Update on schedule

Grumble grumble. The lecturers looked greatly troubled in school because I wasn’t able to submit properly done work due to real life issues I mentioned earlier. Loads of pressure on me, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, my school term break is towards the end of July. I’m probably going to come back only on July 9 so that I can catch up with whatever assignments are handed to me. The schedule will be 1 TAS chapter and 1 TGTBGAM per week, and the Jap series might come once in a month.

If anyone is planning to donate, I’m going to request you not to do so until I can give you a confirmation later on. There are already 10 chapters in the backlog + X amount of missed postings, and my fastest rate in a free day without any other work done is 3 chapters.

I plan on doing my own art revision during the term break, so I’ll be posting at most 15 TAS +7 TGTBGAM chapters during the term break.

My course ends at the end of this year with a final project after my termbreak, so TL postings might even be more sparse. Depending on how gud I get, I might want to draw webmanga on a JP or CN webnovel series (TAS), or I’ll just work in the industry for a few years to get some additional experience first.


5 thoughts on “Update on schedule

  1. It’s fine. Just keep your priorities straight, after all your RL is more important. We’ll just wait patiently and eagerly awaiting your updates. Especially TAS.


  2. Good luck IRL! make sure to have enough rest and good concentration on your upcoming projects. We readers will be waiting patiently (I hope). thanks again!


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