The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 6

TL: TAS and TGTBGAM will come later in a few hours.


Chapter 6


The southwest of Meldor is a grassland.

The view of the area is very clear so it is unlikely to be receive a one-sided attack.

In exchange, there is a certain problem that exists……

Cornelia’s mood seems to be bad.

Why is that, does it has have anything to do with me?

Could it be that she wanted to enjoy things with her friends, and a stranger like myself who joined their group did not please her?

As for the other two, it was not really a problem. Rather, it’s progressing quite well.

Especially Liam who’s good at talking.

In conclusion the setting for the game is quite extensive. The monsters are becoming active because of the Evil God’s revival, and the orc in the forest area located in the north is currently led differently, and their large numbers are becoming a troublesome issue, and because of that the Intermediate potion materials cannot be collected and people are trying to find solutions for that.

It’s not only the change in leadership. There might also be bosses around.

The NPCs here are incredible AI, so it’s possible that there are AI monsters skilled in leadership.

After that the topic went to daily stuff— Talk about our family and where we came from.

Liam was born with five other siblings.

Conversely, I was the only son and I felt a little envious of him. After that I learned that his family was not particularly rich, so he was sent out to work.

Still, Liam has entered society hmm…. (TL: I think this means that the protagonist is already working.)

But having a ValGear which is at such an expensive price and to play Another World so much —– Is it that, he’s just like me who got selected?

But when the topic comes to Cornelia’s family —- No, when the topic comes to her father, her mood takes a turn to the worse and the topic naturally ends.

I don’t know why her mood becomes so bad, I wonder if she hates her father or something.

But listening to stuff about family for the first meeting. There is really no manner in it.

And thanks to that the atmosphere becomes even more awkward.

I really feel like running away.

I wish someone can break this mood.

Emilia stops walking. Can it be possible that we reached our destination?


When Liam calls out to her, Emilia places her finger over her lips to signal for them to be silent.

Due to this unusual indication, Liam pulls out her sword, Cornelia readies her bow, and I hold my staff out.

There is nothing around us, and the only thing that we can see is grassland. There is no indication of any monsters.

But there is a faint sound that we could hear in our ears without mistake, ‘zuzuzu’ —– This strange noise, what exactly is it?

What should I do in this situation…. Ah, I forgot all about it.

As I think about it, I remember that and display the Map Window.

This is a solution to an ambush. I was attacked from behind in the previous battles with the killer bees, and I thought of various ways to deal with an ambush in the blind spots.

Zooming in the Map Window will display the monsters and humans with colored codes.

If this is utilized before anything happened, one will know where the enemy is trying to ambush us.

My party members are indicated in green in the Map Window, and the orange color are foes that have not recognized us as enemies, while red color are foes that have recogized as enemies — And there are six red color marks surrounding us.

[Everyone be careful! There are Giant Moles here!]

I’m not sure if it is an reaction to Emilia, the soil bulged upwards and launched towards us with a breaking sound.

I dodge it by stepping to the side right away.

Liam seemed to have received some damage to his leg as he dodged because the enemies are near him.

HP Bar — The HP and MP of the party members can be seen in the bar graph — I can see that the damage done was not huge.

That’s because the defense for a warrior is high.

[Tch! How dare you!]

Cornelia’s clicked her tongue as she released her arrows into the rising soil, but even though it pierced through the earth, there was no effect to it.

Giant Mole, that is a considerably troublesome foe.

They are below the ground and it is hard for us to attack from our position, and they keep aiming at our feet with a hit and run tactic, which makes it hard to escape here.

It’s a simple but effectively disgusting effect.

Using [Mana Bolt] on the ground, although it could gouge the earth, was not an effective measure with the Moles digging away in the ground. There is also the issue where the power is weak against them as the Giant Moles are level 10.

Emilia smashes onto the ground with her mace where a little of the Giant Mole’s head can be seen.

While a healing profession should be weak, she is still of a higher level character at level 13. (Cornelia and Liam are level 8, I am level 6.)

The Giant Mole which got struck looks gory, but it is a little scary when I see the mace covered with blood moving back and forth.

What should we do about the rest.

