The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 7 part 2

TL: I was playing overwatch the whole day yesterday… Mainly because I was trying to break the 2000 points barrier. I got 1997 points and it hovered around there for a while before I dropped to 1800s. Simply mortifying to be honest. I am now seeking for pros to carry me above 2000 points so that I can sate my OCD. (cough)

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Chapter 7 Part 2

The door to Meldor’s adventurer’s guild opened.

The person who entered was Havoc.

The other party members who were with him,  Emilia, Liam and Cornelia, were already relaxing at the table.

[Then, how’s Chaos?]

Carlo asked them.

They had been requested by Carlo.

To investigate and observe the newcomer Chaos who was suspicious.

[I followed that fellow when he separated from you, but perhaps I was discovered and he disappeared by moving elsewhere. I investigated the inns but there was no sign of where he is staying. The gatekeeper also said that he did not see him, just where did he go…..] (Havoc)

Havoc sighed as he had already gotten used to his disappearing acts even though he tailed him.

He had been observing Chaos constantly from the outside.

[Perhaps that is not unreasonable. Earlier, we were negligent after we defeated the Kobold, but Chaos sensed the skeleton before we did and became vigilant. It might be possible that his scouting abilities are very high.] (Emilia)

Emilia interjected.

[Ahh, that was quite dangerous. If Chaos did not spot it I totally might have gotten hurt, yeah.] (Liam)

[He was warning us by giving out killing intent. Sheesh, it’s good enough if he just warned us by speaking out.] (Cornelia)

Cornelia mumbled. But blaming Chaos’s action did not prevent her from smiling faintly.

[Maybe he wanted to act instead of speaking? Perhaps he was not certain of the facts, I would think.] (Havoc)

[It’s really easy to mistake that killing intent for him trying to hurt his allies right? When that flame arrow approached me, I thought I was going to get hit.] (Liam)

[You’re really a coward…..] (Cornelia)

[But Chaos is really skilled. His magic spells are accurate and once he realized his spells are not doing much, he combined his tactics with Nelia (Cornelia’s nickname), to make the best use of his abilities. Also, the choice to use a fire magic spell, was probably to target the undead’s weakness.] (Emilia)

[This is really beyond expectations. His battle sense is really high. Also, the materials that are collected are magnicifent. Did you see how he did it?] (Carlo)

Carlo’s question made everyone look perplexed.

[How do I explain it…… He sank his hand into the monster’s figure like magic, which then disappeared—] (Havoc)

[And the next thing that happened, was how he cleanly took out the materials….. How does he make a body disappear?] (Cornelia)

[Teleportation…… No, I think it’s some dimensional magic, but I don’t understand the logic behind the material gathering.] (Emilia)

[So he used magic to gather the materials, but all of you failed to spot the most important procedure…… Hah—] (Carlo)

[Do you not understand the crux of the situation—?] (Cornelia)

Cornelia yelled with fiery anger at Carlo’s thoughtful humming.

[It’s outrageous no matter what way you slice it! First it’s that ridiculous weight he’s carrying and the mysterious dimensional space that makes bodies disappear! Then the way how he makes the materials appear processed when it does! I don’t know how he does it, but one has never heard of something like that before, so tell us where did you think the bodies went!] (Cornelia)

Everyone’s head nodded.

That was something that should not be talked about.

It was better for everyone’s mental health that it had to do with magic.

That was the conclusion of everyone who saw it.

[Ahh, I got it. Therefore calm down! Alright, did you find anything about his origins?] (Carlo)

Carlo changed the topic at Cornelia’s angry look.

[He’s a student from a foreign called OOSAKA (katakana) or something. He doesn’t seem to be a spy, but he might be a traveler with the goals of studying magic.] (Liam)

[I think he only came here recently because he doesn’t know any rumors regarding about the kingdom. His father’s job seems to be called SALARYMAN (katakana).] (Liam)

[I think he’s the son of a magician, and he’s currently a student. I think his father probably holds a position equivalent to a Royal Court Magician.] (Cornelia)

[But his equipment is really mediocore for a noble. He doesn’t have any expensive items at all. I really find it strange that he has zero items worth mentioning. But it is a different thing with a hidden storage magic] (Havoc)

[I want to ask a bit more details, but Nelia…..] (Carlo)

[About, that….. I’m sorry.] (Cornelia)

[Well that’s fine. In the first place Chaos is probably on the alert. I was speculating as well. We can only reveal what information that we have.] (Havoc)

「まあ、いいじゃねぇか。初っ端からケイオスの奴は警戒してたようだからな。こっちの思惑にわざと乗ったんだ。明かしてもいい情報のみ出したんだろうよ」 (TL: I have no idea whether I TLed this right.)

[I think he also predicted my request. His insight is really good good.] (Carlo)

It was probably obvious to Carlo as well.

So it was pointless to remind him again how ridiculous it was.

There was certainly no thoughts that Chaos was a newbie.

[His battle sense, material gathering are excellent, and he doesn’t balk at the task of helping out his allies. Furthermore, his insight towards things is also great. He doesn’t have a problem in his behavior either…… The mysteries just keep piling up, huh. He’s really a promising adventurer.] (Carlo)

[At least he’s not a type that you would doubt. In fact I want him in my party.] (Havoc)

[Hmm? You want that excellent adventurer all by yourself, well that’s not really a problem with you…… Do you want him?] (Carlo)

[……. Hold on! Even though it’s fine to invite him, but I want grow a little stronger first. We’re going to drag him down if he joins us, so I’m going to decline.] (Cornelia)

[I also agree with Nelia. At the very least I want to become someone who can walk side by side with Chaos, yeah.] (Liam)

The newbie duo seemed quite keen.

It seems that the existence of Chaos had made them spirited.

Havoc could not hide his joy at the unexpected influence.

[Come to think of it, I feel that my sword has become lighter during our fight with the Kobolds, yeah.] (Liam)

[You too, Liam? I felt like my abilities in the bow has increased…… How did that happen?]

(TL: This is a side effect of partying up with Chaos. Normally NPCs don’t have that level up factor, and this fact becomes a really serious deal later on in the series. If you think it’s all light-hearted misunderstandings…)


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  1. You are right. This is one crazy misunderstanding. Partying-Menu system makes them stronger. But it’s better for the MC to not know anything. What leverage will they even have in assuming he is a Royal magician?


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