The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 8 Part 1

TL: The next part for this series’ ETA is also going to be 5-6 days later. Can’t say there’s anything interesting in this Chaos POV (part 1), so you might want to come back later instead where part 2 is about the citizens’ POV about Chaos (part 2).




Chapter 8 – Heading to the capital

Ten days after the PK mistaken incident.

I did several quests during that time, and before I knew I became level 11.

I am still playing on by myself as usual.

I occasionally see Havoc and his group from time to time, and would feel a throbbing pain in my heart from the guilt, so I nod lightly to them if I meet them.

But there really isn’t a conversation between us……

Well putting that aside. The acquired number of skills have increased considerably, but there are also problems that come from it.

The first problem is the enemies’ HP have increased to withstand being one-shotted.

Even the Intelligence Stat continued to increase the power of the Mana Bolt, monsters that have the same level or higher than mine could not be taken down by just 1 Mana Bolt because of the lack of firepower.

The newly obtained skills are certainly powerful, but the MP consumption is also high, and it takes a long time to recast and fire off repeatedly, making it common that I receive a blow from the monsters.

Because of that another problem is emerging.

The problem of the effectiveness of potion replenishing my status. Even if a magician is weak with certain stats, once the level goes up, the stats will at least increase somewhat.

With the increase of HP, I am able to withstand one or two hits, but the value of recovering the numbers have also become bigger, and the lowest ranking potions is unable to restore it.

Currently I’m using a lower grade potion which is one grade above the lowest grade potions, but it still unable to lead to a sufficient recovery.

In addition, I am unable to get mana potions in Maldor.

As mentioned before, the more powerful the skill is, the higher the MP consumption would be.

Even though my MP can recover on its own, the meager amount of MP recovered is unable to allow me to use the skills consecutively, and the consumption quickly exceeds the supply.

The MP of a magician is also higher than his HP, so it takes a long time to completely recover the MP.

If I’m attacked during the time I’m recovering, I have no choice but to strike back with a staff.

Is there another means of recovering MP other than using a mana potion — There are two ways.

One would be the MP absorption skill [Mana Steal].

The name is as it sounds, it steals the enemies’ MP and replenishes my own mana.

However there’s a reason as to why I cannot acquire it, and I need to explain the conditions as to why I cannot do so.

In order to acquire skills, one would need [skill points].

Skill points increase by 1 every time I level up, and I either strengthen my skills or acquire new ones by using the skill points.

Reinforcing the skill increases the effectiveness, power, range, cooldown, and faster casting time.

The only drawback it has is the increase of MP consumption.

For example, I have increased the level of my Mana Bolt to LV3.

……. I recently feel slight regret as I should have allocated the points to stronger skills.

Then again, thanks to the increased in effectiveness, I was still able to use the skill even till now.

Going back to the acquiring of skills. Skill points are the first condition to acquiring a skill, and there might be other conditions to fulfill before a skill can be taken.

The second condition is the acquisition route.

The skill window shows everything clearly, and it is a tree structure with the initial skill as the Mana Bolt as the first skill at the top.

The skills beneath the Mana Bolt Skill are stronger and more convenient, but there might be adjacent skills that need to be taken before the skills below them can be taken.

In other words, if I have Skills A and B on the upper row, and Skill C on the lower row, I will not be able to acquire Skill C if I don’t acquire Skills A and B.

Because of the limited number of skill points I can get from the level up, I will not be able to acquire all the skills I want. If I want to acquire high firepower spells with great range, I will have to take on a certain route in order to acquire the skills.

Mana Steal is a skill that will take me out of that route, and acquiring it requires a lot of skill points, so I have to give up on it.

It is impossible for me to recover my MP by that skill.

Another method is [enchantment].

Enchantment is done when special materials are added during the production of weapons and defensive gears to give unique effects.

For example, there can be an increase in attack speed and resistance to attacking attributes.

Some unique enchantments can restore HP or MP if it deals damage to the enemy, and recover HP or MP by a few percent of the damage dealt.

It is certainly very compatible with high DPS magicians, but the materials required are rare items and hardly distributed.

Because of that, the only way to recover MP is to use a mana potion.

However, Maldor has no mana potions.

So there’s a need to change my location.

I am thinking of my next destination.

The capital of the Casstal kingdom, Maukuto. (TL: マウクト = Maukuto, I don’t have a good name for this yet. Any reader wants to name the capital?)

It seems like it has more stores compared to Maldor, and it is a suitable place for me to upgrade my equipments.

I should prepare for my trip immediately.

Moving to Maldor took a week, but I hope my trip this time will be shorter.


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  1. i see so the one who buys all of the mana potion is you! i’m not angry i’m not angry but it seems that some folks in dire need of meat bun i guess i should i mean i must hunt some then (evil grin)


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