The strategy to become good at magic – Ch 4

Ch 4

The arrows in the crucible was slowly steeped in the golden yellow magical liquid, until the arrowhead itself was shining a dull yellow luster.

After waiting for ten plus minutes, Sue finally put on a dragon skin glove to take out the steeped arrows and inspected the penetration. She ensured they were successfully poisoned and placed them back into a quiver one by one. She took out a crystal bottle to collect the remaining liquid and finally placed the CAT back into the Bracelet’s dimensional space.

“The next thing we must do is to dig a deep hole and stick these arrows into the ground……” This is the simplest kind of hunting trap, even though it is a crude one, it was the limit for her who has never hunted and limited resources and a fragile little girl.

The greatest concern question for her is where to dig this trap at……

It was apparent that a trap dug within the safety zone would not lure any magical beast to come in willingly. But if it was not within the safety zone, that meant that Sue Lin had to walk outside and do the digging…… after the lesson that the little white tiger faced earlier, she did not feel very secure with the outside world.

“Meow-kun, how far is your tiger sense?!” The little girl petted the little white tiger and asked reluctantly.

The white tiger can be used as a vanguard in charge of patrolling. Amongst the four saint beast, it was the best fighter and the best scouter. In other words, regardless of searching for harvest points, security or used as a lookout to do some serious illegal stuff, this little thing was a rarely seen tiger genius.

The little white tiger tilted its head and thought for a moment, then stretched two front claws and tried to draw a huge circle with them…….

“Hmmm…… You mean it’s really far?!”

“Meow!” A nod.

“Then is the outside of the safety zone safe right now?!” If it’s safe we’ll go out to dig!

“Meow meow meow!!” It shook its head vigorously.

“………..” Sue Lin was disappointed. She paused for a while: “How about up in the sky?!”

“Meow!” It gave another nod.

Okay, so the flying creatures in the forest are not as many she thought.

She sighed again, and took out a broom with a swish and rode on it: ” Let’s go! We’ll fly one round!”

The white tiger jumped up steadily onto the broom and climbed into the front of Sue’s shirt, and only showed its head to survey the outside situation so that it could give some directions when there was danger. She brought out the broom’s innate barrier and prepared the safety work before setting off.

Even though it can block the wind, the broom’s innate defensive barrier isn’t that impressive, but for the two of them who were like level 0 beginning newbies, to even have a basic defense would be considered great already. It was better than nothing, and it might even be possible for Sue and the little white tiger’s lives to be saved when an accident might actually occur.

One human and one cat flew into the sky, and based on Sue’s experience inside the game, they flew to up 39 meters into the sky, where the layer between the separation of land creatures and flying creatures occurred.

Even if there was a land creature with incredible jumping strength or a teleportation creature, their limit was no more than 15 meters. Discounting the mega bosses, the typical boss’s AOE was only 30 meters wide.

With the visibility limitations and other factors, in theory, 30 meters away from the ground was a pretty safe flying zone.

And for the flying creatures, in order to avoid the weapons from the various races, would typically choose to fly 50 meters and above…..

This was the gamers’ conclusion after a long time in the game searching for the best spot, the 39th meter zone.

With this choice of altitude, they typically would not face any attacks from the ground, and they could probably reach the safety zone in time before they were noticed by the flying creatures.

Sue looked down from the broom. She only saw an unending field of trees which was much bigger than she had originally thought. At least….. she could not see the end of it, and considering her short legs, she estimated that she needed to spend at least one or two months before being able to leave this forest!

Her teleportation to this world into this giant tree seemed to be the center of this forest. The empty space around this giant tree was the recognized safety zone. There was nothing growing inside this zone, and approximately 500 meters away from this position was another giant empty space, which was a giant lake. There probably were fish or some other water creatures in it.

Approximately 10 kilometers to the north was a series of mountains, but where Sue was at, she could not see what was there at all and only a blurry figure……

“If you find a place to land you can paw me, if you discover any danger you can call out.” The girl decided the signals.

