The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 7 part 1

TL: Finally I’m back with this series. For the fans in this series who cannot remember, I split up the chapters if there is a misunderstanding that’s going to happen. Basically the protagonist will do something that is normal to him, but usually the “NPCs” in this world will have a misunderstanding of him, mostly with the idea that he did something really incredible and amazing.


For the schedule of all the series, it’s going to be a little sporadic. I just sent off a friend going back to her country, and there’s one more to send off on Saturday. After that, I’m going to start working on my art fundamentals for a while, starting next monday. Most likely I will spend my weekdays on drawing + QC my old chapters while I translate chapters on the weekend.

You can expect at the very least 2 more TAS and TGTBGAM chapters on this weekend. I’ll probably finish part 2 of this chapter tomorrow. Or I might go into a frenzy to catch up the chapters that I miss during the studies tomorrow. Depends.



Chapter 7 part one


Kobold – A demi-human with the approximate size of a human child within a fantasy RPG, and most of the time it is a monster that is something of a small fry. Some of the games made them that way.

Incidentally, the original folklore came from Germany where it was derived from mischievous spirits.

It’s just really a little bit of trivia, but perhaps it’s really a useless actually.

But there are other fantasy RPGs along with [Another World] which has a dog-headed monster with the physical appearance of a human appearing.

They have appearances of a creature that is drooling which would make people think of a rabid dog.

…… It might be difficult to lay hands on them if they were made to look like a cute puppy.

We are in the midst of pursuing one right now.

We had seen one by chance and we are in the process of defeating it, when—

[Looks like this is a scout. Since this is a rare chance where it did not discover us, let us follow it and defeat the other kobolds in this area-]

Emilia says, and we follow her words.

This world is big enough that we followed for twenty minutes, but because of the hills, we are able to pursue it without us being discovered, as we hide constantly in the shadows of the rocks.

We discover a dilapidated house and something that looks like like a cave.

[It appears to be an old tunnel. Perhaps it’s an abandoned mine that was made by humans, and the Kobolds settled down there.]

[Then let us go inside, alright—]

Emilia carries a lantern with one hand, as Liam heads in first.

The insides of the tunnel is surprisingly wide, and there are no sides road that I can see right now.

At times I can hear the pitter-pattering sounds of dripping water drops and the occasional howls of the kobolds. Nearby our feet are scattered animal bones that were the results of the Kobolds’ meals.

I am started to feel bothered by the rotting smell. There is really no need to make things to appear like reality here, hmm.

After walking for a while, we leave the cave.

The lantern’s brightness shows there are about ten Kobolds.

In any case, they have discovered our presence due to the light, and they are already in a battle mode.

Our side is also prepared for battle and ready to clash with them.

If I am to state the conclusion…… Perhaps our battle with the Giant Moles earlier had made us stronger.

There are many Kobolds with the level of 5~8.

Their simple attacks consisted of waving their cudgels in a disorganized manner.

There are ten in front of us, and twenty of them that appears behind, but Liam mowed them down, Cornelia pierced through them, and Emilia smacked them till they turned into corpses (of course I fought too-)

By the way, everyone leveled up.

Because of our improvement, we cleared the second wave of Kobolds even faster than before.

Even one level of improvement is of tremendous help.

Honestly, is there really a need for my help…..?

Why did they invite me?

Havok’s level restriction would have affected him if he entered our party.

What if that was just an excuse?

But why would he lie……

………. C-Could it be PK?

PK ——- Player killer, which is players hunting players and not monsters.

Some games avoid player killing, but [Another World] has set PK to be possible.

Assassins’ skill in anti-personnel and crowd control will increase in damage and effectiveness the more you PK, as the system rewards you accordingly.

アサシンなんて対人戦に強い妨害スキルやPKすればするほど威力が強くなるスキルを持つモロPK推奨職もあるくらいだ。 (Not sure if TLed right)

Although there are demerits to that, PK is an accepted gameplay.

Also, the people who find fun in PK is certainly not zero.

That really means.

That there are people in a party luring newbies into a party.

They progress into the quests in order to lure them into desolate places.

Once the quest is over, they would bare their fangs once I am unprepared.

This place is very much far away from the streets and there are no signs of people appearing here.

