The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 4 part 1

TL: I know there are fans of this series, so I’m splitting the chapter into two parts so you guys can get it quicker. Typically the format of this series happen in this way. Chaos (the protagonist) go around creating misunderstandings, while the people in this parallel world react in various ways.

So for part 1, it will be about Chaos, part 2 will be the people’s reactions. Future updates of this series will continue this way until the series stop handling the format in this manner.

For now, please enjoy and I’m sorry that it took so long to update this series. Part 2 should come tomorrow.

In order to manufacture the necessary potion that was on my mind a few days ago, I look at the “Another World” wiki page on my computer today.

It has not been two week since Another World launched and there were many unknown information in the game, so the wiki was frequently updated.

As expected, the first VRMMORPG in the world had a great degree of attention on it.

I do not really like to rely on the strategy guides in the wiki, but it is painful to gather information about production when I have no information on it in the first place, especially when the game world is so big.

At least I need to gather the minimum stuff on it right?

I load a few webpages available for public viewing regarding item manufacturing.

There is information detailing the lowest ranked potion to the highest ranked potion in it. There are potions for HP and MP recovery, and there is also Elixir, which recovers both HP and MP. (TL: I took Final Fantasy’s Elixir as a name for the item.)

There is also detailed information on the monsters and where to gather the materials written on the webpages.

I should remember them as quickly as possible.

I thought that it is still early in the game, but the players have progressed quickly in the game beyond my expectations.

Perhaps there might be some of the ridiculed game addicts players working hard in the game who do nothing more than eat, sleep and play.

As expected, I am unable to abandon reality and delve into this game to that extent.

I don’t have school activities, so I spend 2-3 hours on my weekdays, and the majority of my holidays on this, and it’s quite enough for me.

…… Maybe it’s quite a lot of time spent on this game? W-well in any case, I’m thankful for the detailed information from these players.

It seems like the Sahira grass can be made into the lowest class potions. The other potions need two different types of materials and above, but the recipe was quite easy.

Well it was easy to get Sahira grass, but the high quality Sahira grass that I got for my quest was not. It might be possible that it is going to be difficult to procure the materials for high quality potions.

Although there is no need to make a potion in a hurry, I am also worried about receiving an ambush just like the killer bees that crept up on me. Fortunately my HP is low and even the lowest quality potion can restore it fully. (TL: There is something seriously wrong with your logic, lmao.)

Conversely, the MP was different from HP which can be restored quickly over time even if I have very little of it left.

I had 3 lowest quality potions from the start and I used them twice during the killer bees battle. In order to be safe I should make 10 of these potions.

I log into Another World, and entered the item shop. The first impression I have of the item shop is something similar to a general store that sells daily items. The items in here are arranged and packed tightly, and commodities like rope and lanterns are available for use on the road.

There were certainly potions available, but the selection was only limited to the lowest quality or low quality potions.

…….. Why were there only these types available? Or the other types have to be manufactured upon request? Well, never mind about that now, the first thing I want to do is to make a potion.

[I request to make potions.]

[Yes, how many would you like to make?]

The person who replies is a child who looks like an elementary school student.

I cannot really determine from his appearance and voice over the counter, but he looks like a boy as he wore trousers. I take out 10 stalks of Sahira grass and pass it over to him.

[Please make me 10 potions from these 10 stalks.]

[Understood. The commission to make 1 potion is 15 copper coins, so in total the fee is 1 silver coins and 50 copper coins.]

The store sells a potion for 30 copper coins, while a stalk of Sahira grass sells for 10 copper coins. As I thought, it was relatively cheaper to bring the Sahira grass in and make them. I pass the money over when I am satisfied with the result.

[Will you wait a little? I will make it immediately.]

The boy took the grass, cut it up and smashed it with a mortar skillfully. The process of making it from scratch was reflected in my eyes.

[Guest-san, are you seeing the process of making a potion for the first time?]

[Ahh, even though I know about the ingredients for other potions, this is the first time I’m seeing a potion made.]

[You know about ingredients? I am certainly envious. As I am a practicing apprentice, I don’t know other ways to make a potion……] (TL: The boy’s words are polite and he uses “Boku”.)

[…… Does it mean that you only sell two types of potions because you don’t know the way to make other potions?]

The boy is momentarily dumbfounded before laughing. If I have to say what kind of laughter it is, it is filled with wry bitterness.

[No, that isn’t it. It is difficult to gather materials because the monsters gather in a pack. Even though requests have been made to the adventurer’s guild, it is still difficult to get the materials.]

In other words they can’t provide the potions if the quest is not cleared. That’s quite troubling. If this quest isn’t handled it might interfere with my future activities. I should confirm once with the event window to check if there are any changes to the quest, and I should stop by the guild as well.

[Guest-san, will you please teach me about the materials to make other potions? Even though I’m just an apprentice I would like to study.]

The boy looked up with timid eyes. Cute…… S-stop that, I don’t have that kind of interest in that area.

Still, the AI in the NPC is is truly showcasing itself. The freedom to converse is high. Even with my low communication ability, I was able to talk naturally. Usually the answers are gotten from searching the internet, but when it comes to fellow people’s queries, I want to answer them seriously.

And it’s quite refreshing to have a setting like an enthusiastic apprentice.

有りがちな設定だがこうもリアルに好少年している奴だとついつい応援したくなる。 (TL: I have no idea what this means. If I really have to TL it, it would be “It’s a common setting where one is like a good youth in real life and people wants to help them subconsciously”?)

I’m unable to refuse him with cold words. In any case, perhaps it’s okay for me to teach the information that is available for the public. Maybe there is going to be a new event from this conversation?

……. In no way this is because of the upturned eyes from this girly-looking boy who’s overly cute.

[I got it, that’s fine with me.]

The boy broke into a wide smile and thanked me. I naturally lit up with a smile as well because of that.

[Chaos-san, thank you very much. Thank you very much!]

The boy —– Pipin —– waved me out from the item shop.

Because of his eager attitude, I taught him the various names of the potions, mana potions and elixirs. Then I taught him about the materials to make them, as well as the harvest locations and monsters to him.

He especially wanted to ask about elixirs in detail. Did he want to make them?

But the truth is the wiki is the amazing one — I felt a little guilty as l left the shop.


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  2. How is his logic flawed? In most rugs potions restore a set hp value, while at super low levels a 1 is usually enough to completely fill your, hp, few levels later and you need 2-3 of them, at max level you need to chug down a warehouse of them to fill up your hp.


      1. how abut you think what he said…
        Although there is no need to make a potion in a hurry, I am also worried about receiving an ambush just like the killer bees that crept up on me. Fortunately my HP is low and even the lowest quality potion can restore it fully
        if you play with mage class in rpgs your physical defense were the worst and one hit could kill you and he sad it’s better this way?


  3. 有りがちな設定だがこうもリアルに好少年している奴だとついつい応援したくなる。

    “This is a common setting but you unconsciously want to help the good boys like him in reality(too?).

    I would translate it like that. He means since this is virtual world, this is a common setting to be good boys like him and you would unconsciously want to help them in reality too.


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