The strategy to become good at magic – Chapter 43

TL: I’ll be TLing the JP series next.

Chapter 43 – Potions and weaknesses

The little prince who had the fortune to watch Sue make the potion from scratch soon regretted his decision. He truly believed that he should not be too curious about things, because there were many moments where ignorance was the greatest bliss.

The heart from a black cat, the scales and nails from a lizard, dried worm skin….. Even though the little prince could not identify many of them, just looking at them was disgusting enough. When each bizarre ingredient went into the crucible, there was an increase of bubbles and stink that was like from a swamp.

Fedrus finally could not hold on to his sanity points. “What are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Once it’s done you’re going to drink this.”

“You mean I have to drink this?!” He shrieked loudly “No! You can’t force a royal member to drink such a disgusting thing……”

“Whatever.” Sue did not mind it at all. “It’s fine if you want to leech off a girl, at the end of things, I’ll just collect my reward from your royal dad….. If you don’t want this potion, once it’s done I’ll just sell it later.”

“………” Was this not the time to convince him as much as possible, or to soothe him and convince him to take it or something…… The little prince was conflicted.

There were many people who had this funny issue. When someone thought the best for someone else, he would feel that the person was a busybody and an eyesore. Like many boys and girls would find their mum irritating just because she hounded them to eat their meals on time and wear thicker clothes on cold days….. Such were the youths who could not understand this.

But the opposite might be true, once someone did not notice him or her, they start to wish for attention…

Fedrus did not want to drink the potion desperately, but when Sue really told him that he was free to not drink it, he felt really gloomy…. He was certain of the effectiveness of the potion since she could cure his poison easily…..

In the end he drank it. Fortunately the potion was not as horrible smelling as the potion during the process, and he tried to hypnotize himself into thinking that this was a foreign race’s food that was a little harder to take in, like eating rats that was just born….. Bleah! The socks from the Elven King! He was wrong, that felt like it was much more disgusting than the potion….

“How’s your memory?” Sue ignored the pale prince who was all on fours after drinking the potion. She took out a blank piece of paper and started drawing it and asked: “What I mean is, how many minutes do you need to memorize stuff from two images?!”

Hours?! The little prince held his chubby hand over his lips and thought for a while before replying: “If it’s not too difficult it should be very fast….. May I ask how many points do I need to remember?”


“…………….” Could one really remember all that within ‘minutes’………….. Fedrus swallowed: “Can you let me see the images I need to remember first?!”

“Sure, it’s nearly done.” Sue’s action increased faster, and after a few minutes later, she passed over two images that had two bodies drawn on it: “The locations for the skill ‘Eviscerate’ are very important. There are 720 points on the human body, and the fatal points are the ones in red, 36 of them, the ones that do serious damage are these 72 points which are in blue…… The rest of the different acupoints have different kinds of effects. If you don’t intend to go too much in detail you can just remember where they are, they are all in black.”

Sue taught the evolutionary method that she made herself….. Her newer version had a very high chance to kill things instantly if they aimed for different fatal points, and for the prince who had weakened strength, this version was far better than the game’s. (TL: I sense a disturbance in the force.)

“………”The little prince took a look at the papers that were passed to him. He was soon overwhelemed by the fine red, blue and black dots. His lips trembled and he asked in disbelief: “I need to remember all these?!

“If you don’t want to it’s fine.” Sue was lazy to boost the boy’s morale, and she raised her hands up: “If you decide to give up, return them to me.” This was a Grandmaster’s technique, and she did not want to let it leak easily.

Fedrus was heartbroken. He felt like life was bullying him….. The choice before him was really hard.

[Why can’t this girl be more patient like the teachers in the royal court?!]

Unfortunately he did not realize his position was the reason why his royal teachers were patient with him. Not only did they receive fame and glory from teaching him, they even receive benefits and a title. Under such encouraging bonuses, they had to be patient in order to continue to have a job…… But Sue did not need fame or rewards! Right now she did not have any advantages and even had to feed the leeching boy. It was kind enough of her not to take a ruler and take good care of this royal flower……

He was quickly shooed to one side where he obediently started to memorize the acupoints, while Sue generously stated she would prepare supper for him and make a memory potion if he really could not remember them. Fedrus’s enthusiasm suddenly went up and swore that he would not disappoint her……… No matter what he did not want to drink that sort of strange potion again!

“Are you not afraid of the Tobias kingdom coming after you when you’re bullying their successor?!” The merfolk sighed and asked after looking at the scene.

“I can apply political asylum from their enemies.”

“……… Political asylum?!” The merfolk was stunned over this new vocabulary for ten seconds, but quickly guessed the meaning: “Alright, if you don’t mind that your skin will get wrinkled, our nearby water cities are willing to accept you for a while. There are quite a few exiled races who gather there and no one would travel that far to arrest them…..”

“I’m not afraid of wrinkles, but I’m scared of my skin dropping off.” Sue sighed. Did anyone really think their place was suitable to live?! That’s the area for pickled vegetables! If she went there to stay for a few days, she could be picked up from that place to be cooked straight away without seasoning…….

One night passed very quickly, Fedrus could not remember all 720 acupoints but he was considered successful as he memorized the vital 108 deadly acupoints……


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  1. Meatbun Delivery train~ Choo~ Choo~
    Thank you for the chapter 😄

    and now~ the new and improved (not to mention deadly) (dramatic pause) prince fedrus~!
    he can drink bitter things, memorize 108 dots on a human body, and even eat an elven socks!
    if you save (him) now, you might even get a medal from his country~

    ..elf socks, baby rat and other accessory are not included.

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  2. i have a feeling the prince will end up falling for her since she doesn’t let him get his way like everyone else, also i have a feeling her being a grand master will eventually come out since shes not exactly hiding it :O would be interesting though cant wait to see what happens

    thanks for the chapter!

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  3. When are we getting to something more plot relevance.
    Also, I dislike that the prince is learning new techniques and skills, because of the possibility of him being more advantageous or powerful than the lead heroine.


  4. Here’s a question: What does any of the things that have happenned so far have anything to do with becoming good at magic?


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