Even if someone attacks me here, no one would come to my aid right?

T-this is bad. They are stronger than me, and on top of that, there are three of them, I cannot see myself winning here.

[What’s wrong? You have a frightening look—]

Liam turns around, but his face does not look like he is a nice youth because of the terrible lighting conditions. Somewhere along the lines, he looked like someone eerie instead.

I have a vision that the sword dripping with the Kobolds’ blood swinging on me.

I desperately stop myself from making a sound.

[What’s wrong with you?]

Cornelia asked with a distrustful face.

It is actually me who wants to ask you if you intend to PK me.

But I did not say anything because I feel like an arrow would fly back at me if I do so.

Even though I did not see her in a terrible mood, and her long golden flowing hair that has three braids on her left side suiting her, that beauty now has become frightening.

Damn ittt, she is so beautiful but she is a such a disappointing (残念) elf doh (-め suffix).  (TL: 残念 – zannen – Not satisfying but it remains in the heart; unwilling to accept it.)

[What is it? Is there any problems?]

Emilia who felt fear during the Giant Moles’ attacks look over at me.

You’re making me look like I have a serious problem here.

W-what should I do? I only feel like there’s a PK waiting to happen.

If I am wrong, it will be utter humiliation.

If they did not do something that is out of hand, I cannot attempt to move first.

Should I escape as soon as possible?

No, wait, they have three people and an archer who has strong ranged attack. If I escape without planning it will be pointless.

Logging out will mean that I will be defenseless for ten seconds, and any attacks will cancel my log out.

Using the Spider-net magic to try and escape is also impossible.

The spell might reduce the speed in moving and attacking, but it does not affect the arrows from an archer.

Escaping from them is impossible. If my prediction is true, reality would be me losing with an arrow in my back as a reward.

It is fine if I’m attacked, I should just prepare for battle at any given time.

If they attack me, I will prepare by readying my staff anytime, and since I leveled up and got a new skill, I will ready myself to use it and wait for them.

Therefore. The atmosphere surrounding us changed.

I am so anxious that I make a sound in my throat.

And in the darkness I see a human-like figure appearing.

Is this be your accomplice!

I stare behind Liam and see a dull object being raised.

….. No, that’s not someone friendly!

[Fire arrow!]

A flaming arrow flies towards Liam’s direction.

[Chaos! What the hell are you doing!]

Cornelia yelled.

The flaming arrow that is as bright as the lantern flies past Liam, and strikes something behind him.

[Gyah! What the heck….. Ehh!]

Liam yelled in a reproachful voice before he realized something was amiss behind him.

The Fire Arrow magic spell had lit the place and burned in a small area.

The flames wrap something that is moving about. More importantly, it is becoming clear as to what the situation is.

There is a skeleton monster!

[A Skeleton—! There are other monsters here!]

[I see. No matter how you look at it the Kobolds are too weak. It is probably because of the skeletons staying here that diminished their numbers.]

[Then the way how you emitted so much killing intent to warn us is your goal right?]

[You realized there’s something over here huh. As expected of you—]

…….. No, wait, why are you reading so much into it

I am actually more scared that you were going to PK me, but I simply saw a skeleton monster behind you.

But I cannot convey that to you.


[It’s a fluke.]

Even though Liam says I’m too modest to the point of being disagreeable, it is really a fluke!

Why are you looking at me with such respect, stop it!

Your gazes are really painful!

Utter humiliation!

I am on the alert because I am suspicious of the reality that you might PK me — I can’t spit that out!

I think my face is really red now, but I don’t think anyone realize that.

In the end the results are good, but what will happen if it’s not for the skeleton?

Thank you, Skeleton, for being there.

You saved me, truly.

If I think carefully there really is not many advantages to PK me.

I don’t have a lot of gold or item with me.

Even if you organize a party to PK, why would they want to invite me from the town that has so many people on the streets?

Even if they want to PK me, they would have done so during the hunt which would be more efficient.

I wonder how terrible is the misunderstanding.

There probably is nothing worse than that right?

I am really the lowest scum. Even though they had invited me with a pure heart — I truly do not have the face to look at these nice people.

Therefore I should take my distance from them temporarily after the quest is done.

After the quest is done, we return to Meldor to receive the rewards and I log out quickly during the daytime.


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