It seems to be hard to attract them to get Emilia to defeat them.

The timing and level difference made the risk much too high, as a single blow could end someone as weak as myself.

Mana Bolt which could gouge the earth away, while Cornelia’s attack is ineffective because of the earth — Of course!

[Cornelia! Aim for the enemy after my attack!]

There was no time for confirmation as to whether she understood my intention. I released a Mana Bolt to where the Mole was moving towards.

The stretch of earth flew up where the Mana Bolt struck, and the appearance of the mole could be seen.

At that instant, Cornelia’s arrow pierced through the mole, and it screamed as it arched its back upwards.

Because of that arrow, it was unable to escape into the ground easily. In that gap, Cornelia shoots again.

Soon after that, the same attack is repeated with two more Moles.

The rest of the monsters…… One was defeated by Emlia, but the rest of them were in a critical position in our flanks!

[Chaos, they are coming from the left!]

[Spider net!]

Even though the thread did not reach into the ground, it caught the Giant Moles when they surfaced from the ground.

[Leave them to me, Haaa!]

Liam’s long sword ends the Giant Moles which moved slower.

[Sorry, that was reckless of me.]

Liam apologized with his head bowed.

Actually, there really is no way to handle them when they came right beside you right?

[Don’t move about when I restore you Liam. Heal!]

Light like a fire lit up from Emilia’s hand, and after receiving that shower of light, the injury of Liam’s foot recovered.

[Thank you Emilia. But what exactly are you doing Chaos?]

[I’m gathering materials from the Giant Mole.]

I lay my hands on the corpses of the Giant mole, and start recovering materials and items from the dead body. After that the body and blood disappeared.

I thought the items and drops will automatically go into my inventory when I defeated a monster, and I did not know know that I have to take them from the dead body.

Well it can’t be helped that I missed that knowledge from the manual since the amount of things in it is massive. I even blamed it on bad luck when I did not see any drops from the initial forest wolves that I encountered. It was a waste now when I think about it since I sold them at a pretty decent price.

But the Giant Moles that were done in by Emilia is too grotesque. The head is a goopy mess.

This RPG has been rated as R (and advised in the system again that there is a cruel depiction of events)., and might be too much for people who can’t stand violent depiction.

Ah, I’m resistant to such images since I have watched guro films.

……. But everyone looks surprised, why is that? Are they bad with guro stuff?

———————- Cut line ———————–

Cornelia was not enthusiastic about this request.

Her love of cleaniness and her sense of ethics made her feel disgust.

On the other hand, she understood it was a necessary task.

Furthermore, since there was a discrimination towards elves and other subraces, as well as the fact that there were very few female adventurers, she was unable to join many parties. In order to pay back to the party that did not mind her presence, she accepted the request with much reluctance.

But her feelings were displayed on her face almost like she was still someone young and could not hold back.

The boy who accepted the quest together with them — Chaos, with black hair and a normal appearance.

Even though he looks like he was unfit for fighting because of his weak-looking body, Havoc had described him as an amazing rookie.

No matter how they looked at it, he didn’t appear to be a second or third son of a noble acting as a commoner from somewhere.

As he introduced himself, they looked at him once again just before they set out. He looked like he was tolerating something with his grim face.

‘Ahh, did he notice it—‘ They wondered if he noticed this farce. (TL: So I’m not sure if it’s a single person or the entire group in this ‘farce event’ the narrator is talking about.)

His standpoint did not really allow him to tell this to the other members.

In order to make this request a successful one, the girl who could not hold back her feelings merely kept her mouth shut. (TL: This particular line uses 口を紡ぐ, and it probably means sew one’s mouth shut?)

Liam was decided in advance to be the talker since he was of the same age and gender to collect information.

And in exchange, Emilia and Cornelia was to be the observers.

First, Liam tried to inquire about how much Chaos knew about the surrounding area.

The rumors about the orc and Evil God’s revival were famous in the surroundings, no, in the kingdom.

But Chaos nodded like he did not know anything.

He seemed to not know anything at all, and only listened to the stories. They wondered if the expression that didn’t contain much excitement or pride they saw before they left was his a natural reaction.

