The latest game is too amazing – Chapter 3

TL: So here’s something interesting in WN ch3, this battle within the chapter was cut out in the LN version; it was only briefly mentioned in the LN. This kind of means that the QC will be dubious since I can’t compare accuracy. And late Merry Christmas, everyone. I will be finishing up two art assignments hopefully by today, then I will start on TSTBGAM next. Amber Sword will come a bit later (like 2 days later).

Updates will be distributed evenly each week.

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Chapter 3 – Subjugation of the Killer Bees and herb gathering

I finally saw the river which was east of Meldor after running for one hour.

Even though the killer bees were shown on my mini-map a considerable distance away, I could hear the noisy hum of insects.

This side of the river has turned into a flower garden, so the bees might have gathered here for that reason.

I focused my eyes into the distance, and confirmed their presence. Although they are so far away, I was still able to see them, so they are considerably large. It seems they are about the size of half my body?

Come to think of it, was I supposed to eliminate every single foe in this elimination quest? Ahh, it would be good if I properly confirmed the quest when I received it.

Oh, maybe I can confirm it in the event window?

I try thinking about it and the quest information appears neatly.

[Killer Bee’s subjugation]
Kill 20 Killer Bees inhabiting the Yuritto River which is located in the east of Meldor.
Parts that are required to confirm the kill: The Killer Bee’s needle.
Reward: 10 Silver Coins

[Collection of Medicinal Herbs]
Collect 10 stalks of the (Sahira Grass) required to make the lowest class potion, located in the Yuritto River which is located in the east of Meldor.
*Collection of (Sahira Grass – High Grade) will result in the increase of the rewards.
Reward: Payment of 10 copper coins for 1 stalk of the Sahira grass.
Reward: Payment of 20 copper coins for 1 stalk of the Sahira grass (high grade)

Indeed, I also took on the quest to gather herbs, and I was paying too much attention on killing the killer bees.

The reward is copper coins, huh. 100 Copper coins is equivalent to 1 silver coin, 100 silver coin is equivalent to 1 gold coin, 1000 gold coin is equivalent to 1 platinum coin.

The reward is a little low for 1 stalk.

Well, that is to be expected since the difficulty of collecting the medicine will be low since there is no need to fight the monsters.

This is the case where it cannot be helped that the reward is low……. to the point of incredulity……

Oh, that’s right! If the quest is unacceptable, then I can go into production.

There are production related professions that exist in Another World, blacksmiths creating weapons and armors, while alchemists create potions.

Also, even though some of these items are expensive and the effects are terrible, there are such requests made to the NPCs which they are paid materials and money to manufacture them.

The possibility of these items being produced is still not gathered yet because it is still early in beta testing, but perhaps the information of the lower grade potions have been gathered.

Rather than the collection of the reward money, it might be much better to collect the materials directly and save them for requests.

I will check the wiki later on the materials necessary to create the various items.

In any case, I’ll gather the herbs necessary for this quest first.

In order to do that, I will first ensure my safety in my surroundings.

There are things that I have learned from hunting in the past, but I am still unclear as to where the monsters will pop out from. And if I stay there in that area, the monsters will pop out again.

Even if I defeat them with my utmost effort, it will still affect my gathering in the end, so I’ll just cut corners when killing them.

The levels for killer bees are 4-7. On the other hand, my levels are 5.

It is not at a level difference where I cannot be victorious.

I approach the killer bees quietly from behind softly, in order to be in the range for [Mana Bolt]. I will treat this battle like I am facing Forest Wolves.

And I quickly reach into the attacking range — I prepare my skill and use my staff into the killer bees’ direction –.

— In that instant, I am blown away.

Just what exactly happened!?

Luckily I did not feel any pain, but the vibration that happened was stronger than that of a mobile phone. I get up quickly in confusion while looking at my surroundings.

There is the figure of a killer bee over where I was earlier which had swooped down on me.

Damn it, when did it get behind my back!

[Mana Bolt Lv 3!] —— I acquired the increased level as I leveled up. The skill’s MP expenditure, power and ranged also increased —- and I activate them as I aim at the enemy.

But the enemy dodges it nimbly.

As the attack was a miss, the killer bee’s tail needle is about to assault me, this is bad!

I get down like I am falling over as it comes crashing at my shoulder. The needle grazes my shoulder.

The situation is becoming worse again. The killer bee that I aimed at a moment ago has noticed the disturbance and is coming over here. It is outrageous that I had actually thought that insect monsters are weak. They are fast with their flying speed and it is more troublesome which I have never considered before.

Yet this is going to be a disadvantageous situation of two versus one.

When I look at my status, I realize that two more of the same attacks will cause my HP to go to 0 and I will die there.

I must find a way to beat this damned insect……

Of course, I should use that!

[Spider web!]