“……” So should it paw or meow to acknowledge it got the commands?!

The little white tiger was very depressed.

“Why aren’t you responding?!” Sue Lin was confused for a moment and looked at the little white tiger’s miserable expression before understanding: “If you got that just nod.”

And so the little white tiger nodded up and down repeatedly.

“Haha, it’s my fault, I over estimated your intelligence and forget to tell you how to acknowledge that.”


The little white tiger once again fell into depression…….

After another hour, the little girl and little white tiger finally found a safe zone and spent an hour digging and placing the poisoned arrows. In order to prevent any accidents, she specially spent effort on taking dozens of the heaviest and biggest rocks and put them in a special place in the dimensional space.

And once the prey fell into the trap, she would be able to fly on the broom and dump all of them into the pit to prevent it from flying up, jumping up or even crawling up like a lizard….. There was no problem at all! There are so many rocks that even if they did not bash you to death they would at least bury you!

The biggest difference between a human and an animal is the creation of tools.

Of course this was forced out due to the circumstances. The physical difference was just too large, if you don’t rely on tools what else can you do?! If it was the original her within the game world as the assassin with the biggest bounty of her head, she grinded creatures and players more animal-istically than an animal could ever be. Her skill just plainly smashed everything, why the heck was there a need to use some ridiculous tools…..  (TL: Okay, despite the grammar correction from aergia, the original text pretty much states “Sue grinded ..omitted.. animal than an animal”. The author didn’t go for something pun-like here or a witty line, just in case you were wondering. I’m going to retain this part despite the Engrish that might have occurred here, unless someone can come with something better.)

With everything prepared, the little girl rose up to the sky and left the little white tiger to jump around……. As bait, the tiger’s responsibility was huge.


11 thoughts on “The strategy to become good at magic – Ch 4

  1. ty for the chapter 🙂
    “The arrows in the crucible was slowly steeped with ” its only one arrow so it should be arrow and as far as i know it is “steeped in” and not “steeped with” but i could be wrong :/

    in”Sue finally wore a dragon skin glove” i think it should be “put on

    “and laythese arrows onto the ground” this to me sounds more like she put the arrows flat on the ground, instead i would use “stick“, and “Into” instead of “onto”

    “The white tiger can be used as a vanguard as in charge of patrolling” i dont know the original sentence but depending on the original sentence it could either be “vanguard as in charge”(getting rid of the “as”) or it could be “as vanguard or could be put in charge…”/”vanguard or as a scout“/”vanguard or for patrolling/scouting ahead

    “stuff, the this little thing” -> get rid of “the” as you already have “this”

    “climbed into the front of Sue’s front shirt” ive never heard of a front shirt but if im wrong sorry, english isnt my first language, i could be missing something :/

    “flying creatures, in order to avoid the races’ weapons, would typically choose to fly 50 meters and above…..

    This were the gamers’ conclusion” theres something missing, i assume its “the grounded races’ weapons. the last sentence could either be “this was the gamers’ conclusion” or “these were the gamers conclusionS” your call 🙂

    “unending field of trees, and was much bigger” should be “which was”

    “There probably was fish or some other water creatures in it” i would change it to “ were probably fish…”

    “tiger’s miserable expressions before understanding” there shouldnt be an “s” at the end

    “and spend an hour” should be spent
    “and dumped all of them”
    should be just dump

    “There are so many rocks that even if itdid not bash you to death it would also bury you!” i would use “were” “they” and “they would at least

    and lastly “she grinds creatures and players even more terrifyingly like an animal than an animal could”

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      1. That doesn’t make it not abuse. If someone stabbed you repeatedly with a needle, you’d recover. You’d likely not even have a scar and may not even bleed more than a few drops of blood, but you’d still be upset about it right? You’d still consider it abusive wouldn’t you? Especially if you couldn’t escape the person or stop them from doing it, and even more so if it was someone who was supposed to be your trustworthy, lifelong companion and/or mother figure right?

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