Next Liam talked about the birthplace.

He said that he was from called OSAKA. (TL: Katakana Oosaka.)

They had never heard of a kingdom called OSAKA, and thought it was most likely a faraway country from a distant land.

It seemed that he was a student.

Probably a student somewhere from a school that taught them how to become magicians. Even if you travel everywhere in this kingdom, only the capital has a school like this.

A skilled magician is something that a kingdom wants dearly, but it’s normal that only young people from nobles or affluent people had the chanceto attend the school. Unless one had some quality attribute to them, people with low birth could not go to school.

They wondered if this rich youth who came from such a faraway land was due to his training in magic.

Then the topic moved to his family. He did not seem to have any siblings, and his father was working a job called ‘SALARYMAN’. (TL: Haha.)

SALARYMAN —- What exactly was that?

For magicians, most of the time bloodlines had a significant impact. If the parent is a mage, then his child would also become one, and it’s something that’s vice-versa as well.

Taken from the information from the previous talk they had. His father would have the financial power and conncetions as a magician to send his son to school.

A SALARYMAN with high income probably meant that his father was a high ranking magician like a Court Magician or the equivalent.

‘Doesn’t he have a splendid father—-‘ Cornelia thought about it with much envy.

‘My own father, huh—-‘

When she thought about herself and her father’s face, her disgust floated up to her expression. The difference between their fathers made her feel miserable.

The gazes at Cornelia come back to her senses.

Chaos and Liam’s talk came to an end.

It was apparent that they felt her taking a turn for the worse, and she apologized in her heart when she saw Liam’s reproachful look.

‘What are you doing really—‘ She fell into self-loathing.

In a few moments Emilia noticed the presence of monsters.

The elf who had better senses than others did not notice it as her concentration had fallen due to prior events.

She readied her bow.

The enemies appeared from the ground. Giant moles—- It was a troublesome opponent.

Liam was injured by them, and Cornelia clicked her tongue as she should have noticed them earlier. In response, she fired arrows at them but there wasn’t any effect.

Chaos cast magic as well, and it was clear that he used magic like any other magicians.

It was an elementary magic spell, and was one that did not have much firepower to it, and it was not enough to defeat even one Giant Mole.

It was a little anti-climatic.

They had heard of his exploits as a magician and thought he had powerful magic.

Perhaps he was stronger than their magician rookies, but they wondered if their opinions about him were over the top.

The battle continued and they kept thinking on how to handle the situation, but the only solution they thought could only be when the Giant Moles appeared from the ground.

[Cornelia! Aim for the enemy after my attack!]

Chaos yelled for the first time ever since he introduced himself. It seemed like he had a strategy.

Chaos released his magic again, and the result was just like before— not.

The magic that only exploded before and did nothing, revealed the appearance of the Giant Mole now.

His control of his magic was terrifying.

‘So that’s what you meant!’ —- The girl who understood his meaning immediately aimed and shot at the Giant Mole.

The conclusion of it kicked in an instant.

Even with his control, the thought to capitalize his allies in an instant—

It’s no doubt that he would become a splendid adventurer.

At the opposite image of this splendid person, Cornelia felt the differences between them and felt increasing frustration.

Even though they should be rookies, he was much more calm in reading the movements of the monsters, and came up with a strategy to compensate with the lacking power.

His magic was not dramatically overpowered.

It was about the same strength as her who held a bow, so it should be easy enough for her to catch up with him. She started wondering if she should learn from his actions.

It was a little too much to request to monitor his actions now because of a guilty conscience, but it should be fine to look at his techniques from the side.

Respect and envy could be seen in her gaze when she looked at him.

He moved over to the Giant Mole and started harvesting, and it was just like the rumors had indicated that his harvesting skills are first-class. She thought of that was she tried learning from his actions.

But the corpses of the Giant Mole disappeared after he handled it after a while.

[….. What exactly are you doing Chaos?]

Liam looked at the empty air with admiration and stupor in his heart.

[Eh? I’m harvesting the loot from them?]

Chaos answered like it was a natural thing.

‘………….. Is that the magic for storing things……………….’

The girl thought there were more things to learn from him than expected.


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