The thin web of mana extended everywhere from the center of my position. Even though the killer bee tries to doge it, the speed of the extending web is much faster which catches and entangles it. It is not at a level where it cannot move at all, but its movements is affected and the speed falls remarkably.

[Mana Bolt Lv 3!]

The purple electricity pierces through the killer bee. The outcome was decided there and then.

Phew, I successfully made the right choices in this battle.

Spiderweb: A magic web which extends from my position, and decreases the opponent’s speed for ten seconds.

The effect’s time and shooting range is small, and this skill in traditional MMORPG was nothing but difficult to use against humans. But I see now, isn’t it good enough to be effective against this type of enemies?

[Mana Bolt] has a problem where the attack cannot be guided and it attacks in a straight path, and such an attack is too weak for aiming during attacks. It is extremely difficult to strike them squarely where it is intended. Therefore to hit them easily, there is a need for a strategy.

Even though that is a given reason, the MMORPG up until now required only to click the enemies with a cursor.

As expected of a VRMMORPG! It is useless if I fight without considering the monster’s nature.

Oops, the killer bee is approaching towards me again. I will think about it later. I’ll clean up the killer bees with the knowledge I gained first!

The Meldor’s adventurer guild’s doors open.

The person who entered was the youth who came 4 hours ago —- Chaos.

Carlo’s eyes focused on Chaos. Chaos finds the familiar face, and he approached Carlo’s table and abruptly placed his hand over the table.

*Rustle**Rustle — He casually poured out twenty insect needles.

And there was ten carefully selected Sahira Grass of high quality.

[The quest is finished.]

(As expected this person is the real deal!)

Carlo’s heart was in astonishment.

It was next to impossible for a newbie that defeat the killer bees alone. Carlo believed that it was indeed the youth who killed that large number of forest wolves.

As expected, the fact that he defeated twenty killer bees without sustaining any injuries, that alone is enough to prove it.

Furthermore, he fought twenty of them in one try.

It was true that Carlo did not assign the specific number of killer bees when the quest was assigned. That was because the number of killer bees were numerous, and it was a target that need frequent suppression. He had thought that Chaos would only defeat ten of them at most, but this amount exceeded his expectations, and he felt the Chaos was not a newbie.

In addition, all of the Sahira grass was of high quality. Chaos even had the talent of judgment. There is no doubt about his abilities just by looking at him.

[Alright here, 12 silver coins. The killer bees are always on request, if you are free take it up again.]

Chaos nodded, and he turned back and left the guild.

(His abilities have been confirmed. After that is his identity and character.)

Carlo who was left alone, thought about it while he took the bags that contained the herbs and needles.

He did not discover anything about Chaos from the investigation report about criminals and the blacklist.

But it did not change the fact that he was a suspicious person. Therefore it was a must to observe him, especially when he was an adventurer on the rise.

(Hmm. Who is suitable for this job?)

As much as possible it should be a veteran who could be trusted—-.

When Carlo was agonizing over the selection, the guild doors opened once again.

The sound of grating metal resounded which was emitted from the visitor’s armor.

The visitor who was clad in an armor with a dull sheen was a male approximately 30 years old, his neat blue hair constrasting against his skin which was illuminated brightly by the sun.

There was a sense of affable feeling from his expressed smile through his beard.

[What, it’s Havok, so you have returned huh.]

Carlo spoke to the guy clad in armor.

[Ahh, I just came back a little while ago. The newbie was more hardworking than I expected.]

[How was it, the member who was added to your party?]

[This is an untameable horse with talent. Well, it might be good to have a strong competitive spirit here.]

[Ah, is it that the Elf miss? Her personality does not match her face at all huh.]

[Gahaha, don’t say things like that! Because she will really mind it a lot you!]

It was rare to see a demi-race like the elf who had a long lifespan in this area. Furthermore, they are recognized to be proud elves who were hard to please, and it was difficult of females to integrate themselves to a party.

During that time, Havoc’s party had two members who retired, so there was new members who were recruited.

His party accepted females, and there was no prejudice towards elves, so that was how the adventurer’s guild introduced her to the party.

The Elf girl was relieved to hear it was Havoc’s party, as their party had track records as well as being friendly.

[Oh right, hey, Havok.]

[Yes, what’s is it?]

[You have another slot left over after adding the Elf girl right?]

[Yeah, that’s right?]

Havoc showed a puzzled expression.

[There is something that I would like to request —]

Carlo grinned broadly as a certain idea struck him.


TL: If you’re able to read JP, I do strongly suggest to read the raws because I don’t think I can quite accurately capture the way how the characters express themselves. The protagonist’s naivety and bochi-talk’s mood (alone-talk) is particularly difficult to localize.


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  1. Thank you for translating this, enjoying it thoroughly and looking forward to more.

    As a side note; Properly translating platinum is proof of a capable translator. (See numerous dubious “translators” (MTL editors) that mistakenly have it as “white gold”)

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