The Latest Game is Too Amazing – Chapter 9 part 1

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Chapter 9 part 1 – The Mansion, the Girl, the Wizard

— This XXX!

A face was distorted to one of fright when he saw the girl in front of his very eyes.

This expression was not limited to just one person, a large number of adults also had their expressions colored with fright.

All of them hurled verbal abuses and violence directed at her.

This was the scene that was displayed in front of her time after time.

—- It’s a scene that I’m tired of seeing of.

Elizabeth’s eyes opened slowly as her dim consciousness started to clear up.

As she got up, she fixed her short hair and tidied her dress, then walked out from the room.

She took the same usual position at the window to look outside from the house.

This was her only daily routine.

Her light blue eyes captured the world outside of this room.

The young girl gazed vaguely at the scenery that did not change.

Even though it was a scenery that did not change in the girl’s eyes, it was the sight of colors changing upon the four seasons.

But she was also tired of looking of the changes.

She looked at the scenery for simply that long.

Although she was unable to touch the world outside, in spite of the world not changing when she looked outside from the house, it was something that she did everyday with the faint hope of discovering something new.

But she had given up.

Therefore her actions were now meaningless, and only done out of habit with the former shell of herself appearing at the window.

If she could leave the house she would have gone outside.

But her body had always been weak and she had never gone outside even once.

She was still unable to leave the house.

This was the reason why she looked outside all day long.

Today’s scenery would continue like it had always been —– The girl thought.

But there was a change in the scenery.

The scenery that had never changed had a foreign something mixed into it.

It was the sight of a single boy.

(That’s —) Elizabeth’s body drew back by reflex.

In her memories, everyone except her father treated her badly.

In order to hide herself she got up from the chair and peeked at the boy’s figure from the shadows.

It looked as if the boy was currently fighting with monsters.

The monsters were a type of undead with decaying bodies, and called zombies.

This area had plenty of zombies which hated the living and bared their fangs at travelers.

The travelers who were killed also joined the undead’s fate.

Therefore travelers avoided this area and was why people were rarely seen in this area. She wondered if the boy did not know that.

However, when she looked closely at the boy she found that he did not have a robust body.

In fact, it was safe to say that he appeared delicate.

If this continued perhaps he would follow the same road like these undead had taken before.

But the powerless girl was unable to leave the house and unable to help him at all, and the only thing she could do was to watch over him.

The zombies rushed at him with large opened mouths.

At that moment she thought he would be eaten by them, arrows of flames were released from the staff that the boy was carrying.

The flaming arrows struck into their mouths and lit their faces on fire. They writhed painfully but continued to move towards the boy.

In the face of that sight, he shot purple lighting many times at the surrounding zombies.

(Is that boy a wizard?) —– She gasped as she did not expect that delicate boy to be so strong.

Even though her father was also a wizard, she had never seen him fight before.

She wondered if wizards were all strong like that boy.

The boy’s actions did not stop there.

At the zombies which did not move any more, that boy touched their bodies and erased them.

It was as if he was taking revenge and did not even want to leave even one speck of dust behind.

(This is bad—) The girl’s alarms were ringing.

It was fine that he defeated the monsters. However that boy was dangerous.

(What is going to happen if the boy discovered me?)

Elizabeth did not wish any harm to come to the boy, but perhaps he could have taken it as her forsaking him without aiding him.

(What actions would the boy take if he thought of her that way—) She became fearful as she thought about it.

She prayed frantically and desperately that he would not come to the house.

But the boy slowly made his way to the house.

And —– met eyes with Elizabeth.

=============== Girl’s POV ==============

This is bad this is bad this is bad!

He saw me. I need to hide myself quickly.

I need to leave the room and think of where to hide.

Going to the basement — If I do this only at this point of time, I might bump into that boy and that’s dangerous.

On the second floor, there’s my father’s room, the study room, the storage and my own room.

My father’s room is no good. There’s nowhere to hide in the storeroom.

I can’t think of any place to hide myself other the closet in my room.

I run to my room and enter the closet as a last resort.

At roughly about the same time, there was a knocking sound that resounded through the house from the floor below.

I shake fearfully and devoutly prayed for this storm to pass.

A door opens with a ‘giiii’ sound — and footsteps could be heard next.

It seems like he did not have any desire to search the first floor and the basement, as expected he definitely saw me.

The sounds of walking up the staircases soon changed to footsteps on the second floor.

Please go to the room where the window faced the outside, or the other rooms, or go pass this room —– I pray earnestly in my heart.

I will try and flee to the first floor or the basement during that moment.

The footsteps are coming nearer…… Please don’t come any nearer—–

The footsteps stop with a light tap.

Then the doors to the closet open.

A boy who is much taller than me, with black eyes and hair and wore a cloth mantle over his body, looked down on me.

How did he discover me straightaway without any hesitation in his footsteps?!

I gaze at him with endless suspicion.

But I am unable to read his expressions, and what came back from his eyes was perhaps anger inside of his heart, and I become restless.

I remember his merciless actions to the zombies and I am so overwhelmed with fear that my face starts to twitch, and to escape from him I shut my eyes.

[Sorry for frightening you]

The boy said with a clear tone.

=============== Part 1 end ============

TL: As you might have guessed, the boy is Chaos. I included the raws apology for all its glory 😡

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9 thoughts on “The Latest Game is Too Amazing – Chapter 9 part 1

  1. I love how the author portrays the MC’s interactions with the residents of this world. It’s a refreshing take on the “clueless MC” trope, as the MC is unable to comprehend his actual situation, but the premise of him thinking he’s playing the latest in VR game tech is the perfect excuse needed to explain his logic, and the author pulls it off well. It’s also interesting seeing the domino effect of misunderstandings the MC causes in the natives.

    It’s an interesting illustration on how two parties interacting with completely different intentions can cause a lot of problems(or comedy). Especially when both parties think they are in the right and can’t understand why the other party doesn’t agree with them. I hope the author continues to take things further and doesn’t stay in the “safe” light-hearted adventure story the whole time.

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