The Latest Game is Too Amazing – Chapter 8 Part 2

TL: This part is full of long lines without punctuation. It was hard translating this… The official book version wasn’t much help either because it differed quite a bit from the web version.


Chapter 8 Part 2 –


[Ohh…… It’s finally completed!

The man who was past middle age raised his voice in great joy.

A funnel, a mortar and a bottle filled with black liquid were scattered in the vicinity, and the smell of chemicals was everywhere.

The man who belonged to the Royal Magic Research Institute of the Kingdom Casstal – Izrael did not care about his trifling title as he stared at bottle of medicine as if it contained rare jewels

Everything started from a letter.

It came from a former student who lived in Meldor.

Although he rarely exchanged letters with him, he was uneasy about the contents as it was not what he had expected.

A new type of medicine — [Elixir].

A mysterious potion that had the effects of both restoring health and mana, to sum it up.

Although the letter did not describe the manufacturing method, the materials were described in detail as to where it could be gotten from Meldor’s area.

It seemed that the student’s son who ran the store heard it from an adventurer and asked if the medicine existed.

In addition, the adventurer talked about the highest-ranking health and mana potions, and where the ingredients and harvesting grounds could be found.

Naturally Izreal had not heard of the Elixir potion.

Even though he heard legends about the terms Erikusa, Erikusha, the medicine was at best an imaginary medicine. (TL: Erikusa, Erikusha = Elixir written in katakana form.)

He had been trying to research on how to make a medicine like that.

As expected he had not thought to be able to make a miraculous medicine, although he did think it was possible to the extent that the medicine was slightly more effective than usual.

It was easy to dismiss that making an elixir was impossible, but it was hard to believe that his student was lying.

He also had no memories of combining different ingredients to make something like that.

What he researched on was the effectiveness of a health potion based on the ingredients, so he did not think to use something completely different to make it.

So he simply tried it out.

It was fortunate that the materials were available around Meldor. It could be taken from there and was possible to order immediately.

If it was a lie, it would quickly become obvious.

He forgot about his own research and started to work on it with a little expectation.

That was because he knew how hard to make a new potion after researching for so long.

— And he did it.

He had challenged the lowest ranking Elixir potion, and was trying to make an Intermediate Elixir potion using the same method.

The shock from making it caused him not to have memories about it, and he was stunned on the next day when he woke up like it was a dream. When the finished product was placed in front of him, he was in high spirits to the point where it was unsuited for his age.

From then on, he secluded himself in his lab every day.

Although it was impossible to make a potion beyond the Intermediate level, he thoroughly researched mixing and extraction of the ratio of ingredients, and completely finished making the Intermediate Elixir potion.

Such was his joy that he raised his voice involuntarily with him saying that it could not be helped.

His old research had reached its final stages, and a new path came before him, in the form of the Elixir potion.

However, once he completed the discovery of the Elixir and calmed down, he had trouble dealing with the discovery.

The student most likely faced this problem, and he consulted the researcher for this reason.

The director of the research institute was someone greedy and the possibility that he would take all the credits was high.

The achievements was originally due to the adventurer, and thanks to that he had hesitations.

In the first place, how did the adventurer know about Elixirs?

A quest to search for such materials — There was nothing like that.

There was no need for a client to hide the collecting of materials for the Elixirs or the highest level potions.

But if it was kept a secret, why would an adventurer talk about the existence of an Elixir potion?

(TL: Idk how to translate this properly. Izrael is thinking about the reasons why Chaos revealed the secrets about Elixirs, but the logic kind of looks ridiculous to me anyway.)

He had learned the existence of the Elixir potions through the deciphering of past relics and artifacts — That possibility is also low.

Then it was probably the adventurer wondering if he had the right information.

In order to check his accuracy, he talked to that boy running the store to confirm the accuracy. And he also taught him where to search for the materials.

But if that was the case how did the adventurer know about the Elixir potion?

The adventurers would not have bothered to teach a young boy running a store.

Then it was for the sake of showing off that the new medicine was comparable to the research everyone was doing and they had insufficient knowledge.

Was the adventurer a foolish man that did not know the value of what he had — Or a sage with unthinkable knowledge?

He had thought about this compounding craft to come from another country, but as long as they had such advanced techniques, he would have at least heard rumors about it.

This would ultimately mean an individual possessed this knowledge.

Why would that sage teach what the materials of an Elixir potion were and where to get them?

It was not strange for the Sage not to know how to manufacture it.

Just why did that adventurer do that?

Indeed, the information was lacking — First he should ask his student to talk to his son and introduce the adventurer to him — No, Izrael thought he should ask the adventurer himself.

He should not lose a chance to meet the sage and look for him personally.

He really wanted to meet him. Just how much did the sage knew if he did not know how much value the potion was?

He wanted to know him. To touch that abyss of knowledge.

Then he must inform him of his achievements.

The Elixir was a tremendous achievement in both military and craft.

With the increasing threats from the monsters and the menacing orcs from the the north, the army was considering to dispatch troops.

If they were equipped with the Elixir potions.

The mana and health potions did not have to be carried separately and the common sense of logistics would change completely.

It was not good to talk to the director — Then it would be someone ranked higher — The highest authority in the kingdom, the king himself.

If His Majesty knew about the value of this sage, he would silence the greedy politicians, and invite the sage to the research center.

Even if it was one person there was a need to have talented people.

That nameless Sage, Chaos.

Who exactly are you— Izrael thought of the unknown sage he had not seen.


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  1. Meatbun Delivery~
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    researcher: “aha! i’ve finally done it! i created Elixir!”
    suddenly a magic circle appeared out of nowhere above the researcher’s head. and with a blinding light a spherical creature suddenly fell down
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    1. [The researcher who in great shock seeing a strange food type monster’s frantic attempt to run even when iit forgot it does not have limbs instantly awakened from his stupor amd awakened the mana in his body to release a spell and at the same time shouted..]
      “Guards activate the trap we’ve finally bated that so called sentient absolute and tasty medicine spoken by those hunters!!We must capture it so we wont taste bitter medicine again!!”

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