Erm, so I am still doing my art assignments…

Well, that’s pretty much how it is. If you guys were hoping to see more TAS, you probably have to come back next week. As for the additional chapters left, I’ll be doing them during December.


I will recommend a few other webnovels that you can read in the mean time.

  • A KR novel about a near pathological liar becoming a demon lord fighting against other demons and possibly future hero with words + backstabbing. It’s pretty good, even with that deus ex machina (spoiler) resolving at the end. Quite a few have compared the protagonist to Lelouch.

  • A KR novel with relatively intriguing style of writing where you have flashbacks of the protagonist’s future describing the past, and affecting reality in real time. Many style points to this one, if you favor a unique flavor (no fighting action here).

  • A JP webnovel. Protagonist who somehow became a game’s villain who constantly is in threat of dying. He tries to avoid the death flags, but in the process of doing so becomes an even bigger villain.

  • A JP webnovel turned novel. Does not have many chapters currently, but action is really nice. The native user reviews praised the action scenes, but found it to be sort of stereotypical where protagonists go to parallel worlds with familiar cliche personalities (once again).

  • JP webnovel. I read up ch 50 +, but there are only 15 chapters atm. There’s no truck-san this time. It’s all parallel world fantasy, and the male protagonist isn’t some unstoppable talented dude, but a guy who wants to be good enough for his girl (who happens to be the HERO). A solid read, but don’t expect OP stuff happening.

  • JP webnovel. Dude isn’t OP in fighting, but his food is so OP that you will drool buckets. A fantastic light read.

  • JP webnovel turned into novel and anime and manga. Solid read with action.

  • I really, really like this series. The amount of character growth for the protagonist is staggering.

10 thoughts on “Erm, so I am still doing my art assignments…

  1. Will mark Marginal Operation on my to read list then~ Half of the series mentioned are already on my reading list. Top Management and Yuusha-sama no Oshishou-sama, I’m waiting for translations to restart before touching them.


  2. It’s ok, school it’s definitely more important i’m just glad that after all you are going through you haven’t just dropped the translation, take your time, don’t pressure yourself with this novel, me and i bet many others will be here waiting patiently for the next chapters to be released when you can, you just keep on, keepin’ on


  3. Erm, atlest finish the sponsored chaps before going on hitaus. Its cool that your busy and everyone understands but people donate for the series.


    1. I did finish the sponsored chapters, actually. These extra chapters that I want to do are supposed to match each donated chapter + backlog as an apology for taking so long, but I can’t do them right now and they will still remain as backlog. I also closed the donation section for the same reason that I don’t have any time.

      I might be able to do them some time next month as a surprise, but it’s unlikely. I probably want to QC the existing chapters before I proceed.


  4. How does an art assignment take so long. When I was in highschool, I did the art assignments 20 minutes before class started.

    Or is this college level art? Because then I have no idea.


    1. So I’m guessing that means you are doing college art.

      The only criticisms I have are that the neck is too long and the face looks rather out of place. Here, try and copy real human faces.

      If all else fails, there’s an ironclad rule about drawing woman that never fails. Just make the breasts bigger and all else will be forgiven.


  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I usually check up on several translators and they all have their own problems. Some are procrastinators, some make constant excuses, and some also are just plain scum. It’s a shame that translators with a good sense of responsibilities are hard to come by. I really detest it when people make promises but fail to fulfill them every time. Why must they be the translators of good novels?
    Anyways, wolfie I really respect you and your works and I appreciate your timely translations albeit you going through some hard times. When you couldn’t deliver, you didn’t one up with excuses and even gave us something else to read!
    Keep up the good work.


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