciplined. so, I think your translation is not wrong.

    as for こうした所にまで秩序を保とうとするのはもはやお国柄としかいいようがない。
    it’s a bit difficult to “translate” the nuance of this sentence, since it implied that ‘this characteristic, whether the subject likes/wants it or not, has become part of the subject’s identity’, but since this meaning was implied, not mentioned, so I think your translation is not wrong.
    if you were to translate it as is, it would become “at this stage, ‘let’s protect/maintain the order!’ can be said to have become/can only be said as our national characteristics”

    sorry for not being able to suggest any new translation, since I think your translation is good enough.


    1. That just seems weird. Then again we could just be weird for our lax etiquette and tendency to have complete disregard for morals and basic human decency in video games. How many of us have blown up our friends in a Gta a game, punched a child in the face and turned into a beast to maul a preacher because they were talking to much in skyrim, or have encountered someone who was just generally being a douche while playing an mmo? I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one.


      1. It’s less weird and more utterly disgusting and deplorable. It’s shameful really in so many small things I won’t bother mentioning. Japanese have more self discipline and better manners. Sadly alas games and internet have taught some fascinating things about the human mind. Most notable is the regard of ramifications or the lack thereof. Studies have shown the even the most stupid of shit like even one more button to click, or even a few more seconds of time wasted people are less likely to send bad stuff, talk shit and that sort of thing. Even some visual karma thing that shows one standing goes a long way for pretty much everyone except the ends of the deserving human status to the complete piece of shit scum.


      2. victordourden. Reference your source or don’t mention it at all. Also I feel that the “Self-Discipline” that you are praising is just due to mindless obedience to order that is so ingrained into their very core that it transfers into their leisure time. You may find what people do in games to be atrocious but really it’s just a stress release activity that doesn’t translate into the real world (p.s. Unless your a republican, in which case everything is terrible, think of the children, Global warming is communist propaganda, guns don’t kill people, murder all non-christians etc. Athiests are demons etc.)(p.p.s. Screw you republicans) (p.p.p.s. Not all of you, just the ones who are political)


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I wonder when the devs would notice that there’s something odd about one of their beta testers. Or did they KNOW already?


  3. A lot of Western MMOs I’ve seen allow character clipping, so you go to an NPC and discover that several people are layered on top of each other talking to the NPC at the same time. So queuing is kinda pointless 😛


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